Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's Ok :)

Good morning everyone :)
Its Ok Thursdays

I'm linking up with Neely and Amber this gloomy morning to remind myself of the things that are perfectly a-okay!
It's very drab here in Cbus and it will be a nice little pick me up!

That I feel like I should do a little bit of training before sample sale this Saturday!
Don't worry, I plan on doing a post about Sample Sale on Monday :)

That I was nervous to wear my new poppy colored pants. 
I think it's because they are so bright and because I realize I'm being trendy for once! lol.
sorry for the crappy phone picture.
Now that I have a full length mirror I'm going to have to figure out how to take good pics of myself.

To hate taking pictures of myself.
I just feel weird. I'd rather take pics of other people or things.

That I was and still am sad that I finished The Hunger Games trilogy. 
Don't you always wish there was just one more book?!

That despite being sad about The Hunger Games I'm moving on to the next book as soon as I mentally prepare myself.
The book?
Two Kisses for Maddy.  

Ps - you should totally go read Matt's blog. So good.

That I've gotten two Starbucks a day this week. 
Apparently my bod is in need of caffeine..
expect I know that's not possible with how much I intake anyways.

To be sliiiightly obsessed with the TV series Game of Thrones. 
What kind of Queen would I be if I wasn't?
Source: via Megan on Pinterest


To not have really known the Snow Patrol was still around, but to be pleasantly surprised that they are when you fall in love with their new song! 

To have extreme baby fever! 
I've mentioned this twice now in blog land....this is getting ridiculous. 

That I tend to get ahead of myself when planning projects, feel overwhelmed, and just stop planning!
Current projects:
-Gallery Wall: get frames, pictures printed, etc
-Wedding Pictures: get them printed and the appropriate frames
-Landscaping: start working on getting the landscape cleaned up and our new plants planted.
Not necessarily in this order.

That I have yet to go to the store even though I've said I'm going to go everyday this week.
To be excited that it's going to be a weekend full of fun and semi-relaxation :)

What do you say is okay this week?

Happy Thursday!



Ashley said...

I love Snow Patrol! I may or may not have danced around the kitchen to this. ;)

Kay said...

Baby fever you say?! Unfortunately it doesn't go away even when you DO have a baby... sigh.

poptartyogini said...

Those pants are so ridiculously cute on you!! I could never do that but on you? Awesome!! My husband read all three hunger games on our vacation last week and we finally get to go see the movie. He loves the game of thrones and I call him a nerd and that's ok!

The Management said...

Yes, Snow Patrol is wonderful, their whole new album, Fallen Empires, is worth a listen. I love it.

Is Game of Thrones really that good? The Prince is begging me to start watching it with him on a daily basis and I've been resisting.... should I trust the two of you and start in on it?

Shane said...

Baby baby baby, yes! You are gonna be a wonderful mama :) Ps. Love Kathy's comment on fb....ha, she needs a facebook intervention

osmr said...

Don't look now, but I have had that song by Snow Patrol on my ipod for quite a while now. How is it that I am ahead of you on this one? And I love the poppy pants! I wish I was 30 years younger so I could wear them! They look great! As for the baby .... my lips are sealed. You are the only one (and Kevin, of course, that can pull that trigger. And if I had a Starbucks where I work, I would be there daily, if not several times a day!! Love love love coffee!

Laura said...

I love game of thrones. I am currently reading the book. It is giving me a better understanding of who everyone is.

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