Friday, October 28, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

It's time for Fill in the Blank Friday! I can't believe it's Friday already. I'm looking forward to the fun activities we have planned...of course you'll hear & see what that is on Monday! Have a safe & fun Halloween weekend!

1.   When I was a kid I wanted to be   Doctor or Business woman when I grew up.

2.   As an adult, my dream job would be: A stay at home mother, work with animals, or photographer. 

3.  When I was younger I wanted to be just like I'm not really sure to be honest. I suppose my mom or Heidi (she was a babysitter of mine, but she became like a sister to me.
4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was when I was  probably a witch or a two headed Santa. I remember the witch because of all the face paint they put on me...I was green. I have no idea where the two headed Santa came from but I remember going around with my mom for her to make it. The other head was my friend Jenn. We were in like 4th grade. I believe Jenn's mom, Marcia, sewed a shirt we could both get into and share. Strange kids I know :)

5.  My favorite childhood toy was  Hmmm...probably Barbies. I remember a lot of my toys but I don't really remember what my favorite was...

6.  The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I: This is funny because my parents & I talk about this one all the time. I remember my dad putting me in my room with my dinner...this only happened once ever. So he must have & I actually remember that he was very mad! My parents remember the same thing. We have no idea why he was so mad though and why I got send to my room with dinner. No clue. Lol.

7.  I get daily inspiration from I'd say other blogs and Pinterest (it's a straight up addiction).

True Dat!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dance Fever

So I believe that I have mentioned on here, once or twice, that Kevin & I were taking dance lessons for our wedding. Well, I'm not sure that I ever mentioned that our first dance was a fully choreographed danced. From start to finish we had steps to follow. I loved every second of it.

At the start of every lesson/practiced I'd complain, because that's what I do, but every time we left it was with a smile on my face. I have been a dancer for as long as I can remember. I think I was like 5 years old when my mom enrolled me in dance class. I danced ever since that point until sophomore year of high school. Even then I didn't really stop since I use to bust out some serious moves at like formals, bars, and weddings.

Anyways, the whole dance lessons & first dance idea was Kevin's. He actually was out with his guy friends when he set them up! He'd met a guy through a friend that has gotten several awards and even won some national championships for dancing. That guy's name would be Troy. Once Kev heard Troy's background in dance (yes, at the bar on guy’s night) he knew that it was something he wanted to do for me. He knows I love to dance, in the choreographed sense & the free style booty shaking sense. On my birthday Kev told me what he had planned and we started in on lessons. So from about December to the week of the wedding when our last "dress rehearsal" was we worked on our first dance.

We started off with learning the basic moves, which was about a 3-4 month process. Kev caught on very quickly and I'm pretty sure Troy was highly impressed by Kev's level of dance. I know he was he said it all the time! Kev's never had a dance lesson but a lot of the time when it comes to things like dancing and other athletic feats he just gets it. I will say that Kevin did an amazing job at learning the steps, working with me, and becoming the lead in the dance. We worked extremely hard to get the dance perfect. We got ahold of petticoat to practice in, to mimic my dress( thank god we did that), we practice if the shoes we were wearing, and we also had two "dress rehearsals". First rehearsal, I was terrified. I don't do crowds...crowds watching me specifically. Second rehearsal was a lot easier, and got those final jitters out for the both of us. I should mention when I say "dress rehearsal" we weren't dressed in my dress & Kev in his tux. No, just performed in front of people.

The day of I wasn't very nervous & I don't think Kev was either. We were both just so happy & knew no matter what happened we were married. The dance was flawless! I was so happy out there with Kevin, having fun, but showing off the product of all our hard work. Most of our family & friends knew we were taking these lessons but had not seen it. I think it surprised and impressed people. I'm glad that we did the lessons & the choreographed first dance. It was fun, it was different, and we did it together every step of the way. So now it's time to show all of you the dance :) I hope you enjoy it, and if you are interested in lessons with Troy at all please let me know!

Without further ado....our first dance:

Choerograher: Troy M.
Song: This Years Love by David Gray

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Loving

It's What  I'm Loving Wednesday time. Whoop Whoop! Which means it's also hump day, and it's a book club night. I'm so pumped :) It's been a couple months since I've been able to go and I'm looking forward to catching up for a bit. However, again, I didn't get a chance to finish the book =/ Oh well. Here's what I'm loving today :)
I'm loving...Without You ft. Usher by David Guetta. In love with this song right now. So upbeat, makes me want to just jump :) I think it's because I've had a slight obsession with Usher since the days of  U Remind Me, U Got it Bad, & Yeah! David Guetta just makes it even better. Love his mixes!

I'm loving...Kauai Nut Roasters. Sounds dirty doesn't it? It's not, it's just nuts :) Jeez I'm not redeeming myself am I! Moving on...Kauai is famous for their Macadamia nuts. However, this place does not limit itself & has pecans, almonds, walnuts, & more. They cook them in sugars & other spices/flavors to make little packs. Good for gifts, or for yourself! I highly suggest checking out the site and ordering yourself a small bag of something. You'll want more - my personal favorite is the Monkey Nuts (they aren't real) :)

Monkey Nuts!
I'm loving... productivity & relaxation are right around the corner. After this weekend I don't really have any set plans until Thanksgiving. Even then I'm not sure what we are doing...just know its something :)

I'm loving... Birthday time! Kev & I's birthdays are very soon. They are coming quick too! 25 isn't a bad age to turn, and it's something fun to look forward too! 

I'm loving...Parks & Recreation. This has to be the best show on TV right now! It's so FUNNY
Pre-birds! Lol.
I'm loving...Tough Love: Miami. So this has been a fav reality show of mine since the first season. Those girls on that show are lucky they even went to match making boot camp and not just straight up punched. Eh, why would you think that would attract a man?! Steve makes the show! He's brutally honest and isn't scared to make a bia cry. You're my boy Steve! Yes, I know it's ridiculous, but it's entertaining and really hope some of these messed up people leave...ummm...not quite a mess?

I'm friends. I have the greatest group of friends of all the time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Spirit

So it kind of just dawned on an hour ago that Halloween is next Monday. This week is when pretty much all the celebrating will be going down though so I suppose we can just say this weekend.

Anyways, I realized that Kevin and I did absolutely nothing to prepare for the holiday this year. I don't have a costume yet (working on it), we didn't carve pumpkins, we didn't put up decorations, we didn't even watch any scary movies. Not even Hocus Pocus! I always watch that at least once during the Halloween season. Oh please don't act like you don't love that movie! Old school JSP...psh dont' deny it! Since I am not able to fully enjoy the Halloween spirit in the home place, I'm going to enjoy it via blog. I will say that I do plan on watching a few scary flicks over the next week. I suppose you can watch scary movies after Halloween. Here are some of my favorite things Halloween style :)

Scream (part 1).
I don't find alot of movies that scary anymore. They are either eerie, gory, or just dumb. However, at the time this came out it scared the crap out of me! I haven't watched this in a while so I think I might want to this year :)

The Nightmare before Christmas
If you've read the blog so far you know that I'm a Tim Burton fan. I pretty big one and of course one of my all time favorites is The Nightmare before Christmas. I love it, and really I can watch it at either holiday & not feel bad about it :)  I pinterest this & found all kinds of cute decor for Halloween that I think I might try next year. Do I smell a theme? I also found some cute outfits by Disney that mimic the characters, like Oogie Boogie! 

How cute  is this!
One of the hubby's request. I haven't watched this movie many times. I know, I know it's a classic. I'm not sure why I never really watched it, just haven't. I will be soon though! 
I really like bats for some reason around Halloween time. I mean I'm not trying to go out and catch one or anything. I think they are fun to use for the holiday and it's a little different than the jack-o-laterns and cats.

I am in love with this wreath! I'm making it next year...already decided!

This is neat and I think we could actually do this in our house with the open layout we have.

Source: None via Megan on Pinterest

How cute is this! I don't think they'd actually use it, but I need one anyways :)

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Of course I need some bat swag for myself, not just the house.
No carved pumpkins. I usually do something plain & easy. You know the triangle eyes & the jagged mouth. However, when we were still in college Kev's frat had pumpkin carving & we always went to that & I'd try something more tricky. Usually failed :( Check out these awesome jack-o-lanterns though! 

For my lack of decorating I'm going to throw in a few likes/wants :) 

Source: via Megan on Pinterest
Love this & I could use a good display for the counter & passing out candy to the trick or treaters in the neighborhood!

Cute clock! Easy & functional...I like it :)
Next year I will definitely be more prepared for Halloween! Until then let the delayed scary movie watching begin :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Fun

So this weekend was a great one, and really as weird as it is to say, it's makes the start of my week easier. It's harder to leave the weekend I suppose, but it starts you off on the right mood.

Friday was a relaxing night. I can't remember exactly what we did to be honest. I believe it was alot of laying around, watching movies, ya know...chillin.

Saturday was a fun filled day. Kevin started off productive as ever and picked up the meat we got from the cow we split with his family. Holy cow (pun intended) it's a lot of beef! Definitely won't need to pick that up at the store anytime soon.

So now we know that Kev woke up productive, I woke up not so productive but extremely giddy because we were going to the Pumpkin Show that afternoon!  But first things first, had to do some name change stuff so I headed to the bank & got that taken care of there. It was a lot easier than what I have anticipated, thank heavens. 

Then it was Pumpkin Show time!!!! Kev headed down early with our friend, Jason, to his Nanny's (Grandma's) house. They are cleaning it out and getting all the things that had been saved for them! There was quite a bit of it, and Kev's made it back to the house safe & sound. It kind of looks like our childhood exploded in the basement, tubs full of legos & ninja turtle stuff, however it also full of old hunting knives, and about one extreme to the other.You could tell by the look on Kev's face and how excited he talked about some of the items it brought back good memories. That's the one reason I like to clean things out like this...the memories it all brings :)

My car getting filled. By the time we got home it was a lot more stuff then that.
We also found some stilts! Danielle felt the need to give them a whirl. She didn't get to far, but an A for effort :)
So once the cleaning (for the day) was complete we FINALLY got to go to PUMPKIN SHOW...which really just means we got to stuff our faces with greasy, fried goodness. 

As explained before there are a lot of pumpkin flavored items - like my personal favorites (which we got both of!)

As you can see Pumpkin Burgers. They are really more like Sloppy Joe, but whatever. We actually got some of this to bring home!
Pumpkin Chill. So I realize that I'm not sure if this is made with actual pumpkin or not. I'm going to guess no and it's just the spice that I taste when eating it!
Of course there are alot of other foods that are not pumpkin anything...and we ate those too. French Fries, Fried Veggies & a Schmidt's Pumpkin Cream Puff (TO DIE FOR!)

The rest of the trip was spent walking off all that food, checking out the sights that is the Pumpkin Show, and catching up with some friends! 

Welcome to the Pumpkin Show. Kind of crazy how you can see the wall of people where it actually starts.
Some Roundtown drummers. No idea who they are, but they were not bad.
The pumpkin pyramid. They have this every year!
Happy 105th Circleville Pumpkin Show! (now that's old)
A little over half of a ton! That's huge! I always like to check out who has the biggest pumpkin & what it weights. Sometimes there are some really massive do they get them so big!
One of the houses that is on the edge of the show. They decorate every year! Should mention that Pumpkin Show is held right in the middle of town, roads closed and all that good stuff :)
Overall it was a successful Pumpkin Show! Can't wait for next year...yes, already! 

Sunday was then followed by more productivity for the hubs. As well as for myself too. Kev continued working on Nanny's house, while I spent the day organizing the wedding gifts. When I said organize I really mean get them out of the boxes they were shipped in and put them back into the dining room until they can actually go somewhere else. I did get to see everything we got, and made some decisions as to what we still need and what we can take back. You know things like cookie sheets when I got about 7 of them for presents. Not that they weren't good buys on the guests part, I just don't need 7. 

I also spent Sunday getting this little lady acquainted to the house for a couple weeks. 
Lucy or Little LuLu as we like to call her.
Meet Lucy. She's Kevin's dads' & step mom dog. I think they got her from a friend and they said she was a Mastiff, but she seems like she is a mix. Maybe a Mastiff and a German Shepperd?As they have been very busy with some home renovations and moving they asked Megan P. & Kev to hold onto her. Since Meg's had her for like 3 weeks, it's our turn. She's really cute, but she's a puppy...about 6 months I believe. She'll need some training still. Ah the adventures of puppy motherhood. I'm sure there will be more posts to follow. I should be clear - we are not keeping her! Just watching her, until they back into their house. I swear I'm saying this for you guys, not for myself...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday


1. Nothing says fall like: some new fall scented candles (constantly burning when at home), pumpkin spice lattes, football, and the Pumpkin Show --- are you guys sick of me talking about pshow yet? A post to come following this weekend adventures in Cville :D
Just got these from C.O.Bigelow the other day. I love layering these scents together, but they are amazing alone too!  Perfect fall blend if I do say so myself :)
2. My favorite autumnal tradition is: Football get together's, Birthdays, I know it's not a tradition but we have so many during the autumn season,  including myself & Kev!, and  Halloween

3. My favorite fall treat is: all the delicious-ness that is Pumpkin show, Pecan Pie, and Apple Cider! YUM!

Source: None via Kathryn on Pinterest

Mine's never this fancy, but I just might have to start making it this way :)
Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

4. Fall makes me think of: what I enjoy in life, and it's almost like a new start. I feel as if though fall makes me take a second to look around and take in the beauty. The changing leaves, the crisp air. I love things like football games and fairs. It's the time of year where I get to wear my favorite clothing, and cuddle up under big comfy blankets.

6. My go-to outfit in the fall is: Jeans, sweater/cardigan with a tank or t under for laying, boots, and possible a scarf, depending on the shirt :)

This would be a typical fall outfit for me!
Source: None via Lindsay on Pinterest

7. My favorite fall holiday is (Halloween or Thanksgiving): Oh that's a tricky one! I enjoy both but I would have to say Thanksgiving is more of a favorite. May family doesn't do anything to major, but I enjoy getting to spend time with them. Usually a friend or two will stop by. Kev's grandma has a pretty big shin dig so there is a ton to eat! Of course I over do it, even for Thanksgiving! I just enjoy the spirit of  Thanksgiving. I'd like to note that Nordstroms is actually acknowledging Thanksgiving in stores this year instead of just skipping it' like most business. Support Nordstrom & Thanksgiving by taking yourself out for a treat :) It's is Friday after all!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Way to go Nordstrom on not ignoring Thanksgiving!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Have a Happy Friday & a good weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Okay Thursday :)

Its Ok Thursdays
Hooking up with another link up :) It's Okay Thursday!

It's okay...that I have yet to even touch our wedding presents because I'm still working on all the laundry from pre-wedding/post honeymoon.

I feel like this lady!
It's okay...that before I can even put said presents away I'm going to have to do some serious work and organize the heck outta my house, (see yesterday's post). Guess sometimes you have to create more to work to get what you need done?  


It's ok that I absolutely love grilled cheese & tomato soup :) Old school - little kid style, or fancy - big kid style, I love it! Surly Girl Saloon is the best place in Columbus for some grilled cheese & tomato soup. If your ever in the area...I highly suggest it!
The plain Jane grilled cheese & tomato soup.

It's okay...that I went to bed last night at 9 o'clock. Jeez I sound like a 5 year old.


It's okay...that so far the hubs is the only one that has done any cooking since we've been married. Thanks babe! However, that's changing as I'm making dinner tonight :)


It's ok that I've had a Pumpkin Spice Latte almost everyday since I've been back....what?


It's okay...that I don't have my Halloween costume yet. But I promise will be sweet :D However, Gunner's had his eye on some new ideas lately...crazy dog! 
We always say he looks like he's  just a big dopey goofball.

He knows how much we LOVE sushi...but he also knows we love him more :)
Source: None via Sarah on Pinterest

Or maybe like Harry Pawter (haha I'm punny!).

It's ok that all I've thought about this week is the food I'm going to consume at Pumpkin Show. YUM YUM YUM!
Yes, they absolutely have all of these things there, and more, and everything isn't pumpkin. Actually one of my favorite things there isn't pumpkin.

Have a happy Thursday :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pinterest: It's time to Organize!

So I decided to use today's How Pinteresting to get some organization ideas into my head, and hopefully into my kitchen (mainly) and some other areas of the house. Our house still currently looks like Bed, Bath, and Beyond threw up all over it, and I'm in need to getting some of the organization strategy & execution under way.

Can I pause for a mintue and just say I have no idea why lately I've started talking like a movie military character. I've been using words like operation, strategy, execution, over & out....WTH!

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. The issue I seem to be having is one, we have to much stuff & not enough storage. I need to figure out some ways to organize those big, bulk, pots & pans in order to utilize more cabinet space. Kev & I have plans to re-do the kitchen someday, but that day, is not today...or anytime within the next several months. Of course though we've gotten some decor items I want to display & that is going to mean finishing up the spare bedrooms, changing around the living room a bit to accommodate the new. Move out the old, and finally get all the pictures up and the photo wall started. I have big ambitions for my home people. So without further adieu...lets Pinterest this...

I really like this idea to use in the bathroom. I have some little baskets in there now, but they aren't enough, and I have to many small little things. This tend to get messy and then I can't find what I need. This is something that I can do pretty easily too, and could to multiple of in a short amount of time is always good in my book!

Source: None via Megan on Pinterest

Sticking to the bathroom. Our toilet is in a little "closet" just like this one, and I'm digging the shelving. I've known I've wanted to do some shelves in there for awhile. Just to spice things up a bit and use for storage for towels.I think something like this would be perfect. I think hubby is going to have a good time with some of the little projects I'm hoping he'll do for me :) What do ya think Kev?

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

 Moving onto the kitchen...bathroom, kitchen..I know it's appropriate. Moving on. I am in desperate need of storage in my kitchen space. I'd really like to do some seriously renovation in the kitchen and really it's one of the first rooms I'd like to tackle. I like the idea of adding some little drawers at the bottom of the cabinets like this. There are things that I don't use often enough to take up the space it does, and I like it for pans & other slim things. It doesn't take up to much space so why the heck not try it.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

The pots & pans is definitely my biggest organizational pain point. I just couldn't figure out what to do with them. I guess that we will try one thing at a time. I'm praying this works though! I fell in love with this the second I saw it. Mainly because I think it could actually work for what we have! It looks easy enough, just some roll bars. I just like the idea of being able to organize all the pots & pans as well as the lids. Lids are a pain the the butt if you ask me, but we need them...or so they say.

I like this idea, even for maybe more than measuring cups. I've always wondered how I could possible organize those little suckers. They just seem to slip & slide everywhere, or overflow an organizer.  It also seems like a good way to keep the measurement units, the numbers always seem to rub off on the ones I have/get then I have no idea what measure I'm using. Explains my cooking doesn't it!

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

To slightly mimic the organization of pots & pans I need to somehow organize things like my casserole dishes and new baking pans I got. I like this simple addition of shelves that are more fitting. It seems easy enough.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest
 I think doing some hanging baskets in the kitchen would be an excellent addition as we don't have a ton of counter space. Anything I can get off of that counter is a good thing :) I'm not sure I'd do ones that didn't have a solid bottom though...just in case. 

This would be a great way for me to organize our files & what not but still have a cute piece to display. We need a little bit of a home-r space upstairs in the loft area so I think I'd really like to find something along these lines. I need a chest of some kind. Maybe I can go to some estate sale..or maybe I can just ask Kev to be handy again. However, I'd like to find one of those old, worn, chests. Can anyone hook a sista up?

This would be amazing in our garage! It's suppose to be two cars, but our two way. It's gets pretty messy pretty quickly but there is a lot of stuff in there that we hardly ever use...if ever. It'd be nice to get it up and out of the way. Also, protected from spideys...EW EW EW they are everywhere right now...and big...EW EW EW. 

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I like this but, I'm not sure I'd do it all the way around the couch. I need some additional display space around the house. It just so happens that our couch sits in the middle of a room like this not blocked by any walls. I might have it be not so wide because I don't think I'd really be displaying books, but art pieces and pictures.

These are just a few of the many ideas I have found and liked...these are probably just my favorites. If you have any organization tips, tricks, or helpful websites let me know! I'm going to need all the help I can get. 

Happy Wednesday!

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