Monday, August 26, 2013

7 years & counting

It's hard to believe that this weekend marked 7 years of being with my amazing hubs.
No, not all in marriage, but together in a relationship. 

It doesn't feel like 7 years and I mean this in the best way possible. 
Time has flown by and looking back brings back so many memories.
We've been through our ups and downs.
We've had our fun moments, and moments that real life has kicked us in the behind and have plain ole sucked.
We've changed and grown both together and as individuals as we've experienced and been experiencing new things in what seems to be almost every day. 

College brought us a wealth of knowledge when it came to one another, ourselves, friendships, and of course prepared us for the big kid world.

Marriage has brought on it's own challenges and learning experiences.
Some we've really come to love and cherish while others are points that made us realize that we are never truly done trying to better ourselves and not just for ourselves but for each other.
 Now we are moving on to a whole other chapter of bringing a life into this world.
3.5 months down and oh boy has it has already been a journey for the both of us.
I can't wait to take on parenting with someone I know will be a fantastic father.

I'm blessed beyond words.
Seriously, when it comes to how I feel about Kev and I's relationship I have a hard putting it into words because it means so much to me and I've gained so much from being with an amazing person.
I can't wait to see what the future holds for us because the past has been more than I ever would have dreamed of.

This song has recently hit the top 40 charts and couldn't be more appropriate for this occasion :) 
Happy 7 years babe, and here's to many more :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

14 Week Bumpdate!

 Due Date: 

Don't know, and I might as well just say it now we are not finding out!
Honestly, this has been like my most favorite thing to get a reaction from...some people think we are crazy and others love it.
Did you find out what you were having?
 What do you think of us not finding out?

None yet, but my mom keeps telling me to wait for the "flutter".
I feel like there has been once or twice I made it up in my head I felt it but I don't think I really did.

I'm feeling awesome, minus being quite tired by the end of the day.
Wish that energy would pick back up!

Food Cravings:
So cliche but I've been craving and eating them on the reg more than anything else.

Food Aversions:
There isn't really anything that's made me sick but I think burgers sound disgusting!
And it doesn't seem to be the meat part because tacos and what are not are just fine.

Oh this has been a little point of frustration the last week.
I'm at the point where I don't think I'm quite ready for certain maternity things like pants but I'm not really fitting into my current pants either. Beh!
Maxi dresses and leggings have become my best friends!

Stretch Marks:
None yet, and I just ordered some of the Earth Mama Angel Body Butter that Kaitlyn recommended so hopefully none!

I have not been sleeping all that well overall but I wasn't much of a sleeper to be begin with.
I'll blame the lack of sleep on the weird friggin' dreams I have!
If there is one thing you don't hear about pregnancy that will affect you it's the dreams.

Well there is the lack of sleep.
I'm getting the growth aches and pains a little bit.
Annnd I'm eating everything in sight lol, or not everything but I'm eating more then I ever have before.
I will defend myself is saying even though I'm eating more I'm also eating healthier so it all balances out right!?

What I Miss:
I am really craving a good ole Pepsi but I know I need to stay away even though they say you can have some caffeine because I'll just want more.
I'd also be lying if I didn't say sushi, I miss my rolls :(

Best Moments:
Getting to tell everyone finally!
Family and close friends have known for awhile but I think everyone has been ready to spill the beans for weeks!

Memorable Moments:
 ~ Finally starting to show!
I feel like within a week I have popped and really it only goes up from here.
Makes it all seem that much more real.

~Getting out of the first trimester.
Ummmm, where did time go?

~ Kev and I have started to get into the swing of nursery planning.
We have a theme and have started to hunt for cribs and other items.
Any crib suggestions are definitely welcome because there are so many options I've a bit overwhelmed!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Some really, really, really good news!!!

I haven't been really up on my blogging game lately, but there is a pretty big reason behind it.
A lot of it has to do with the fact that I've just been exhausted and have many other things on my mind, and of course I've been wanting to spill the beans so not really blogging has helped me keep my mouth shut, if you will.

So without further adieu...


That's right! Kev and I are going to be parents!
We cannot be excited enough for BabyO to be here...already! 
The 13th couldn't be more perfect as I consider it to be my lucky number. 
Why? Well because people in my family happen to have birthday's on the 13th and 2/13 is the day that Kev proposed to me 3 years ago.
That's gotta be a good sign if I do say so myself!

The journey has been a very good one so far and I only pray that in continues to go as smoothly as it has.
Today marks 14 weeks and I believe that my energy is starting to come back and I'm feeling more like my old self. 
It's been a learning experience, and with that being said any and all knowledge, useful information ranging from meal planning to good products is definitely welcome!
all the info on the internet has gotten quite overwhelming...beh.

Kev and I are so excited and honestly up until recently, when I've felt like I started to show it almost didn't feel real. 
I can't believe we are going to be parents!

I've decided to join the preggers crowd and will be giving you a bump date tomorrow :)

Until then...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

OHP: Is it time for Fall yet?

The a weeks ago in Ohio the weather felt like fall and despite the rising temps the last couple week the feeling of fall made me quite giddy and even more ready for the glorious season to be upon us!

Like most people, fall is definitely my favorite time of year.
I honestly think the biggest part is that it's my ideal temperature which then leads to the clothing, the yummy food, and all the fun activities that take place.

I can only hope that this year we get a little bit longer of a fall around this parts because it always comes and goes so quickly!
Can it be fall yet?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Proud of your Dash?

So this last week Kev's grandma, or Nanny as we called her, passed away.

This is particularly hard for Kev and his family because she has been like a mother to them all and they all this unparalleled relationship with her that is almost hard to describe without having witnessed it.
Their lives were centered around her.

 Her life brought me right back to this poem because I think it truly represents the kind of life she lived.
She knew what was truly important, and those things were not things at all.
It was the way you treated people, and the way you loved.

I want my dash to be something that truly represents me and those I love.
Just like Nanny's, her dash was incredible.
So far my dash has been pretty full, and meaningful.
I have very few to zero regrets, it's been full of love, fun, hope, and happiness but having this type of life is something that you need to strive for.
Life does happen regardless of you putting any effort into it, but at the end would you say that you are truly proud of you dash?

  After I heard it read was at Chris's funeral and read it the other day after Nanny's passing, I vowed to myself that I would constantly be thinking and striving for the best dash I can possibly have.
I want to have a dash like Nanny's, I'm going to have to get my behind into gear.
It'll be hard living up to her standards, her kindness, and her love...maybe even impossible...but I'd like to try.

Could you say you are proud of you dash?

RIP Nanny.
You are greatly loved and greatly missed.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Favorites


I'm linking up with Lindsey today and letting all of you know some of my favorites from this week!

Favorite Song:
I heard this the other day and I cannot get enough of it.
Meaningful lyrics & a dancing beat.
What could be better?
Favorite Outfit:
I am loving Kaylin's outfit she posted the other day on her blog Stay Blonde Ski Local.
It's right up my alley in the sense that it's trendy but simple...and it doesn't hurt that I just bought the same dress only in a different color so now I have some inspiration!

Favorite Pins:

Favorite...uh not sure what this category is...local beauty?
So my bff lives in the German Village area and the other day I was waiting for her to get home so I took the pup on a walk and passed one of my all time favorite houses in the area.
It's not because of the house itself, and if you know German Village it's full of AWESOME houses, but this place is because of it's garden!
The pictures don't even remotely do it justice, but this man has to spend an immense amount of time and money on his, what I call "secret garden" because it's beautiful.
The yard is packed with flowers, not even sure you'd call it a yard, but the flowers are always alive, thriving, and so colorful.
What you can't really tell is that the whole backyard is filled with flowers which you can't really see but you can get glimpses of all the green through some of the cracks of the fence. It has to be incredible!

Favorite Pup Dog  
As if you didn't see this one coming..

What are you some of your favorite things this week?!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Talking Dogs & Giveaway Winner!

Today I am in need of something lighthearted, and even though I don't really feel like laughing these videos can always put a smile on my face.
Must just be something about a talking dog...

And now for the giveaway winner!
Congrats Daniel!
You'll be recieving and an email from me today for you information.
Thank you everyone who entered! I would have to say it was a very successful first giveaway and it's all thanks to you guys.

Monday, August 5, 2013

When do you keep quiet about your beliefs...

Coffee & Conversation

A little late in the day to jump on the blog wagon but I enjoy this link up and I thought this was a pretty interesting topic.

This week's topic is:
What is something you strongly believe in but maybe don't speak up about often? Why do you believe this and what causes you to keep quiet about it?

Honestly, there isn't much that I am super passionate about that I tend to keep quiet on when it gets brought up in conversation, except for 2 situations.
I'm a pretty opinionated person when it comes to things that I really believe in but from observation and personal experience I know I need to keep my mouth shut in these situations.

First, is when I know the person speaking is rambling on purely to ramble on and has no intention of hearing out anyone else's side.
I just don't have the time to argue with people like that.
I'm a firm believer in the fact that even if you are going to be stead-fast in your beliefs, which is totally ok, at least give others the chance to voice their opinions without you interrupting, degrading, telling them they are wrong just because it's not what you believe, etc.
I have things that I feel pretty strongly about, but I am willing to give another human being the respect they deserve to let their feelings be known.
Who knows, you may learn something you never knew.

Second, work people where I know little about their personal lives.
Not like close co-worker friends but I've seen what can happen when some seriously strong opinions get voiced that are opposite ends and these people have to continue working with one another.
Now I'm not saying there shouldn't be diversity in the work place by any means because there should but I think there are topics/beliefs that probably should just stay within your personal world.
Mainly because you might work with these people but you have no idea what is going on in their personal lives.
For example, a topic I tend not to bring up with work folks is children.
Not that children are a belief, but the topic of having them, abortion, etc can be related to beliefs.
Now if they have kids, they openly talk about them I'm willing to ask, "How are they doing?" or "When does school start for little Johnny?" but I try very hard never to ask someone when/if they will be having kids.
That's a pretty personal question and I have no idea what their situation is.
What if they can't have them? What if they've been trying and have lost a baby without my knowledge? What if they don't want them and have had abortions because of it? What if they absolutely despise kids (it happens) and the mere thought just throws them into a rant.
I'm coming across enough women/couples in my life that have had issues to know this can cause people a lot of pain and that is not something I want to bring up or be known for doing to someone, even if it's unbeknownst to me.
We won't even go into the arguments I've seen relating to politics and religion.
That being said I am willing to have a discussion, key word there discussion, about anything that I believe in, which ranges from things as simple as shredded hash browns are WAY better than potato chunks, to complex issues like human equality.

Happy Monday!

PS - I hosted my first ever giveaway last Thursday and you have until this Thursday to enter!
It's a pretty good prize so go check it out here

Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Ever Giveaway!

Today is a great Thursday because this girl gets to host her first ever giveaway and I get to give one of you lucky winners a $50 Shabby Apple giftcard!

If you have not heard of this fabulous shop, Shabby Apple is an online boutique the specializes in vintage and retro dresses. Of course they have all kinds of other cute clothing like tops, pants, and accessorizes but dresses are their specialty!
Just go on ahead and check out their shop by clicking: here

Here are some of the awesome options that Shabby Apple has in stock right now!

So whether you're looking for a pretty new dress, a flirty new top, some fun jewelry to add a little pop to your next outfit, or even some maternity clothing you know what shop to hit up!
Just be careful, because you are going to have a hard time deciding what to pick...
but then again who says you have to decide?

Let the shopping begin!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Thursday!

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