Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birthday Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair 
1. When is your birthday? How old will you be? What is your sign?
My birthday is November 13th (aka 5 days whoop whoop)
I'll be 26 years young :)
sometimes I feel super old, but I know I am not.
A Scorpio and most of you know that I am the Scorpio personality to a T! 
It's a little unreal sometimes. 

2. What's the BEST birthday gift you've ever gotten? What is the WORST gift?
Best Gift:
Kev and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while.
So we did some searching on Pet Finder...
 which is really difficult to look through. I wanted ever dog I think!
I sent Kev a few dogs that I thought were precious and met our "standards"...
things like we wanted it to be potty trained, all shots taken care of, neutered/spayed, etc. 
One of them was AJ, aka Gunner
we changed his name. 
Kev went to look at Gunner and fell in love.
He brought him home for me as a surprise bday present and it's been true love ever since :)
The night we got Gunny :)

Worst Gift:
I honestly don't know the worst gift.
I don't think I got anything that I really hated.
I probably considered it the end of the world if I got like socks or something when I was little.
 So I can go with that...
or maybe the alcohol poisoning, that I am pretty sure was real, after my 21st. lol. Happy Birthday to me =/

  3. Do you like having birthday parties for yourself? What about surprise birthday parties? 
I do like having birthday parties but anymore it's never just for me since Kev is less then 24 hours older than me.
Since we've been together we've shared parties :) 
I've never really had a surprise party.
I am not sure how I would feel about that since I'm not one for surprises but I wouldn't be against it I suppose.
4. What is your dream birthday party bash??? 
Um...I don't really have a dream birthday bash per say. 
I wouldn't mind doing a group vaca sometime for Kev and I's bday's but that's not a bash. 
This beer theme one looks like it'd fun!

I just like having smaller, intimate "bashes"

5. What is your favorite kind of birthday cake? [handmade, store bought, made fresh by a baker]
My mom's home made Carrot Cake! 
My dad gets one made for his bday every year and so do I :)

  6. What is on your birthday wish list? 
Ya know I've had a hard time figuring out things I want for presents.
I suppose anymore if you want to know what I want, look at my pinterest account! 

1) Some of these nice clothing/accessory items would be nice
1:scarf / 2: watch / 3:cardigan / 4: pants
5: socks / 6: sweater / 7: necklace / 8: nail polish
9: coat / 10: sweater / 11: nail polish / 12: boots
13: scarf / 14: ring / 15: pullover / 16: nail polish

2) All of the Harry Potter movies on Blu-Ray.
I currently have some of them but not all.

3) A massage/spa day!

4) Fun little housing items and/or a few items on the "honey-do" list completed.

Happy Thursday!



shannon rose said...

ok - alcohol poisoning as your worst gift ever is hands down the best answer i've read so far.

Natalie Blair said...

Ouch.. alcohol poisoning for your bday gift SUCKS!!


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