Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was a splendid one folks.

One of those calm before the storm kind of times because after this weekend holiday season and preparation is in full force.

Friday was game night over at Ddubs & Jason's place, but first we had to get ourselves something delicious and we opted for Schmidt's!

Now if you living in Columbus you've probably heard of this restuarant, and have even tried it yourself - after the 2 hour wait you usually get put on. 
If you do not live in Cbus you probably have not heard of this heavenly place. 
Schmidt's is an amazing German restaurant down in German Village (easy enough right!?)
I mean it's legit - brats, schnitzel, sauerkraut, more importantly beer.

The band, Squeezin' & Wheezin, (no I am not kidding, that is the band name) was right next to us!
It was two older men, meet Squeezin' over on the left there, and the other played the tuba.
Get it now Squeezin - accordian player, and Wheezin' - tuba player lol. 

They have the BEST cream puffs on the planet.
You really need to get yourself one and some point in your lives :)
Per usual we stuffed ourselves, but we luckly enough to enjoy a nice evening walk back to Jason & Danielle's place.
We met this guy on the walk home and he was by far my favorite.
Who doesn't love a holiday giraffe, and in Ohio of all places :) 

We wrapped the evening up with The Game of Things
Probably the best game of all time. You must get it! 

Saturday morning was spent Christmas decorating. 
I am not one of those people that have enough motivation to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. 
I like being a little lazy after I stuff myself with enough food for the next month. 

The mantel was first, and I am not sure I'm finished yet, but for the most part it's all up there.

 Some new Pottery Barn outlet purchases for Danielle and I's recent shopping trip. 
I think the reindeer is going to get wrapped in some lights or something - any suggestions?
Heck that guy might stay out year round, I like him, and technically he's can be like a regular deer, or an elk or something, not just a reindeer.

3 of my favorite decorations!
By the way, do you follow me on Instagram
Ya probably should ;P

 Our tree.
 A little blurry, we have the weirdest light in our living room, and really I'm not that great at taking dark pictures. Beh.
I love all the different ornaments on there.

 I also spent the morning putting together this beaut.
It's probably the best thing I've bought for the house in awhile.
I'd been looking for a little console/cabinet for that area and to give us more storage in the kitchen.
This just happening to fall into my lap. 
I found it on Target - find it here
Inexpensive and easy to put together!

Saturday night Danielle and I watched one of her nephews Quinn, while her SIL, BIL, and 3 other nephews tried to go to the zoo lights. 
Sadly they didn't make it because of the traffic! 
Apparently it was bad, like sat there for 2 hours without movement bad =/
He is too adorable for words.

And Sunday was spent lounging with the hubs. 
Thanks for this crazy weather we are having in the great state of O-H-I-O
Wait...Ohio is having weird, completely sporadic weather??? Neverrrr....
I was struggling with a headache so I laid around and was completely unproductive.
I did get to watch the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead which is ALWAYS a plus.
However, now I have to wait until Feb to see it again :( Boo!

How was all of your weekends?

Happy Monday!

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Brooke said...

Loving all your festive holiday decor! How fun!


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