Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 4: Move or Visit

Day 4! Have you joined the challenge yet?
I'd love to get to know you better! Please play :) 

Today's Topic: Somewhere you'd like to move or visit.

Omg they did not know they were opening up a can of worms with this question did they? 

In the typical Queen style I couldn't possibly just pick one place as there are so many places that I'd like to move to and visit! Especially visit! That being said I'll be showing more than one place and it will be split between the places I would move vs. the places I would LOVE to visit.

Places to move:

Kev and I honeymooned here for 10 days. It was 10 days of heaven! Simply bliss and beauty!
I know people say that would move to Hawaii in a heartbeat, but really wouldn't. I would! I definitely would! Every time I think about it the more I'd really like to have it happen.
ps - I'll be showing A LOT more pictures when I get into my wedding posts. Just waiting on those darn pictures.

I love Europe. 
The best part is that there are differences, but they aren't that different then we are (meaning the US)
I've been to several countries in Europe but France, and specifically Paris has been my favorite! 
The culture, the people, the history. It's just incredible!
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Lame compared to the other two I know, but I love Chi-town! If I had to pick a big city in the US to live in this would be it! Probably because it's the closest things to home as I'll get when it comes to a city!

Devil's Lake, Michigan:
What the whaattttt you say?
Yes, the lake is really called Devil's Lake and yes I'd really LOVE to move there. I love this lake and all the memories it holds for me. My grandparents owned a cottage there, and my parents actually lived there for a short amount of time.
It's one of those places that will never ever leave my heart and would be willing to spend my life there purely for nostalgic reasons. That being said I'm going to end here because you will be hearing more in tomorrow's post!

Places to visit: 

I've been wanting to go here for a very long time but never really had a reason, or the money to go!
I've always heard good things about Australia and the sights seem incredible! 
Plus who wouldn't love to hear those Aussie accents in real life :) mmmmmm...

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

One of the places I haven't been in Europe. Granted it's not the "cleanest" of cities, but I've never heard anything bad about the places. Everything there just seems slightly different as they "tolerate" about anything that is illegal everywhere else. Plus I would love to see all the houses and the river! So much character!
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I would like to say more specifically a safari, but if I went I'd also make sure to do some work for the people!
There isn't much reason for me to go to Africa but I know that I'd have to see the animals and I would have to help out the people. I have had several friends that have been through school and would go back, even live there if they could. I couldn't imagine how incredible a safari would be and I'm sure there is a great feeling of fulfillment after you go and help out too!

Source: via Emmy on Pinterest

I think that's all I really have to say.
Fiji :)
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Where would you like to move and/or visit?

Happy Thursday!


poptartyogini said...

Yes!! You should come to Chicago. You don't even need to move biting should totally visit. I'm so jealous of other bloggers who get to meet. And Fiji. That is all.

Ashtin said...

You are the most dedicated blogger I have ever seen! Your blog is always in my newsfeed on FB so I thought I would check it out! :)

This is a great list. I went to Australia in 2010 and LOVED it - I was only there for 10 days but trust me, I will be back! Sydney Harbour is beautiful but the Opera House is actually a little ridiculous looking. Take the ferry over to Manly Beach if you want to lay out, surf, or just enjoy a less-busy part of Sydney.

As for Africa, I just got back from Uganda (I went over spring break). We had a free day and went on a safari and it was absolutely incredible. Being less than 50 feet away from giant elephants, hippos, giraffes, monkeys, lions, etc. in their natural habitats is an experience that is really incredible.

Great blog! :)

osmr said...

The sandbar in the lake picture is SO prominent! At first I thought you had the wrong lake. And if you move there, I will move there with you. I, too, loved it up there.

If I did move there i could be closer to Aunt Peggy, too! Just think of all the fun we'd have!

I like your other choices to visit, also. Fiji and Australia would be gret but I think the trip to and from would really test my mettle.....and bank account. :/
Nice Job on this, Megs!

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