Friday, September 27, 2013

20 week bump date!

Is it bad that I woke up yesterday morning with Bon Jovi's halfway there stuck in my head?
Part of me is absolute shock that it's been 20 weeks and we are halfway through this pregnancy while the other half of me is so ecstatic because I know that means we are only about 20 more weeks from meeting our little one!
If time flies it has been it'll be here before we know it!!

How far along?
Welp, 20 weeks :)

Best moment this week?
Oh this is so easy! We got an ultrasound this week and finally got to see BabyO.
Well, BabyO looking like a baby, and not just sort of a little tadpole.
Everything is looking good and the growth is right on schedule.
I think the best part was actually getting to watch him/her move!
The arms were going crazy and we even saw his/her mouth open and shut a couple times (won't lie, that was kind of weird...but so cool!!!) 

Maternity Clothes?
Yep! Mostly when it comes to my pants/leggings but I've recently started to switch my shirts because my bump is actually getting to the point where I need to.

Stretch Marks?
None yet, and let's hope that continues to be the answer.

Yes, a fairly decent amount of fluttering but we found out in the ultrasound that my palcenta is in front of baby so it's created a little bit more extra cushion between me and baby so that's probably why I feel most of my fluttering towards my sides where it's legs and head are.

Food cravings?
I would say that all food sounds delicious but my craving for sweets has been much higher. 

What I miss:
I really miss this actually...but that's about the only thing really!

Well a growing bump!
Still not sleeping the greatest but that is mainly due to my most recent symptom...
I've pretty  much had consistent heartburn since last Thursday and I'm currently trying out different ways to alleviate it without meds (other than Tums!).

Been doing some walking here and there but I'm really excited to start a yoga class in a couple of weeks!
I did get a yoga video as well that I am going to start doing at home more often.
I've been researching some other workouts for home for during the winter season.

Gender Prediction?
I don't know why but lately I've been feeling like it's a girl.
Granted, I have no idea and I am not sure why I'm feeling that way but I am.
I want to do a few of the gender prediction tests soon since we aren't finding out and then start a poll with family and friends!

HA! What sleep? 

What I'm looking forward to?
Oh gosh, dang near everything right now.
The fact that we got to see baby and I'm half way there has just made my excitement grow even more!
I think the things I'm really looking forward to though is feeling the first big kicks/punches and getting the nursery set up and ready to go. 

 Wisdom or other thoughts?
-My body has been going through so much it's never been through before and each time I notice a change I find it amazing that my body just knows what to do!

-Heartburn really sucks!

- I seriously cannot wait until Feb. I know it's so far away (although the first half went SO fast) but I am so excited to meet BabyO!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Insights on Pregnancy...

From my perspective at least! 

There is so much to learn about pregnancy and yourself while pregnant that no one ever really tells you. 
Well, maybe they do but you don't really understand until you are pregnant. 

Here are some of my insights on pregnancy.

Other moms and books for me are the best way to get information.
I realize that the internet might hold a lot more for you to search through, but it also...holds a lot more of you to search through.
I found the internet to be pretty overwhelming unless I knew specifically what I was looking for and even then I came across some stuff that scared the living bejeezus outta me.
I have actually greatly enjoyed talking with other moms like Katie, Brandy J, and Audra!
They are indeed, ones that have actually been through this stuff before.
Some books I, and the hubs, have seemed to enjoy and get useful information from are:
(this is a God send! Just make sure you get the right edition as they come out with new ones for new products all the time)
(Good one for expecting dads! It's pretty funny!)
Babyproofing your Marriage
(now there is nothing wrong with Kev and I's marriage, but I think it's a little crazy to believe that nothing between you and the hubs will change when a baby comes along! Can't hurt to be prepared and get some advice beforehand)
Be Prepared
(another dad book)

Hormones are really terrible!!
You think that puberty was bad? 
Pregnancy is like going through puberty, having your PMS week, and a bit of menopause all at once.
You can wave hello to same of that acne you never thought you'd see again...and we won't even go into the mood swings.
Totally get the Knocked up quote, and ya know if that's the way I feel about them just imagine poor Kev :(

You'd be surprised at all the things can do versus all the no-no's you hear about.
Even then, a  lot of the no-no's are actually alright as long as it's in moderation!
Who knew? Not this girl...
For example I thought that all caffeine was a strict no-no and in reality you can have a little bit throughout the day if you need some help getting by.
It should go without saying that I am not including: alcoholic beverages (until you get to "small glass of wine is ok" stage),  smoking, other drugs, and anything raw.
I also understand that it's completely up to a woman what she does and does not intake during her pregnancy, but I think it's surprising that you don't have to be as strict about things as you probably thought you did before pregnancy.

I'm pretty sure that the lack of sleep you get during pregnancy is just preparation for when baby arrives.
Those people that tell you to get as much sleep as you can before baby arrives are playing a cruel joke.
I've had a few nights of good sleep here and there but overall, it's been horrible.


 Heartburn...really hurts!
I have never had heartburn before this but I can tell ya right now I hate it!
Tums will and probably should be your best friend as long as it continues because it's not something fun to deal with, especially when trying to sleep! 
 You may go through weeks of not wanting to eat anything because you feel so sick but sooner than later, you will want to eat literally everything.
My hungry and appetite have easily doubled in the last several months.
It's never been more important to always have good for you snacks on hand and to eat your meals in a timely manner because the crazy hormones can make ya extra hangry if not!
It's quite shocking the amount of food one girl can actually eat if you let her.

Everyone women is truly different.
Well, duh Megan you are all saying, but I kinda thought before going through this that there had to be some similarities across the board.
I was wrong.
The list could go on an on about all the different things that one woman might have happen, while another is completely different.
Nothing is really right or wrong as long as you are taking care of yourself and being as healthy as you can for little one. 

What are some of the things you have found to be shocking about pregnancy, whether you go through it yourself or witness a friend/significant other go through it.
Any helpful tips on this heartburn madness?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So first, check out my sweet new blog design thanks to Shannon (designer) and Kate (giveaway hostess)!
Isn't it pretty? 
I love Shannon's designs and she is so easy and fun to work with. 
Thanks to both of you ladies :) 

I've been really thinking about blogging and my lack there of lately.
Mainly how I miss it and I really should be better about being on top of it but in the same breathe I realize that right now I'm not completely into it.

I think this is mainly because my brain has been a million other places.
I feel like there is so much to be done before BabyO arrives.
Not only things around the house but just generally educating myself on what to expect, birthing methods, nursery safety, etc. 

When I get inside my own brain I tend to overwhelm myself.
I don't do well with prioritizing and it feels like Kev and I are always on the move, on top of working 8 hours a day.
I really have no idea how some people work, blog, and have social completely throws me for a loop. 

We have had a lot of fun things going on with friends and family lately so I can't say that I'm to upset about blogging falling to the wayside.
I realize I'd rather be out and doing then sitting and writing about it, but I suppose that's why I started a blog! 
I wanted to document all of these memories!

Things like this pregnancy.
I've been wanting to document my pregnancy without boring the pants off of all of you because I know it reality you don't care that much.
I've been writing things down on my own but have yet to meet my own expectations. 

I've decided to set up some rules for myself once some of the upcoming events we have are out of the way to take some time and actually be productive.
I'm very good at having the intentions of getting something done but end up just hanging out and relaxing instead.
 Well no more.
I hope in the near future that blogging becomes one of those productive points in my life again.
I suppose right now I can't even promise that, but here's to hoping!

How do you guys find the time to work, go out with friends/family, and get things done around the house?
Do you have a set of rules for yourself?
How about any good time management tips or even better motivators to get me off my butt at times?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Your personality matters!

I have always a little thing for personality quizzes so when I saw the prompt for today I knew I was in. 
 I find these quizzes to be a fun way to really learn about yourself, and others too.
I'm always interested in learning where other people fall, especially close friends, to see what sort of differences we have that end up bringing us together.

My results are: ESFJ
Extravert(22%)  Sensing(1%)  Feeling(25%)  Judging(56%)
I was honestly a little thrown off by this but then I read the profile and really it couldn't be spot on. 
Although there were some questions that I thought I could answer either Yes or No because at times I feel one way and others the opposite.
I suppose I answered the way I did because that's how I most often feel. 
I feel as if the profile is really difficult for me to sum up because it truly does embody who I am. 
Some of the key points that I think are most ablicable are:

ESFJ's are people-persons.
As much as people can drive me absolutely crazy I am a people person.
I like being around people.
I like engaging with people.
I think I'm pretty darn good at reading a person, and finding the good in most people.
I feel as if though I'm a very giving person and have real issues with understanding how people can treat others so poorly.

"The ESFJ takes their responsibilities very seriously, and is very dependable. They value security and stability, and have a strong focus on the details of life. They see before others do what needs to be done, and do whatever it takes to make sure that it gets done. They enjoy these types of tasks, and are extremely good at them"
I couldn't have said this any better myself, but I find it to be very accurate!

 ESFJ's tend to want to control their environment.
I like to be in control.
In control of myself and my surroundings as much as I can.
As if you guys didn't know that already!

 ESFJ's have a strong respect for rules and authority.
I do believe in rules and respecting authority.
Although I can't say I've never broken the rules, or the law overall I am not one that is going to do something that will get me into trouble.
This definitely came from the way I was raised and just the sheer thought of disappointing my parents kept me from doing anything I really wasn't supposed too.
To go along with this I tend to be more of the traditional side of things.
I like the way classic looks, and I generally like the way things are done.
However, in the sense of work and the world I do understand things change and new traditions pop up so I'm pretty willing to roll with it when I have too.

I think this quote overall is the one that really embodies my personality...
 "The ESFJ's value system is defined externally. They usually have very well-formed ideas about the way things should be (oh yeah, the control thing), and are not shy about expressing these opinions.
However, they weigh their values and morals against the world around them, rather than  against an internal value system. They may have a strong moral code, but it is defined by the community that they live in, rather than by any strongly felt internal values (I honestly really haven't thought about this point until now, and I suppose it does hold true overall).

 Here is the test for you to take and join the fun!
Where does your personality fall?
Do you think it says who you are overall or does it not quite fit?

Friday, September 6, 2013

17 Week Bump Date & I need some momma knowledge!

 How far along? 
17 weeks!

Size of Baby: 
BabyO is the size of an onion...
or if you are like me and prefer Kaitlyn's daddy growth chart, because it's awesome, BabyO is the size of a roll of toilet paper!

 So what has been going on this week?
The hubs, friends and I all went to the Gentlemen of the Road tour this weekend and had a blast! 
Monday was spent at a fish fry at Kev's cousins house and then we headed over to Erica and Brady's for hang out time.
Not only do I love hanging out with them but I get to see Harper. I've mentioned her on here before but check out how much she has grown!!!
Isn't she beautiful! 
{photo by: NicoleKidwell Photography}
Well this week has gone quite quickly thanks to Labor Day on Monday.
This has been good and bad as work days have gone quick but almost to quick. 
 Other then that Kev and I have been trying to get some of our to-do list taken care of!

Maternity Clothes?
Some but not everything yet.
There are still shirts of mine that I can wear and even then I probably could wear my pants but the whole hair tie pant thingy is just not working for me so I'm been wearing leggings and maxi's on the reg. 
I also wore my first pair of maternity pants this week, which again I don't think is necessary, but can I just tell you how comfy I was!

Stretch Marks?
None yet and hopefully never! 

Not anything that I can verify is truly a movement. 
It's really hard to know what to feel for when you have no idea what it's going to feel like.
Although I've been assured that I'll know so I suppose I can say that no, I haven't felt anything yet..

Food cravings?
All food, all the time.
I've been getting hungrier and hungrier as the days pass.
The only thing I really don't wanna eat still are burgers, but even then I'll eat it if it's put in front of me.

What I miss?
Nothing to much overall.
I can't say that I haven't had my moments of missing getting some sushi or having a beer though.

 - Welp, I'm definitely starting to show and I'm super excited.
Makes it feel that much more real and I know we are getting closer to things like major movement.
- I've been having some tummy growing pains. Nothing that hurts to bad but it's been some mild aches here and there.
- My energy level is fairly low still, but I'm trying to be as productive as I can despite the fact that I just wanna lay down and nap.

Best moment this week?
- We bought the nursery furniture and I ordered the bumper and bed skirt, things are getting underway and I can't wait until it all comes together! 
- Last week we did get to hear the heartbeat at our appointment which was so exciting!
I also bought a fetal doppler so I'm excited to get that thing cooking and hear baby whenever I want. 

Gender Prediction?
None for me but people have definitely said what they've thought.
However, we've gotten both boy and girl so it's hard to say because it's been fairly even.
I have ever intention of starting a poll with family and friends for something fun to do since we aren't going to be find out what BabyO is!

It's been rough.
Some nights are just fine while others are completely restless.
My weird dreams have subsided for the most part so there isn't really anything in particular that is keeping me awake, I just am.

What I'm looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to our next appointment because we will get another ultrasound and actually get to see something more than just a blob.
Not that I didn't love baby when it was blob but I'm looking forward to seeing a little profile, arms, legs, etc.
I'm also looking forward to using the doppler as I mentioned :) 

Momma Knowledge outreach!
I'm in the process of getting ready to set up for a registry (or 2) and would love some insights into products and some tips and tricks for making the registry process easier.
1) What kinds of items like strollers, car seats, bassinets, etc have you guys found to be the best (if any) and what would you stay away from?
2) Anything that is listed on all registry checklists that you really just don't need.
3) Did you register for things like a high chair even though you aren't going to need them for a little bit?
4) Any suggestions on what stores I should or should not register at and any tips or tricks to make the process go more smoothly?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Take my Advice...

I find that word to be a little deadly.
Maybe because most of the time I don't like to recieve it, unless asked, and there are very few times that I have straight up asked for advice.
At times it can almost come off as someone is trying to tell me what to do you and if you know this girl, you know I do not like being told what to do.
I'll note it's something I'm working on and have started to embrace (both solicited and unsolicited) now that I'm pregnant.
 Yet another reason that advice and I tend not to be friends is that when I'm asked something, I'll give you the honest answer, whether you like it or not.
I'm always not the best about keep my mouth shut either and sometimes people just want you to listen to what they have to say instead of talking about it.
This is where the whole, "I'm not a mind reader, so if you are asking/talking and don't actually want my advice you better say so," thing comes into play.

However,  there are piece of advice that I think passing on it worth while. 
All fairly cliche but all things that I think some people have to be reminded of for one reason or another.

I'm a true believer in being you no matter what that means.
You cannot go around people pleasing all the time to truly be happy and be yourself. 
I understand people may get upset with you for something you say or do but if they are one of the "those who matter" they will remain by your side in the end. 

I think it's pretty clear what I mean here, but I think I'd like to add to this by saying it works both ways and in all honest I believe people DESERVE to get back what they give.
If you treat someone like crap please do not expect them to treat you kindly, I sure won't. 
However, if you give love you should expect and deserve a lot of love back. 
The tricky part to me is that it might not come your way right away, it might take time before you get what you deserve both in the good and bad situations.

Finally, but definitely not the last thing I would say if I had the space and time to write a novel, is take risks.
Life is scary in general but  like the quote says you really have no idea how far you can go until you push yourself.
Have some confidence in yourself that you, indeed, can do it!
I am quite frequently shocked by the amount of people that have no real confidence or faith in themselves and constantly shy away from a risk or opportunity they would absolutely blow out of the water had they just leaped.
The worse thing that can happen is you fail, but at least then you have learned something instead of living with the regret of not trying. 


Well now I feel all deep and insightful, which I don't tend to see myself as most of the time.
I have a lot of life to live and I'm sure my advice will change through the years but I guess we can come back to that then.

What advice would you give?

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who doesn't love a good card?

So work has been absolutely crazy the last few weeks and I had every intention of giving you guys a weekend update but that just ain't gonna happen right now.

So instead I'm going to give you a little insight to my love for cards.

That's right, cards. 

Now I am not someone who really sends cards out for the fun of it or really even for special occassions unless I really feel like I should but I am someone who loves to find the perfect card for a person especially birthday's. 
You all probably know what I mean because I can't be the only one that reads pretty much every single card in the store and think, "Oh this would be perfect for hubs, or this friend, etc!"

Welp, I advice you to look no further because I've come across a great card website, no thanks to one of their lovely employees reaching out to me. 
It's called Cardstore and I'd say it's easily one of the best online card shops I've found.
The best part about this store is that you can completely personalize a card to be the way you want it!
Now when I say personalize it to make it your own I really mean it.
I'm talking adding your own pictures and your own wording whether it's a simple quote or a novel to a best friend that you miss.
However, I think it's also important to note that for those of us who are a little less creative overall or who just simply want to quickly pick a card they do have pre-made cards with the front and inside all taken care of, ready to go. 
Even then, they tend to have a space for you to write in whatever you want, because get this you can send it straight from their site to the recipient! 
So if your hubs is away on deployment, or you kinda forgot about your favorite cousins birthday and you don't have the time to have it shipped to you and then mail it off to them you have the option to just have the website stick in the mail for you. 
How easy is that?

This is the card that I ordered for Kev and I's 7 years together.
Pretty simple but it was fun to make and I liked that I got to add a picture from this year (the outside) and then a picture inside (the day we started dating). 

The only "issue" that I really came across when creating a card was that an "error" would come up after I uploaded a photo letting me know the bin was too large which can cause the photo to print blurry.
I am honestly not sure how to fix something like that and it could have been because I was trying a lot of photos that I saved from facebook, but just be aware that is something you may come across. 
Even then I was able to easily find pictures that would work and for curiosities sake I ordered a card with two pictures that gave me this error and it didn't come out that blurry but you could tell it was a little more grainy that the one below.
It's also pretty easy to upload photos because they give you the option to upload from your computers or straight from other social media site like Facebook and Instagram.

 Of course I couldn't go through the whole store without checking out all the other cute stuff they had.
Here are some of my favorites :)

Who else out there is a card lover like me?
Would you shop at Cardstore?

Happy Tuesday!
Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and hopefully I can update you on mine tomorrow!

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