Friday, November 30, 2012

Polish Swap & Nail Files show off

This last month I participated in a nail polish swap ever so lovingly thrown by several wonderful bloggers. 

I got paired with Ms. Amy over at Love & Hot Chocolate
If you haven't seen Amy's blog go check it out.
It's super cute and she's got some great things to talk about and share with all of you!

I am also going to show off the new polish because I got my nails did the other day!
What better way to show off a swap than to literally wear what you got!?

For the swap we were asked what kind of polish colors we were interested in. 
I know I put purples because they are some of my favorites but I honestly don't remember exact what else I put down! 
Amy hit the nail on the head!
I know wrong kind of nail, but it's still punny.

To make things slightly sweeter she included some chocolates.
It's like she really knows my heart - nail polish and chocolate - in the same package?!
Let's just say I was one very happy, sugar buzzed, lady :)
 Aren't her cards cute?

 She's very sweet :)

My two new polishes!
I won't lie when I saw the dark one I got a little nervous, it looks a little black.
This is no offense to Amy what-so-ever because this she did exactly what I would have wanted her to do...
First, she got me two options that I don't have already.
Second, she picked colors I probably wouldn't have picked on my own.

However, I got over that nervousness and ended up getting my nails done in the "Over the Edge" color this week, and I LOVE IT!

What do you think?
It comes out this gorgeous, chic, gun metal grey color. Depending on the kind of light you are in it can look purple/grey, it can look black/grey, blue/grey, and sometimes just plain ole grey.

The accent nail is done with
{platinum record}

Thank you Amy for the gorgeous nail polish & the chocolate!

Also a big thanks to the swap co-hosts :)
Now go check out what everyone else got!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend!


Essie Rae iHeartPrettyPolish said...

Very cute photos! And you have some great nails. I love the length and shape of them.

Kari said...

ok I WILL be buying that Platinum Record!!

Jordan said...

I LOVE Over The Edge! I may have to go pick that up!

jennie shaw said...

Platinum Record is AMAZING!!! SO pretty!

Rhonda said...

I have Over the Edge - it's one of my favorites!

your nails (and fingers, even) are gorgeous!

Vicki said...

Both colors are gorgeous!

Katie said...

Stopping by from the link up and I really love the over the edge! I for see shopping in my future ;) Btw, your wedding ring is stunning!

Les said...

Holy cow, I LOVE the Over the Edge color! It looks like it could go with any look. It's perfect!

I would love for you to stop by and say hi!

Have a fabulous weekend!

the style soup said...

That color is awesome!

tara said...

wow those are gorgeous colors!!!

Katlyn Larson said...

You have amazing nails! I am very jealous. Thank you so much for participating in the swap! :) xo

Jenna said...

Your nails look fabulous! I have not tried that color before, but I will need to add it to my wishlist!

What a great swap!

PS Your ring is gorgeous! :)

Kimberlee said...

Aww looks like a great swap! Pretty colors :)

Anonymous said...

SO glad you LOVED them! The first time I tried that color I was a little iffy, but once it was on... it was awesome! :) Glad you loved the chocolates too!!

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