Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 7: Weird things you do when you are alone.

I really think that the weirdest thing that I do when I'm home alone is lock myself in our bedroom. I really do and only when it's later at night. I get my computer, any magazines I want, food, beverages, and of course the dog and lock myself in there. Once I'm in I rarely come out, it's usually only because I want something else to eat or drink or because the dog has to go out.

I have a fear...or even paranoia about being in the house at night alone. I convince myself that someone is going to walk by and see right into the house and realize I'm alone...or maybe even that someone is watching me now! I completely blame it on all the Law & Order I watch.

Granted I don't think that is that weird, but it's not completely normal right?

Really from here nothing I do alone is that weird.

I talk to the dog like he's a real person...I do this when there are some people around, but not the way I do when I'm alone

I watch any and all of the shows and/or movies that Kev refuses to watch or wouldn't want to watch.

I play music really loudly and dance around.
If I can get some cleaning in while I dance it's even better!

I pamper myself with facial masks and other beauty items.

All fairly normal things that people do while they are alone.

Is there anything weird you do while you are alone?

Happy Monday!


1 comment:

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Ha! I love that first picture! I am always so scared of everything when my husband is gone! I also watch all my shows!!! The one weird thing I do is eat all my meals away from the kitchen table - like I will eat in front of the TV, at my computer...etc...

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