Friday, November 30, 2012

Polish Swap & Nail Files show off

This last month I participated in a nail polish swap ever so lovingly thrown by several wonderful bloggers. 

I got paired with Ms. Amy over at Love & Hot Chocolate
If you haven't seen Amy's blog go check it out.
It's super cute and she's got some great things to talk about and share with all of you!

I am also going to show off the new polish because I got my nails did the other day!
What better way to show off a swap than to literally wear what you got!?

For the swap we were asked what kind of polish colors we were interested in. 
I know I put purples because they are some of my favorites but I honestly don't remember exact what else I put down! 
Amy hit the nail on the head!
I know wrong kind of nail, but it's still punny.

To make things slightly sweeter she included some chocolates.
It's like she really knows my heart - nail polish and chocolate - in the same package?!
Let's just say I was one very happy, sugar buzzed, lady :)
 Aren't her cards cute?

 She's very sweet :)

My two new polishes!
I won't lie when I saw the dark one I got a little nervous, it looks a little black.
This is no offense to Amy what-so-ever because this she did exactly what I would have wanted her to do...
First, she got me two options that I don't have already.
Second, she picked colors I probably wouldn't have picked on my own.

However, I got over that nervousness and ended up getting my nails done in the "Over the Edge" color this week, and I LOVE IT!

What do you think?
It comes out this gorgeous, chic, gun metal grey color. Depending on the kind of light you are in it can look purple/grey, it can look black/grey, blue/grey, and sometimes just plain ole grey.

The accent nail is done with
{platinum record}

Thank you Amy for the gorgeous nail polish & the chocolate!

Also a big thanks to the swap co-hosts :)
Now go check out what everyone else got!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Capture Something Different

I had planned to blog about something else today, but the other day Jenn, blogger over at Beyond the Stoop and real life friend since we were children, posted a video on Facebook that just melted my heart.

In the spirit of the holidays, I just I knew I had to share.

Doesn't that just make you feel good?
It restores my good faith in people.
I do genuinuely believe that people are good, but we get bogged down with terrible images on the news and I think it's easy to forget that most people out there, are good ones. 
Heck, it looks like most people are pretty funny too :)

What would you be doing if you got caught on camera?

 Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Mid-way through the week and the most motivation I've had all day is to do this post :)

Anyone else feeling the post-holiday lull? Beh!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I find anything with an open back sexy.
Love this.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Lol it's true. I hate when people do that!

DIY glitter deer!
Easy enough and sounds like a good idea for the holidays!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Could be a good sign for our house.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Perfect angle & timing for a sink drain to look like an eye.
The power of photography.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Baby it's Coal Outside.
Good one of the holidays.

Pecan pie is one of my favorites so these bars seem like an appropriate recipe to try :)

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Old school vs. new school.
How cute for a parent/baby combo?!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fact Is...

I thought this looked like a fun link up.

I'm a pretty realistic, logical, fact based person so this could be fun...and maybe dangerous. So here we go...

Fact is: I get sick of Thanksgiving food quite easily. I don't really do leftovers to start with but I can only do so much of the filling stuff from the holidays.

Fact is: I wear my heart/emotions on my sleeve, whether I, or you, like it or not.

Fact is: Despite the Christmas cheer and all the pretty decorations, Christmas can really stress me out. Getting the gifts - money wise, and on time. Traveling all over the state with a pup and no guarantee of what the weather could be like...I could go on.

Fact is: I start to dread the end of the holiday season because I know that means no more time off work unless it's a PTO day.

Fact is: I really can't enough Starbucks. In the beginning I didn't understand the love for the overpriced coffee, but now, I'm one of the regs.

Fact is: I have the great husband of all time. He did a lot to help me with Friendsgiving, did an amazing job on the turkey, and even did most of the cleaning up afterwards. Sound like the man of your dreams? He probably is, but he's mine!

Fact is: I get to see baby Harper tonight and cannot wait!!!
Fact is: Nicholl's quote is true, and now is a better time to realize that than ever.

Fact is: I can't get enough of these songs and I'm throwing in Liz's Tuesday's Tune link up too!

Leslyn's Lovely Life
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving & some other stuff

Hi there loves!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and weekend.
I can tell you this girl did :)
I had such a good time that I didn't up getting my camera out once.
Just didn't think about it between the talking, eating, and lounging.
Kev and I did host a Friendsgiving again this year, and I did happen to get a few shots of that!

Kev deep fried the turkey and we asked everyone to bring a side dish.
It was so good.
I can't say that I'm shocked but my friends make some bomb ass food people.
The fried bird.
So delicious.

I wanted to try Jenni's apple cider recipe, so I gave it a go.
I don't usually drink a lot of apple cider but I drank several cups of this.
It's the perfect mix with the orange, cloves, and cinnamon.

 The ladies of the evening :)

Ya diggin' Bill's creepy Mouvember stache? lol.
And Sarah is soooo happy with it.

Puppy party :)
This sums up the dogs feelings about my picture taking.
Walter is giving me the "Knock it off and gimme dat treat" face and Gunner wants nothing to do with it.

Craving up his masterpiece of a turkey.
I really can't get over how good it was...clearly because I keep saying it.
I mean that about sums up my Thanksgiving holiday.
It was a great few days of family and friends.
Kev and I are so lucky to have so many amazing people in our lives.
Now to the "Other Stuff"
Birchbox emailed me recently and asked if I wanted to participate in the Birchbox home addition.
Is that even a real question Birchbox?
Of course, I said yes!
Well I recieved the bad boy in the mail other day, and I'm pretty excited about all my new stuff.
It was a big ole box!



The whole thing was less then $60.
I am pretty happy with everything I got.
How cute are those recipes cards and Paperless Post greeting cards?!
I've already set out the the Prosecco home fragrance, and it's amazing!
I am not sure I'd get this every month just because I don't always have the space for these little things, but I'd get them every few months to try out some new stuff!
What do you think?
Would you get the Birchbox Home Edition?
Happy Monday!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting

Happy Turkey Day eve everyone, and I am sure for most happy last day of the work week! 
Can I getta amen?

All the things I'm thankful for :)
Appropriate for Thanksgiving eve right?
I actually bought this print already, and it will be on my kitchen wall soon!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

A video pin?!
I know but if you love these little minions you'll love this...
it's only 50 seconds!


First, Christmas DIY project.
I love all the different trees together!

Lol women...we just know...ya know?

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Gunner better look out, soon enough this will be him :)
How cute?!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I think I need to have these!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

It happens sometimes...

Creme Brulee cupcakes!
Shut the front door!

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Happy Wednesday loves!


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