Friday, September 6, 2013

17 Week Bump Date & I need some momma knowledge!

 How far along? 
17 weeks!

Size of Baby: 
BabyO is the size of an onion...
or if you are like me and prefer Kaitlyn's daddy growth chart, because it's awesome, BabyO is the size of a roll of toilet paper!

 So what has been going on this week?
The hubs, friends and I all went to the Gentlemen of the Road tour this weekend and had a blast! 
Monday was spent at a fish fry at Kev's cousins house and then we headed over to Erica and Brady's for hang out time.
Not only do I love hanging out with them but I get to see Harper. I've mentioned her on here before but check out how much she has grown!!!
Isn't she beautiful! 
{photo by: NicoleKidwell Photography}
Well this week has gone quite quickly thanks to Labor Day on Monday.
This has been good and bad as work days have gone quick but almost to quick. 
 Other then that Kev and I have been trying to get some of our to-do list taken care of!

Maternity Clothes?
Some but not everything yet.
There are still shirts of mine that I can wear and even then I probably could wear my pants but the whole hair tie pant thingy is just not working for me so I'm been wearing leggings and maxi's on the reg. 
I also wore my first pair of maternity pants this week, which again I don't think is necessary, but can I just tell you how comfy I was!

Stretch Marks?
None yet and hopefully never! 

Not anything that I can verify is truly a movement. 
It's really hard to know what to feel for when you have no idea what it's going to feel like.
Although I've been assured that I'll know so I suppose I can say that no, I haven't felt anything yet..

Food cravings?
All food, all the time.
I've been getting hungrier and hungrier as the days pass.
The only thing I really don't wanna eat still are burgers, but even then I'll eat it if it's put in front of me.

What I miss?
Nothing to much overall.
I can't say that I haven't had my moments of missing getting some sushi or having a beer though.

 - Welp, I'm definitely starting to show and I'm super excited.
Makes it feel that much more real and I know we are getting closer to things like major movement.
- I've been having some tummy growing pains. Nothing that hurts to bad but it's been some mild aches here and there.
- My energy level is fairly low still, but I'm trying to be as productive as I can despite the fact that I just wanna lay down and nap.

Best moment this week?
- We bought the nursery furniture and I ordered the bumper and bed skirt, things are getting underway and I can't wait until it all comes together! 
- Last week we did get to hear the heartbeat at our appointment which was so exciting!
I also bought a fetal doppler so I'm excited to get that thing cooking and hear baby whenever I want. 

Gender Prediction?
None for me but people have definitely said what they've thought.
However, we've gotten both boy and girl so it's hard to say because it's been fairly even.
I have ever intention of starting a poll with family and friends for something fun to do since we aren't going to be find out what BabyO is!

It's been rough.
Some nights are just fine while others are completely restless.
My weird dreams have subsided for the most part so there isn't really anything in particular that is keeping me awake, I just am.

What I'm looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to our next appointment because we will get another ultrasound and actually get to see something more than just a blob.
Not that I didn't love baby when it was blob but I'm looking forward to seeing a little profile, arms, legs, etc.
I'm also looking forward to using the doppler as I mentioned :) 

Momma Knowledge outreach!
I'm in the process of getting ready to set up for a registry (or 2) and would love some insights into products and some tips and tricks for making the registry process easier.
1) What kinds of items like strollers, car seats, bassinets, etc have you guys found to be the best (if any) and what would you stay away from?
2) Anything that is listed on all registry checklists that you really just don't need.
3) Did you register for things like a high chair even though you aren't going to need them for a little bit?
4) Any suggestions on what stores I should or should not register at and any tips or tricks to make the process go more smoothly?

Happy Friday!


pretty plain janes said...

The gift I love to purchase and the one that my mom friends (including myself) used the most was a Rock & Play

Jettie napped and slept snug as a bug in this at night. I think she really like how her head was up a little and it's coziness. Shan, Jordanne, my friend Lisa and lots of mommies those girls all know could not live without one. :)

Hope that helps a little!

brandy j

Erica C said...

Love this post! Blogging about your journey into mommyhood is going to be such a great way to document it, and of course I love to hear about all things baby :)
I so remember how overwhelmed I was with registering for stuff, when there is SO much out there, and you kind of feel like you don't know what you're gonna need! I made several BRU trips, just to look around and get familiar with all the different baby items. Then I just did tons of research and questioning to find out what other people recommended. Other mommy and parenting blogs helped a lot, which I mainly found through Pinterest and places like that, but also looked at reviews through the stores I was registered at. Of course it helps to look at a lot of things you know you will need for right when baby gets here, but never hurts to find out about things that you will need later...if anything, get it done before baby comes and that's one less thing to have to worry about later! lol Let me know if you need ANY help!! :)

Erica C said...

BTW, I enjoyed your guys' visit! Thanks for coming :) We will have to do it again soon! Definitely plan a PShow date...since it is getting so close!

Audra said...

Oh Megan, I could give 100 things that you will and won't need.... are you going to Book Club this month? We can talk then :)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Super cute bump and love that dress!

Happy Friday :)

Katie said...

You look adorable!! I used Lucie's List when it came to our registry and it was super helpful. Eek I keep forgetting you are team green. I think boy :)

Jackie said...

You look great! :)

Sarah said...

(3) We registered for stuff we didn't use until 8-12 months because Babies R Us offered a discount if we bought items off our own registry. We waited until after the baby showers and then a month or so before I was due we picked up a few more items (with gift cards we had received). And it was nice to have that stuff so we didn't have to go out and get it later...we just had to pull it out of a closet somewhere.

(4) We only registered at Babies R Us and that worked just fine for us. I've heard some negative things about Target's registry, but if I was to do it again I might go there too because people like getting gift cards and Target GCs are always nice!

osmr said...

That IS a cute dress and I never realized how high you were carrying until you stood next to Jessy. Interesting! I am all for a betting pool on date and gender! Let's get this thing rolling! Maybe, if we get enough people in on it you can do a 50/50? The 50% you get would be for the college fund...and yes, you should start building that now. And if he/she doesn't go to college then you have a great building block for him/her to start "real life" with. Looking good on all fronts, girl! keep it up!! XO

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