Monday, April 30, 2012

Sample Sale Weekend!

This weekend, more specifically Saturday, was our company Sample Sale! 

For those that don't know what a Sample Sale is it's when a company sells all "leftovers" and samples from the previous year...and sometimes in our case years...for much less than retail value.

I look forward to this date every year! 
It's one of the greatest benefits that I have as an associate with the company.  

Our company hosts their sale for 2 weekends on Saturday and Sunday.
There is plenty of opportunity to get all the goods you could want, but this girl is in line early that first Saturday morning.
Why go then when I have the option of going later and fighting off less people?
Well for the experience!
I don't do Black Friday...ever. I never will either. I'd end up in jail.
So Sample Sale, my friends, is my Black Friday!
Even then I'm not that bad considering people show up way before I do just to be first in line.

This year was not nearly as organized as the years before and it showed.
There was a lot of waiting in lines it seems.
I was there for 11 hours people!  
11 hours!!!
The biggest problem was the location. 
They had the sale at 4 different locations in the last 4 years. This years was by far the worst!
This year it was right off a busy street so there was a lot of traffic. 
They didn't open the parking lot until 6:30 which caused a lot of issues.

Previous years I've been able to get in an our fairly quickly. 
 The shopping gods didn't seem to like me that much this year.

This was the shopping plaza across the street from our Sample Sale location.
Since they didn't open our parking lot until 6:30 the cars that got their earlier had no where to go but the plaza. It was jammed packed.

All those red brake lights in the distances are cars for Sample Sale!
The other side of the plaza.
There was hundreds of cars in this plaza...easily.

 The line going into the building when we finally got parked.
Doesn't seem so bad right...

The line when we got in the building, plus the people in the Sale shopping already.
They stop letting people in until there are shopping carts available since the bags get so heavy there is no way someone could just carry it around.

Right side of the sale.
Notice the red bags in the shopping carts.
We get to fill those with whatever we want and it's $100.00
We get three bags at one time. So you can leave with a TON of stuff for $300.00.
You don't have to get 3 bags if you don't want too.
You are able to go back into the sale after waiting in line again so you could get a lot more than 3 bags if you wanted.
I watched two women go through the line 4 different times.
Talk about extreme.

Middle of the sale.
You can see all the boxes just filled with product!

Left side and check out area!
Luckily they hire a local football team to put the bags into our cars.
Those suckers are heavy and the guys are given tips so you "donate" to a good cause.  

Digging through the clothing is always the hardest since that's usually where people go first.
There is a lot of un-knotting and de-tangling, as well as thoroughly checking to make sure you have no holes or huge stains on the piece of clothing you are looking at.
Yes, I did go out like this in public.
If you knew how gross everything got you'd understand.
Imagine tons of body wash, lotions, and sprays just thrown into a box with loose or broken lids. 
Lots O' Goop!

My haul this year :)
I've always gotten the 3 bags even though I have stuff left over from last year.
Just to good of a deal not too!

Pre-washed and sorted.
I wash all of the bottles and candles off as they are usually covered in dust and other body goop!
Thank god for linoleum floors :)

Post-washed and sorted. This is just this years stuff! 

Due to sheer exhaustion the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday was spent with me sitting on the couch and sleeping!
I was so ungodly sore from being on my feet for those 11 hours and my legs are so bruised you'd think my skin color was shades of blue and purple.
But it was oh so worth it :)

What did you do this weekend?

Happy  Monday!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

I haven't done one of these in awhile and today is a half day for me at work so I'm not trying to do much this morning in general :)
1.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is,  brush my teefers :).

2.   I can hardly wait for  this summer! Warm weather and lots of fun activities planned!

3.  The quickest way to my heart is   good food  because  who doesn't love good food and it automatically puts me in a happy mood. Man that was a lot of rhyming.

4. A little known fact about me is that  I really hate having stuff on my hands. I don't mean that I can't get my hands dirty...quite the opposite. I just don't like having stuff on them for to long.

5. The best part about my job is I have a TON of great things about my job. I love the people I work with, seeing the end results of our work in the store, sample sale, all the cool stuff we do...the list could keep going!

6. Something I just couldn't live without is  my wedding ring. Cliche but it's the only thing I couldn't imagine not having...even over my phone & internet.

7.  Something useful that I wish I knew how to do is  Oh hell a lot! I wish I could sew and I wish I were more handy like know how to fix household things or like cars!

Happy Friday!


Photo-a-day #4

Last Photo-a-Day post for April.

Can anyone else believe it's about to be May?

....I can't!

20) Something you drew

21) Bottle

 22) The last thing you bought. 

23) Vegetable

24) Something you are grateful for
My hubins :)

25) Looking down
Baby Gunny.

26) Black & White
The work sheep!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Ok :)

Good morning everyone :)
Its Ok Thursdays

I'm linking up with Neely and Amber this gloomy morning to remind myself of the things that are perfectly a-okay!
It's very drab here in Cbus and it will be a nice little pick me up!

That I feel like I should do a little bit of training before sample sale this Saturday!
Don't worry, I plan on doing a post about Sample Sale on Monday :)

That I was nervous to wear my new poppy colored pants. 
I think it's because they are so bright and because I realize I'm being trendy for once! lol.
sorry for the crappy phone picture.
Now that I have a full length mirror I'm going to have to figure out how to take good pics of myself.

To hate taking pictures of myself.
I just feel weird. I'd rather take pics of other people or things.

That I was and still am sad that I finished The Hunger Games trilogy. 
Don't you always wish there was just one more book?!

That despite being sad about The Hunger Games I'm moving on to the next book as soon as I mentally prepare myself.
The book?
Two Kisses for Maddy.  

Ps - you should totally go read Matt's blog. So good.

That I've gotten two Starbucks a day this week. 
Apparently my bod is in need of caffeine..
expect I know that's not possible with how much I intake anyways.

To be sliiiightly obsessed with the TV series Game of Thrones. 
What kind of Queen would I be if I wasn't?
Source: via Megan on Pinterest


To not have really known the Snow Patrol was still around, but to be pleasantly surprised that they are when you fall in love with their new song! 

To have extreme baby fever! 
I've mentioned this twice now in blog land....this is getting ridiculous. 

That I tend to get ahead of myself when planning projects, feel overwhelmed, and just stop planning!
Current projects:
-Gallery Wall: get frames, pictures printed, etc
-Wedding Pictures: get them printed and the appropriate frames
-Landscaping: start working on getting the landscape cleaned up and our new plants planted.
Not necessarily in this order.

That I have yet to go to the store even though I've said I'm going to go everyday this week.
To be excited that it's going to be a weekend full of fun and semi-relaxation :)

What do you say is okay this week?

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Happy hump day everyone :) 

This week is flying by! 
Not that I'm complaining.

It's going to be a completely random Pinterest Day since I've been finding all kinds of good things! 

Source: via Allison on Pinterest

I want to try all of these!

Doesn't this look so refreshing!


Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Source: via Liana on Pinterest

Dress & skirt season are upon us! My closest knows it's missing out on these pretty items and told me to go get them immediately.
How can I say no to the closest?

I might actually be able to do this with my hair!

Everytime I read this I laugh and continue to giggle long after I should be. 

It's true! 

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I bet this is what dogs think when people baby talk them...myself included lol.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Land

As I told you yesterday Kev and I went back to my home town for the weekend. 

We hadn't gotten the chance to get home for Easter and Kev had an NRA event with my dad so we decided to take the three days and head north. 

I didn't take a lot of pictures when I was home, but my dad recently bought a decent size piece of land for hunting and other outdoor activities. It's not in our town but in a smaller surrounding town with very little human life, so it's the perfect place for things like hunting and enjoying nature. 

We took Saturday afternoon to scope it out!

On our way! Gunner was very impatient to get there. 

I come from the land of the windmills. Hundreds of these have gone up in our area thanks to all the flat flat flat land of northwest Ohio!  
They are pretty cool to look at, especially at night when they all flash a red light at the same time.

One of the fields.

We found a deer antler aka a deer shed since they shed their antlers. 
Kev's been itching to find one so he can train Gunner how to go shed hunting! 
Gunner loves the thing but we are going to have to do some serious work to get him to understand what he's supposed to be looking for. 

Gunner had such a great time! He was smelling everything he possibly could!

The river that runs around 3 sides of the property.

It really was gorgeous out there with the woods and the water. 
Almost felt like we weren't just in some rinkie dink town in Ohio.

We found all kinds of strange looking trees! Live ones that just grew all funny, ones that had been hit by lightening, and this guy who is completely petrified! 

We were all tuckered out after our little afternoon adventure, including the dog!

It was nice to get home and enjoy the new property! 
It was even better for my camera since I got a decent bit of use out of it.

It seems like there is a lot of newness going around! It's so exciting to see these new chapters unfold for friends and family. 
Makes me even more excited and a little scared to think of what could be the next new thing for me!
I'm praying it's a washer & dryer...jk...kind of.

Have you guys experienced anything new and exciting in your life lately? 
Happy Tuesday!


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