Wednesday, August 14, 2013

OHP: Is it time for Fall yet?

The a weeks ago in Ohio the weather felt like fall and despite the rising temps the last couple week the feeling of fall made me quite giddy and even more ready for the glorious season to be upon us!

Like most people, fall is definitely my favorite time of year.
I honestly think the biggest part is that it's my ideal temperature which then leads to the clothing, the yummy food, and all the fun activities that take place.

I can only hope that this year we get a little bit longer of a fall around this parts because it always comes and goes so quickly!
Can it be fall yet?


Helene in Between said...

this makes me so excited for fall!!! and i love anything with pumpkins!

Erin O'Riordan said...

DO WANT! Especially some hot mulled cider and that nail color.

Tennille said...

I would be so happy if there were only 2 seasons... summer and fall :)

Jackie said...

I love Fall. To me it feels like the start of the year- not just because of the new school year (which doesn't mean much to me anymore...when I have kids it will). I agree with the other commenter that I'd be okay with just Summer and Fall. Maybe one or 2 snowstorms for the view but that's it haha

Miss Riss said...

Love love love all of these pins!! I try not to get too excited for fall too early, since it's still gonna be over 100 degrees until the end of October here in AZ...but I just can't help it!!

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