Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Stylescope

I think you all realize by now that I am someone who is a discount shopper.

I don't say bargain shopper, because I think it's different.
I don't go hunt around for the lowest price necessarily, but  I do not really get anything that I don't have a coupon, or is on some kind of discount.

So one place I'm always hitting up is Home Goods.
Luckily...or maybe not...there is one just down the road from our house. 

One day I went on to their site and I noticed a link stating "Stylescope"
Being someone who feels like I don't know much about interior design, has a hard time visualizing the way something will look, and loves horoscopes it peaked my interest.

I clicked and it's pretty much what is says it is, it's a way for you to determine your decor style!
It was also easy.
You pick five images that stand out to you, and you get your style!

What's mine?

Here is my "Style Board" aka my 5 determining images.
 My results:
 Classic, with a touch of Boho!
I honestly could have told you the classic part, but I wouldn't have guessed the Boho! 
Still learn something new everyday!

However, the best part is not only do they tell you what you are, they also show you what that looks like. 
Ok, I am still not done. 
They also give you little categorizes and home item options like:
Who is Classic - aka the definition of someone who would have Classic Style.
How to Style Classic
How does a Classic Style Entertain
They have pinterest boards for each style. Here is the one for: Classic

Honestly this is more a testament to how awesome Home Goods is and not even reference to my style.

I'm absolutely giddy that I found this.
I usually get so overwhelmed trying to think about how to decorate the house.
Now I feel like maybe I can get some focused inspiration for things that would actually draw my attention naturally.

So what is your Stylescope?


1 comment:

Holly said...

I love this! Thank you so much sharing this is great! I'll have to share my style on my blog too :) I love me some Home Goods!

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