Monday, April 2, 2012

Music Monday & Weekend Recap!

I'm a little shocked that it's Monday! I feel like we barely had a weekend. Where is time going?

Friday night was spent in and hunkered down as the area I lived in was being drilled with tornado warnings!
It was a little freaky since I was home alone, but I did just fine. I actually enjoy a good storm!
Wish I could say as much for everyone in the family....
big baby hiding under our bed...

We didn't even have to go into the basement. By the time it was over though so was the night!

On Saturday we went over to CD101 day to hear some bands.
I think there were a couple local bands, but then there were bands like Of Monsters and Men and Kasabian!
It was quite cold! Granted we could have probably all dressed a little warmer (expect for Kev, which he repeatedly let us all know he tried to tell us)
forgive the crappy phone pic
We got back in time just to watch the Buckeyes lose :(

Sunday was spent enjoying the nice weather and hanging out with the hubins as it was our 6 month anniversary! I know I know 6 months gag but it's excited, and the first real date milestone :)

We did a little mushrooms hunting, with no results :(

I also made Kev take a trip with me to Orange Leaf. I'd never had it and I've always heard good things!

It was pretty good, but I actually think I like the Ya-goot at Easton better! I think it's the yogurt itself, but now I know!
 It was a really good weekend overall. I'm already ready for the next one so I can take advantage of the nice weather once again. A week of being locked up by work should be considered torture on nice days!

I also started the April Phota-a-Day challenge. I'll start sharing those with you on Fridays :)
Day 1 - your reflection: Check! Day 2 - colour: Work in Progress :)

 Now, on the new fun stuff! Music Monday!

Have guys heard of Calvin Harris?

He's a new Scottish DJ on the scene bringing us some great new tunes. 
He's actually been around for awhile now and has a couple gold selling albums and collaborated with Rihanna for "We Found Love". 
I guess better late than never for Calvin huh?
He's pretty cute too, but that's just a bonus :) 
I've found that I really like these kinds of songs when I'm out walking or doing some kind of physical activity. Picks it up a notch!

Disclaimer* - this song will automatically make you want to shake your groove thing. Please allow for the proper place or amount of space for a random dance party :)



Meghan @ More from Meg said...

We just got an Orange Leaf buy our house - now I have to try it out!!! :)

poptartyogini said...

I wondered if you remembered when I took a ridiculous picture of myself yesterday in the mirror. Thanks so much for introducing me to the photo challenge. I'm so looking to see the month in pictures. Your weekend sounded great. I like a good (and safe) thunderstorm, live music and froyo. Life is good!

H. said...

Yay for Of Monsters and Men :) It was freezzzzzing-- My friend was smart and brought a blanket!

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