Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where do you stand?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Good Advice

So my dad is kind of like me in the sense that we like to take inspiration from other people's words & initial thoughts. I'm not sure you could say that we are the most creative of people, and that's ok, but I think that's why we rely on other people's words to help us out with our own. 

Anyways - he sends me these articles/blurbs that I find to be very interesting so I thought I'd share these with you. It comes from the  Napoleon Hill Foundation website. It's called Napoleon Hill's Thought of the Day (clever huh?). If you go to the website you can find on the home page at the bottom right a place to sign up to receive these little thoughts everyday. I wanted to share the last two because 1) they are interesting,  2) they are the most recent so it's probably better I still with the newer is better rule, and 3) it's some good advice.

Some people resemble a cheap watch. They are not dependable.
It would be unrealistic to expect an inexpensive, mass-produced watch to perform with the same degree of accuracy as a finely crafted Rolex. They are not made with the same quality of materials or with the same craftsmanship. Yet we somehow think that we do not need to give the same attention to our most important asset: ourselves. Don't leave something as important as your character to chance. Choose the character traits you admire, and work to develop them. Don't be discouraged when you stumble. Building character is a process that takes a lifetime to complete. Fortunately, like anything else, the more you work at character building, the better you become at it. 

This one stuck out to me because it's true. Alot of the time I kind of just let my character traits build themselves. Not all mind you, but there are some character traits you know you have to work on developing from day one while others we just seem to sit to the side & let them go. As you get older you realize that nothing in life is just present at one point and many things require work on your end. Character is seems is really no different - it's a constant work effort to become that person you want to be. Sometimes I think that the character of a person can get overlooked completely which isn't good. I keep thinking about this and there aren't many people I know that aren't good people by character but I do know those few people who may be awesome at their job, or awesome to a few people but awful to others - how to judge their character. For example - I have a friend who is friends with another person (let's just call him Bob) who really is not a very great person overall but my friend doesn't seem to understand why I feel the way I do about Bob. I've known Bob for awhile to, just like my friend. Bob is nice to my friend - they aren't best friends by any means - but it's the normal friend relationship. Now Bob on the other hand tends to get my friends (yes more than one) into not so great situations and treats some other people (including some of our other friends) quite poorly.  To me Bob isn't a very good person based on his actions towards everyone. Yes, he's nice to my friend, but he's awful to everyone else. Does that make Bob is a bad person like I tend to lean towards or does that he's a good person that just doesn't know how to handle other people? Someones character isn't always clear and sometimes it's hard to know what character trait you are slacking on, but there is at least one. Based on this article I've done a little self reflection and I know what I'm going to be working on...forever. 


The person who is honest only for a “price” should be rated as dishonest.
There are no degrees of honesty. There are only absolutes. Either you are honest or you are not. Honesty does not come for a price; honesty is its own reward. It's also the most efficient form of human behavior. Honest persons never have to worry about which lie they have told to whom, and they never have to worry about getting caught. Thus, they are free to focus all their energies on more productive things. Make it a habit to be honest in all your dealings. If you can't be truthful in what you say, don't say anything at all. Remember, small lies start out innocently enough but soon assume lives of their own. A small lie requires a larger one to conceal it, and soon more, even larger lies are required. Don't tell that first lie or take a single thing that doesn't belong to you, and you'll never have to worry.

Now this one I found to be a little more interesting. More so because it really got me thinking about how I feel about honesty. Some of you are probably like "What don't you want honesty all the time?".  Well yes, I do, but I'm not sure I can agree with the comment from Napoleon. I appreciate and hold it to be true for many things but "there are no degrees of lying"? Really? So you are telling me a white lie is a lie that makes me a completely dishonest person - untrue.  Nor am I going to pretend that I never have and never will lie or that anyone else in the world hasn't lied either.  I've lied - you've lied, most people have lied at least once in their lifetime (if not several several times more).  However, I believe that I have and will take this piece of advice to heart. As I've gotten older I've begun to really appreciate honesty. Weird thing to say right?  When you are young you don't always understand what a lie means or does when you tell it. And when you are young it's easier to lie to spare people's feelings - esp in middle school & high school - helps you to avoid the drama (at least in my school it did). Now that I'm older I appreciate and respect the amount of damage or good a lie could do. I've never really come across a situation where even a lie (even white lie) is "good" but I know there are situations where a fib is just the best thing to say. I think most of my friends can attest to the fact that I'm not a liar and nor will I tell you something that is a lie if you ask for my opinion. Maybe it's because I'm more comfortable with myself as a person, maybe it's because of my age, maybe it's because of the company I keep but I've really come to the conclusion that lying only wastes peoples time - including your own. And lies aren't something I'm really willing to waste time  on (unless it's laying on a beach - haha get it!?). Lies waste time because they tend to make people run in circles - a lot of the time the subject gets brought back up because you've been busted and then you have to spend all that time apologizing or whatever. When if you told the truth from the beginning it'd be out there & the forgiving process can begin. Really it can waste money too -  if you tell a friend she looks good in something & she doesn't she's going to realize it on her own anyways & then have it just hanging in the closet with the tags still on! This all being said I've also gotten very good at holding my tongue. Sometimes I know that my honesty is NOT the best policy and is not going to help the situation at all. So then like in the article I just try to keep my mouth shut. I warn all people that ask my opinion that I'm going to tell them the truth so if they don't want to hear what I may have to say please don't ask me and really I have no desire to change this self policy.

Honest & character - go hand in hand. Maybe your honesty is that first character trait that you can really work on developing and continue throughout your life. I hope you guys sign up for these emails and even if you don't read them everyday that you get a chance to read a few and end up with plain old good advice. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

The J.O.B.

As I'm sitting here I got to thinking about blog topics - and what my next one should be. Then it hit me - a big part of my life - work! 

I recently  (as of Monday!!!!) got hired on as a full time associate. Many of you know my situation for those of you who don't I've been with the company for about 3 years now - starting as an intern, switching over to a consultant, and finally, finally after about a year and a half of patient waiting I've been hired to stay :) 

It's one of the things I've been very very happy about the last couple of weeks, but hasn't been something I've shared with a ton of people. So now I got my sweet sweet discount back (had it when I was an intern, got taken away as a consultant) sample sale is in a couple of weeks (even though I've still gone the past 2 years :P) , I get my full paid time off (woooooo paid vacation!!!) , and even better I get to do a job that I really enjoy with some great people.

The job itself may not be the most exciting of jobs to many people- it's a resource allocation position (I make sure there are enough people who have enough time to do the work required). It's kind of along the lines of Project Management and I love it! I do a lot of the same daily tasks but at the same time it doesn't feel like that's what I'm doing as I am constantly dealing with different people asking and requesting different things. I'm glad I've landed where I have here - I see myself having a lot of opportunities for learning & growth.

As for the people I work with...only one word can really describe it - hilarious. I'm not sure if I was ever prepared to have such a "good time" at work. Mind you we aren't out of control - we do have an HR policy to uphold here people. My co-workers are all very fun, down to earth, hilarious people and we all just work well together. Our personalities are diversified yet we have quite a bit of common ground. I really could not ask for a better boss - he's laid back (within reason), patient, and willing to work with me if anything comes up or I need help overall. I've really started to consider them my good friends and a little bit like a second family considering I spend 40 hours or more a week with them. As weird as some people may find this I think that's a reasonable statement when you spend so much time with a group of people. As things are always changing around here I know this dynamic will not always remain the way it is. I'm cherishing this time with the people that I really get along with and can count of for work relate issues. I can only hope that whoever comes onto this team next is just like all of us - I'd hate to meet the person that messes up the vibe we all have going.

I say all this because I think it's very important to not only enjoy the work you do but the people you have to work with. And really vice versa. Now I don't mean that I think you have to be best friends with everyone you work with but even if there is conflict to remain civil is probably the best route to keep yourself from being to miserable at a place you are all day, everyday (well not weekends for me). Everyone has had those jobs where the environment just plain old sucks - sometimes it's the people (boss included), sometimes it's the physical appearance of where you work, and sometimes it's you (negative attitude). Whatever it is that's making it suck see if you can turn that around - if not - it may be time to look for a new job.

Because of this environment I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to change anything about my current life - my job is amazing, my hunny is wonderful, my social life is in full swing thanks to warm weather, and upcoming weddings :) Really thought - who would have ever thought the job could put you over the happiness threshold, but I'm glad that's what did it for me.

"When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home.” --Betty Bender

Monday, March 21, 2011

Man's...or should I say Woman's Best Friend

So let me start off by apologizing for my lack of blogs lately. Last week was a bit of a long one and work and after work did not allow me the time for a descent entry. 

Anyways - I thought I'd write about one of my all time favorite things today. Puppies! or just dogs to most people, but they are always puppies to me :) Currently I'm dog sitting for a professor at Otterbein and it felt like a good thing to write about. 

Most people know that I absolutely adore dogs. Here are some of the dogs in my life :) 
Of course Gunner - my little furry pride & joy. Gunner is just a plain ole goofball. He's got the funniest personality yet it's his look that will get you every time.
Then there is this big guy - Ozzie (aka Oz Dog). He belongs to my friend Lindz. Oz may be a big boy but he's a big baby and probably one of the most vocal dogs I've ever met! And out of the three he's the only one I got to see as a little puppy! Aw he's so grown up now.
Finally there is this sassy little thing Hannah B. (B. stands for Banana). I like to call her Nan or Nanner :) She belongs to our friends Danielle & Jason. Nan is the Shakira of the dog world - that's right those hips don't lie.
There is nothing wrong with any other pet and I'm pretty open considering I have a lizard, but  I really don't think much can compare to those lovable k-9's. Both Gunner & Sadie (the dog we are sitting for) are shelter dogs. Not that there is anything wrong with a store bought, pure breed, etc dog I just tend to lean towards those characteristics of shelter animals. Most tend to be mixed breed - which usually means they don't have all the problems of a pure breeds would. Most of them have pleasant demeanors as they have been moved around, and exposed to a lot of people and other animals. Now I do understand that there are those unfortunate dogs that come from shelters who end up snapping because they are naturally aggressive and never received proper training or they were abused (I'm sorry I don't put the blame on an animal, it's either following it's natural instincts unintentionally or it's following the manners that's it's owner has (or hasn't) taught it so I'll blame the person in that case). I'd tell everyone to get a dog from a shelter if I could - and I don't think I've ever get another dog that isn't from one. 

Anyways. The older I get the more I've want to become with helping out animals and I've come to the conclusion that someday I'd like to work with animals on a regular basis (maybe that's just a lot of volunteering).  This weekend I'm going to be attending the Partners for Paws Wine Tasting Event and I'm very excited. What a great cause - all I have to do is sip on some wine and I get to help dogs in the area! How easy is that!  I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you some of my other favorite animal causes and would greatly appreciate if any and all of you could take the time to contribute if any of these seem interesting at all. 

Free Kibble
What is it:
What you do: First, go to the website and answer one trivia question (there is one for dogs & one for cats, so 2 questions technically). Second, sign up for the email reminders so you can help out everyday (the question will be different everyday).
Time Required: Less than 5 mins
What the animals get: 10 pieces of kibble (sometimes it's double) no matter if you get the trivia question right or wrong. 
What you get: Fun facts (who doesn't like those) and a good feeling.

C.H.A. Website

What is it: CHA Animal Shelter
What you do: Volunteer, Donate, or become a member, adopt
Time Required: Varies
What the animals get: Human companionship, exercise, food, etc. 
What you get: New about local animal events, Time with an animal, help the CHA employees, again that good feeling

What it is: ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
What you do: Donate, Volunteer, become a member, adopt
Time Required: Varies
What the animals get: Necessities with the donation, companionship, obedience, rescued from terrible homes, etc. 
What you get: well let me tell you from experience - you will get about every kind of free gift in the mail (stamps, post cards, totes, etc), news letters regarding animal issues & major events, time with animals, jeez there is that feeling again! 

Those are just some of my favorites - there are many other ways that you can help out our furry friends! I hope this has inspired you to get out there and help animals as well - just think it's getting nice out if nothing else give about 30 mins of your time to take a shelter animal on a walk - that wouldn't be so bad would it? Is it weird that I feel like I should sign off like Bob Barker - "Bob Barker reminding you: help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered. Goodbye, everybody!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Thoughts

As yesterday was a bit of rough day for me - just one of those days is all, and more so at work.  I decided that not only am I going to give up something for Lent but also start to think more positively and complain less. I've said it before that I'm a huge quote person. So my first step to being more positive yet still holding on to who I am is this: 
Never ever forget that you are something to someone out there. No one is ever completely alone, even if you feel that way sometimes. Whether its your parents, siblings, lovers, friends someone out there loves you and wants nothing but the best for you. Remember that as negative thoughts and attitudes start to come into your mind & actions - that someone doesn't want to see you act that way or think that way so do them the favor of returning that happiness they want to see and feel for you. 

Isn't it  great to know you have someone there no matter what - it's good to know you are someone's reason to smile. Kind of makes you smile yourself doesn't it :)

Happy Thursday everyone - only one more day until the weekend!!! See positive :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mardi Gras

lidaysAs today is Mardi Gras and it's one of the those holidays that don't really pop out at us here in the Midwest I thought it'd be fun to give everyone a little history on what Mardi Gras is. 

Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday. This is reference to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the beginning on Lent, which starts on Ash Wednesday (aka tomorrow). Something that most people are probably not aware of is that Mardi Gras is not just celebrated down on Bourbon St. New Orleans - it's celebrated all over the world including: Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden. Common practices that take place across the world are the wearing of face masks,dancing, sports, and of course parades. Most of the time in the U.S. Mardi Gras is another excuse to party - however, in Catholic European nations Mardi Gras is seen as a very important holiday to confession before the beginning of Lent. In these countries Mardi Gras isn't referred to as Fat Tuesday but Shrove Tuesday (associated with the confession before Lent).

Mardi Gras began in the United States thanks to two fellas called the Le Moyne brothers (Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville and Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville). It started with Iberville arriving at the mouth of the Mississippi River on March 2, 1699 (aka Lundi Gras). Iberville and party continued up the river to a place on the west bank that's about 60 miles from the current New Orleans and made their camp (this was on March 3rd, 1699, Mardi Gras). To honor the holiday Iberville decided to name the camp Point du Mardi Gras (aka Mardi Gras Point). Bienville then went further and found the settlement of now Mobile, AL in 1702. This became the first capital of Louisiana (back in the day when all the territories looked greatly different, refer to map below, Louisiana was HUGE!). As Mobile was the capital the next year in 1703 the city began the celebration of the Mardi Gras tradition. By 1720 when the capital of Louisiana had changed to Biloxi the French Mardi Gras custom came with the those settlers who moved to Biloxi.
Map of the U.S in 1700
New Orleans finally became the capital in 1723 where the tradition of Mardi Gras has since remained. To this day the celebration greatly reaches beyond those of Catholic or French descent. Since the start of Mardi Gras in New Orleans it's become a huge part of their culture and even a huge part of their slogans - Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll) and has been given the nickname of the "Big Easy".  Mardi Gras is still greatly celebrated in Mobile as well. Other states and cities have decided to take on the Mardi Gras celebrations but I think it can be said that nothing will come close to Bourbon St. and the fun that comes with it.

Did you now that the first Mardi Gras parada was staged in the U.S. in 1837?
It has been reported that there was just one float, which, despite its crudeness, brought great joy to the people of New Orleans. Today, the city begins its cascade of parades the Friday before Ash Wednesday. The parades feature hundreds of different floats from the city's many parishes, each of which is sponsored by a different Krewes, or club.

Did you know that the tradition of Krewes (is an organization that puts on a parada and or a ball for the Carnival (Mardi Gras)) season tossing out handouts to parade onlookers -- or "throws" in New Orleans parlance -- dates back to Renaissance Europe?
That's where the festival custom started in which lords and ladies would hurl mead and ale at revelers. Some historians believe the tradition has even more ancient roots. Pagan peasants would toss grains at their fields in the springtime, as a show of gratitude to the deities for allowing them to survive the bitter winters. 
Kind of like a family crest only for your organization/club.
Float made by a Krewe to help put on the parada.

Did you know that the ever-popular beaded necklaces, so ubiquitously associated with Mardi Gras today, didn't come into play until the 1880's? 
That's when one of the Krewes dressed up a member as Santa Claus and had him toss out glass beads. It was such a hit that by 1900, beaded necklaces had become the Mardi Gras throw. Somewhere along the way, those lovely glass beads got replaced by cheap plastic and aluminum beads, which today earn the thrower a flash (of flesh). That particular "trading" tradition most likely dates back to the 1970s.
the throwing of beads from the balconies - find anyone you know?!
Looks like you can find about any kind of bead you want!
Did you know that purple, green, and gold are the traditional colors of Mardi Gras?
Purple represents justice, green is faith and gold symbolizes power.

Did you know that King Cakes are traditional Mardi Gras food?
An oval cake honoring the three kings is decorated in purple, green and gold colors, representing justice, faith and power, respectively. A small plastic baby, symbolizing the Baby Jesus, is baked into each cake. Whoever gets the piece with the baby not only will have good luck that year, but will also be responsible for brining the King Cake to next year's party!

You hope to find the baby in your King Cake.
They are creepy little things!
Yum - King Cake. 

There are many traditions that take place on Mardi Gras but for times sake I'll let you research more on your own - it's a very interesting holiday with deep roots in the American culture. So without further adieu - HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Shopper's Delight: Here Comes the Sun

Most of you probably don't know that I am someone who absolutely hates winter and spring is welcomed by me with very wide open arms. The sun starts shining and pulls you out of the winter gloom, noises of nature start to come back and liven up the outdoors. It's just a great feeling to start seeing everything around you come back to life. So why should my wardrobe be any different! Spring and fall shopping are what I live for through the winter & summer for. Every spring and fall I go through a routine - about a month before the major shopping begins spring/fall cleaning begins in my closest - out with the old & unworn and in with the new and exciting :) A trip to friends houses & Plato's closet soon follows. Second on the list - store the old season's close down in the basement to make room for all the new pretty things. Third - let the shopping begin!!! I'm pretty excited for this years spring/summer season shopping to begin as I've challenged myself to be a bit more daring, yet grown up at the same time. I do have a big girl job that I  have to think about now - not nights out on the town with friends. As I'm not usually someone is very daring or trendy (not that I'm not trendy I just do simple) I did a little research on what the "it" trends were going to be and let me tell you - it's going to be a good shopping season indeed. Here are some of my favorite trends and styles I've come across - you may actually catch me wearing some of it :) 
Sheer - I love sheer. 1) I think it's sexy. 2) I like to layer so obvi - layering required.
Floral Prints - I love floral prints in the Spring. How appropriate.
Neutrals - now I know I was said I was going to be daring, but I also said I have a big girl job to think about. Really - who knew neutral would ever be considered a trend.
Love the color. I'd definitely say this year I have already worked on how daring I go with my shoes, ask my credit card. Although, I'm not a peep toe person.
I love the use of color in spring & summer whether it be clothing or accessories. I love the color & the style (back to those floral prints).
As everyone knows dresses are a hot item now and I love the sundresses. However, I'm one of those lucky girls who can pull off a maxi dress and I absolutely love them. I actually bought this already :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Today marks the 107th birthday of Dr. Seuss. I think most people, at least around my age can agree that Dr. Seuss has had quite the influence on their life. I've never run into anyone who didn't know the Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs & Ham.  I'd have to say this man was a genius and he truly loved and understood the work he was doing. Oh, the Places You'll Go hit home as it was read at my high school graduation by a fellow classmate (as I'm sure most of you did as well, or maybe got it as a present). Dr. Seuss wasn't kidding when he told you (in so many words) that you will have decisions to make that will lead you down a certain path to where you want to go and you are going to make mistakes along the way. That you have to learn from those mistakes and keep on going. Thank you Dr. Seuss for your guidance and amazing stories that I can truly say inspire me as much now as an adult as when I was kid. 
Whenever anyone asks what my favorite quotes is I turn to this guy. So true.
Oh, the Place You'll Go
Who doesn't love to learn!
You learned to treat everyone as an equal regardless of how they look.
Learn from your experiences no matter what that outcome.
Always be you and true to yourself.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Sacrement of Marriage

I know I told all of you I'd kind of be writing about my wedding plans and such as I through it but I haven't really been given a big chance until now (aka after the 30 day challenge). 

This Saturday Kevin and I attended and completed our Pre-Cana class (if that's what you want to call it), and boy does it feel good to cross that, anything for that matter, off the list. Luckily for us we are both Catholic. I don't mean luckily because I believe Catholics are better, but it prevents him or  I having to jump through quite a few hoops to get married in the church. Also, let me say that I am not the best Catholic, I don't believe in everything they preach (I'm sure more religions are like that) but overall I'm not a super religious person. I don't attend church each week, I don't pray everyday, and honestly I don't always live up to the Catholic moral code (I do try to most of the time). However, this Saturday wasn't nearly as bad (aka boring) as I thought it'd be. The class was 9-4 with a little engagement ceremony at the end where we got the certificates to let the priest know we had completed the class. 

I was happy to see that those presenting were not people employed by the church (father, bishop, nun, etc) but normal couples who had volunteered through their diocese to help out and present the topics. I was also pleasantly surprised as to how open they were regarding "inter-faith" marriage (one Catholic one non Catholic). Not sure why I had it in my head that most inter-faith marriages were thought of as a no-no in the church. I suppose they are not necessarily condoned but at least it's do-able as the other non Catholic to get through the process without getting a bunch of grief about it. 

The couples presented 4 topics: 
1) Communication 
          - I think this was one of the most obvious of topics. When you get married you definitely need to be able to communicate any kind of feelings that you may be having to your significant other. An exercise that we ended up finding useful (which is really the only one we learned lol) was to sit facing one another, think of something that's bothering you (in general not necessarily about your hubby/wifey) and communicate that problem and how you'd like to resolve it by only using "I" statements - I feel, I want, I can, I have, etc. You speak for 3 minutes (using only the "I" statements) to the other person without them saying a word. Yep, that's right not one word! Then after your 3 minutes they relay back to you what you said in a minute. It helps relieve feelings and it also helps the other person to work on their listening skills and you can work together to come up with a solution (if there is one). Communication is something that I know I need to work on as I am not the best an expressing certain feelings I'm having. I think I learned the most about myself and what I need to work on during this section of the class.

2) Family of Origin
          - it really does matter where you come from. I've always been one to know this but I suppose I never thought of it in the sense of how it could affect a marriage. The kind of place you were brought up in can really shape you as a person (are you affectionate or not so much, introverted/extroverted, etc). An example that was brought up was that the guy's (of the couple presenting the topic) family liked to drink whenever they had any kind of get together (not alcoholics they just didn't need a special occasion for a beer or two) while the woman's family never drank except on holidays. It was something they both had to get use to regarding each others families and really one another and their outlook on drinking.  It also brought up the subject of family traditions and how we compromise/continue to carry on those traditions with one another. How you were raised will also affect how you raise your family. 

3) Decision Making 
        - again I think this is obvious but I guess for all people it's not.  The couple that presented this was a good one as they were older (70's I'd say). They were both on their second marriage as both of their first spouses had past away at a younger age. So really a lot of decisions have been made by them as a couple and as individuals. As Kevin and I have been together for quite some time now and are living together a lot of the decision making has been made mutually for awhile. However, a good point that was brought up that I suppose most people wouldn't think about is that you do have to come up with the plan before you can talk to the other person. I'm not saying make plans, I'm saying you have to think out the plan in your head and THEN discuss with your partner. I guess I was always one to think that before you plan you need to have the initially do you want to do this, have this, etc discussion. 

4) Spirituality/Sacrament of Marriage
        - this was actually the first topic we had and honestly it kind of threw me for a loop. Growing up Catholic Kev and I both have known for a very very long time that marriage is a sacred unity.  It's just always been in the list and it's always been something that we both have held in a high regard. We all understand that marriage is important, but why? On the worksheet we had to complete there were some questions that just floored me and made me wonder if anyone would really answer the opposite way as what everyone else did. As an example on the list there were two different questions 1) As marriage is a sacred unity one of the elements is permanence. How do you intend on bringing permanence into your marriage? 2) Another element of marriage is fidelity. How do you intend to bring and keep fidelity in your marriage? Really! I mean isn't that the point of marriage is to permanently be with someone? Do you think people every answer is I don't blame to make this permanent or I'll probably end up cheating (in so many words). Doubt it, but those are kind of silly questions to ask, not that they aren't important but come on.

I'd have to say that through all the topics Kevin and I realized how much we'd already talked about many of the things brought up. We've recognized and accepted the areas that we need to work on and have committed to making changes for the better. Obviously this is a great thing for us. We learned a lot and both know we have a lot more to learn along the way as well. I think when we walked out of the class and back out into reality we became more confident as a couple.

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