Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Proud of your Dash?

So this last week Kev's grandma, or Nanny as we called her, passed away.

This is particularly hard for Kev and his family because she has been like a mother to them all and they all this unparalleled relationship with her that is almost hard to describe without having witnessed it.
Their lives were centered around her.

 Her life brought me right back to this poem because I think it truly represents the kind of life she lived.
She knew what was truly important, and those things were not things at all.
It was the way you treated people, and the way you loved.

I want my dash to be something that truly represents me and those I love.
Just like Nanny's, her dash was incredible.
So far my dash has been pretty full, and meaningful.
I have very few to zero regrets, it's been full of love, fun, hope, and happiness but having this type of life is something that you need to strive for.
Life does happen regardless of you putting any effort into it, but at the end would you say that you are truly proud of you dash?

  After I heard it read was at Chris's funeral and read it the other day after Nanny's passing, I vowed to myself that I would constantly be thinking and striving for the best dash I can possibly have.
I want to have a dash like Nanny's, I'm going to have to get my behind into gear.
It'll be hard living up to her standards, her kindness, and her love...maybe even impossible...but I'd like to try.

Could you say you are proud of you dash?

RIP Nanny.
You are greatly loved and greatly missed.


Mary Brown said...

I hope you are all doing OK. Nanny was a beautiful soul. I love you!

Katie said...

Wow, what a beautiful poem. Really makes you think...sorry to hear of your loss.

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