Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Spirit

So it kind of just dawned on me...like an hour ago that Halloween is next Monday. This week is when pretty much all the celebrating will be going down though so I suppose we can just say this weekend.

Anyways, I realized that Kevin and I did absolutely nothing to prepare for the holiday this year. I don't have a costume yet (working on it), we didn't carve pumpkins, we didn't put up decorations, we didn't even watch any scary movies. Not even Hocus Pocus! I always watch that at least once during the Halloween season. Oh please don't act like you don't love that movie! Old school JSP...psh dont' deny it! Since I am not able to fully enjoy the Halloween spirit in the home place, I'm going to enjoy it via blog. I will say that I do plan on watching a few scary flicks over the next week. I suppose you can watch scary movies after Halloween. Here are some of my favorite things Halloween style :)

Scream (part 1).
I don't find alot of movies that scary anymore. They are either eerie, gory, or just dumb. However, at the time this came out it scared the crap out of me! I haven't watched this in a while so I think I might want to this year :)

The Nightmare before Christmas
If you've read the blog so far you know that I'm a Tim Burton fan. I pretty big one and of course one of my all time favorites is The Nightmare before Christmas. I love it, and really I can watch it at either holiday & not feel bad about it :)  I pinterest this & found all kinds of cute decor for Halloween that I think I might try next year. Do I smell a theme? I also found some cute outfits by Disney that mimic the characters, like Oogie Boogie! 

How cute  is this!
One of the hubby's request. I haven't watched this movie many times. I know, I know it's a classic. I'm not sure why I never really watched it, just haven't. I will be soon though! 
I really like bats for some reason around Halloween time. I mean I'm not trying to go out and catch one or anything. I think they are fun to use for the holiday and it's a little different than the jack-o-laterns and cats.

I am in love with this wreath! I'm making it next year...already decided!

This is neat and I think we could actually do this in our house with the open layout we have.

Source: None via Megan on Pinterest

How cute is this! I don't think they'd actually use it, but I need one anyways :)

Source: etsy.com via Megan on Pinterest

Of course I need some bat swag for myself, not just the house.
No carved pumpkins. I usually do something plain & easy. You know the triangle eyes & the jagged mouth. However, when we were still in college Kev's frat had pumpkin carving & we always went to that & I'd try something more tricky. Usually failed :( Check out these awesome jack-o-lanterns though! 

For my lack of decorating I'm going to throw in a few likes/wants :) 

Source: tumblr.com via Megan on Pinterest
Love this & I could use a good display for the counter & passing out candy to the trick or treaters in the neighborhood!

Cute clock! Easy & functional...I like it :)
Next year I will definitely be more prepared for Halloween! Until then let the delayed scary movie watching begin :)

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