Friday, November 22, 2013

28 week bumpdate

How far along
28 weeks!!!
How did 7 months come so quickly?

Best moment this week?
I'm going to go with this month since it's been 4 weeks since the last update:

Baby's movements are so much stronger and you can finally feel most of those movements on the outside. It's pretty fun to let Kev and others feel a good kick or head butt. 

Had my glucose test and everything is all good to go. I wasn't to nervous about it but I guess you never really know.

We got our bumper & bedskirt in the mail yesterday and it's so cute!!!

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, very much so!

Stretch Marks?
No not yet. I hope with all the growing I've done already that they would have showed up by now if I was going to get any.

 Yep! Although there really hasn't been much of a schedule established. Baby is moving whenever he/she wanted to and I haven't really seemed to eat, drink, or do anything to initiate movement.
Kev talking to BabyO seems to help at times! Guess baby know daddy already :)

 Food cravings?
Nothing in particular.

What I miss:
I've actually been craving beer last few days.
Mainly because it's been a bit stressful at work and an ice cold beer just sounds so good.
Also, sushi but I think I can manage refrain for another 3 months.

Lack of sleep for the most part.
Had some random break outs which has been oh so fun to deal with.

 Been going to yoga once a week still and I love it!
Seriously pregnant or not I suggest you try out yoga.
If you are pregnant it helps in so many ways: gets the blood flowing, relaxes you, creates some space as things get a bit more crowded, and helps tones muscles to help prepare you for child birth!

Gender Prediction?
 Honestly, lately I've been feeling like "BabyO" is a boy but I wonder if that is because we've had more people telling us they think it's a boy.  That feeling will probably change though since I've been going back and forh this whole time.

 Has not been great.
Trying to get comfy has been a challenge, but even then there are times I just can't stay asleep.

What I'm looking forward to?
 I'm ready for our vacation we are taking next week! It'll be nice to get away for a little bit and it'll probably be the last vacation for a little bit.

I'm SO excited for our baby showers to happen. We have two in the first couple weeks of December.

As weird as it might sound I am kind of excited for our child birth classes. I think it's mainly because it means we are so close to actually meeting our little bugger.

I'm not sure if we get another ultra sound or not but I hope so! I would love to see BabyO again :)

Wisdom or other thoughts?
 Honestly I don't have much overall. The experience of pregnancy just brings a plethora of thoughts and feelings.
It's been a very exciting process but I realized I've been very blessed to have a very easy pregnancy and I can only wish that others are as blessed/lucky.
However, whether you experience a lot of negative symptoms (nausea, heartburn, etc) or not pregnancy is a lot changes to get use to and experience in what feels like a very short amount of time.
I'm blessed to experience the miracle of bearing a child but there are moments when the changes become overwhelming and I'm ready to physically feel like my old self. I know emotionally I've never go back to how I used to feel about things because I love BabyO more than anything! 

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gender Reveal...

Got ya!
Sorry, that was kinda mean wasn't it?!

I am not sure there is a good place to start with this post but it's something that's been on my mind the last month or so and I think it's important to note. Important to note for those who know us and maybe don't quite understand why we aren't finding out the gender and important for anyone else out there that is on the fence of whether they want to be surprised or not. Shoot maybe it's just for my piece of mind but either way hear me out a little bit here mkay?

I am 1000% serious when I say that Kev and I have no idea what we are having. I say this because there have been a few people who thought we were lying and just wanting to keep it a secret from everyone else. Well we aren't, we really have no idea if BabyO is a boy or a girl.

We often get "Really? I could NEVER do that! I'm too much of a planner!", which I get. I really do because 99% of the time I am too. I have a tendency to need to know the plans well in advance or I get anxious. However, the more I've heard this lately about BabyO the more I think to myself "Well I actually am quite the planner and might be planning a little bit more/better than if we knew the gender for several reasons." Again, hear me out...

First, everything that we are doing is not only going to be just fine to use for BabyO numero uno but we'll be able to easily re-use for baby #2 and potentially #3. If we knew the gender and got everything related to BabyO's gender now and baby #2 is opposite gender I'm sure we'd have to get a lot of new stuff. So not only am I prepared for BabyO but I'm also pretty much prepared for baby's little brother or sister that we'll have down the road. If that's not planning I'm not sure what is? Really this also applies to the nursery.  We plan on moving current BabyO to a bigger room once baby #2 comes along and guess who will not necessarily have to re-decorate? Well, at least not have to repaint or get all brand new stuff like sheets or other little decor items.

Second, sure it's hard not knowing at times when I come across some adorable outfit or see a fun toy but I can get all of that stuff once baby arrives. Why do I need it right now? I don't, at all. Baby definitely doesn't considering it's still in the womb and really probably wouldn't be able to wear said outfit or play with said toy for a good couple of months. I don't feel it necessary for BabyO to leave the hospital in a tutu or cute little button down. A gender neutral onesies will be just fine for those first couple weeks of life until I can get myself to a store to get more gender appropriate clothing. Even then I almost wonder if some people have a few items for each gender already set aside for the day BabyO arrives.

Third, as hard as it is sometimes it's actually pretty fun and  makes me feel excited to give birth. I've been asked if I'm nervous yet and I can honestly say no because I'm going to be more worried about whether the baby is healthy and what baby is!!! It's also pretty interesting and funny to hear what people think we are having! It seems like lately a lot of people have thought it was a boy we are probably at the 60/40 split boy vs. girl.
I'm also really excited to see Kev and really everyone else's reaction when we finally get to meet BabyO! I can picture his face as he's told/sees we're having a little boy or girl. My heart even melts a little when I think about him getting to go out in the waiting room and announce we have a whatever baby is!

Now I am not dissing anyone that does or has found out what they are having. I really do get it and there have been a few moments where all I want to do is know. I just think it's important to actually state that you are and can easily plan and do everything you need to even when you don't know the gender. There is a really fun aspect about it all and I do think if you are on the fence about finding out you should try not too! It's not like you couldn't if you decide you do want to know in the end!

With all that being said I'd be interested in hearing what you guys think we are having?! Do you think it's a boy or a girl?

Here is a pic of me last week (27 weeks)! 
Some people are certain they can tell by the way a woman is carrying :) 
What do you think BabyO is? free polls 

Happy Tuesday :)

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