Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who's Your Doppelganger?

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I decided to take on the really fun link-up that Raven is hosting!

I've never really been someone that has gotten told that she looks like a celebrity of some kind. I seem to have one of those faces and more of those of people that looks like "someone I know", or apparently someone from Canada (I have no idea why but I get asked if I'm from Canada all the time...what do Canadians look like because apparently I look like that?).

Anyways I thought this would be fun to do the My Heritage site that Raven suggested and here is my dopplegangler...Gretchen Weiners...Lacey Chabert at 74%!

Not sure that's the first person that I, or even others, might have thought of, but I see it, and I'll definitelty take it!

I never realized how many movies and shows that Lacey is actually in. I had to IMDB her since my mind went straight to Mean Girls and Party of Five, of which I've only seen like 3 episodes in my whole life.

She's a sweet, down to Earth kind of girl, and let's be real she knows how to start a trend!
Who else was in my top 5?

Eva Longoria at 64%
Source: bit.ly via Solomon on Pinterest

Brooke Burns at 64%
Source: google.com via Megan on Pinterest

Jessica Alba at 60%
Source: google.com via Laura on Pinterest

Petra Nemcova at 60%

I'm shocked I didn't end up with any guys, but I did end up with Ms. Chelsea Clinton...eh???

I am honestly really surprised with these. Mainly because I'm not sure I really look like them! I tried several pictures and my top one always ended up in the 70 percentage range, nothing higher than that. I guess I don't look that close to anyone?

Who do you think I look like? Any of these lovely ladies or someone else?

Even better, who do you think your doppelganger is? Link up with Raven and share!

Happy Tuesday!



Married...with a Pup said...

I'm definitely going to link up for this; how fun! Haha, I love the range of "celebrities": Miss Alba and Longoria...then Chelsea Clinton!

Ashley said...

You got some really good ones! Me.. not so much. It was so random, Madonna, Katie Holmes, Queen Latifah and Danny glover! What?

Jamie said...

I totally see the first one!

Casey said...

You got SUPER good ones! Who did you pay at that website to get these! Apparently I am an old, bald man. My husbands were even better: he looks like Tyra Banks!

Raven said...

YES with Lacey Chabert!!! I so see that! oh, and just be glad you got Bill Clintons DAUGHTER because most people got BILL CLINTON as their match ha!!

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