Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 5: Memory

Day 5 kids. Half way done with the challenge, and I'm going to tell you know day 6 will happen on Monday :)

Today's Topic: Earliest memory. 

What I believe to be my earliest memory...and memories is going to our family lake cottage up in Michigan! These are also some of my absolute favorite memories!

I can remember sitting in the car just watching out the window...for about 2 hours. At about the 2 hour mark I'd see the brown gas station. Strange enough I couldn't tell you the name of it, but I have seen it a ton! That brown gas station meant the lake was close. I would watch out the window even closer until the lake would come into sight. It was almost like breathing a sigh of relief. We had to drive around a decent amount lake so we got to enjoy some of the scenery and I would grow more excited the closer we go to the cottage.

When I was younger I remember pulling up to the cottage, and I woul run in and "scare" my grandparents. It was like a game. They'd be sitting out back and I'd "hide" behind a chair right on the other side of the patio door. Of course they knew I was there, but I'd jump out shouting "BOO!" and they'd "jump". 

Our cousins were usually there too. We are all close in age so it was always fun with them! We got along great!

As we got older it got harder for my family to get up there since my sister and I became involved in sports and such.  We still go up there, and it still means a lot to me! The lake meant fun and relaxation. Fun in the sun with the family :)  Still does!

I love the water! Did then & do now!

My cousin Eddie & I! I am not sure why were sitting on those fake geese?

Oh the 90's lol.
I'm pretty sure my sister is NOT happy in the background either
(the little blonde screaming)

 Water gun fights!

 Ice cream on the dock with dad :)

 We would spend a ridiculous amount of time just jumping off the end of the dock.

 Going out on the whaler. It was rough lol. I don't know why we liked to ride it because there were a couple other boats that were a lot smoother!

 The swing! Every year the cousins get a pictures.

Even when we were big.
 I wish I had one of us when we were little.

 Early morning skiing

 And of course tubing

Cousin Eddie & I a couple year ago. Oh how we've grown!

Happy Friday the 13th!!!
Have a great weekend!


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poptartyogini said...

The lake looks like a wonderful time. I grew up close with my cousins too and am so grateful for that. Summer as a kid was so special. Didn't two hours seem like an eternity in the car? My parents used to measure time in Sesame streets and Mr Rogers. 2.5 hours was 2 sesame streets and a mr rogers.

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