Friday, April 20, 2012

Photo-a-day #3

Round three for the Photo-a-Day challenge.

13) Something you found
Happiness from DSW :)

14) How you feel today
...try how I feel everyday

15) Sunset
On a cloudy day

16) Flower
My new snapdragons.

17) Something you don't like
big ole fly...ICK!

18) Hair

19) Orange
I love the view of the back around at sunrise.

 Happy Friday & Enjoy!


1 comment:

Kay said...

Just found your blog through LIY - So happy I did! It's so cute! The quote you have underneath your header is one that I have hanging in my kitchen :)

I keep trying to do these photo-a-day challenges, but I always miss a day and then fail miserably at remember to keep up!

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