Monday, April 23, 2012

May Photo-a-Day

Fat Mum Slim has posted the Photo-a-Day May Challenge list. 

I have really enjoyed the April challenge because that's exactly what it has been...a challenge. 

Not necessarily because of the topic, even though sometimes that was really hard to think of what to take a picture of, it was remembering to look at the prompt early enough in the day so you can get a good picture of the topic, as well as just remembering to take the picture period! Sometimes the day would just get rolling and that was the last thing on my mind. 
However, so far so good. I've taken a picture each day and am ready to complete the week and a couple days left of April :) 

I'm not sure I'll post the pictures each Friday with this round, maybe at the end of the month, but I'd love if you guys would follow me on Instagram to take a peak at my lovely pictures everyday :)

Here is the list for May! 
I'm really excited for this and already thinking of what I could take pictures of for some of these.

If you enjoy taking pictures like I do you should definitely join and give it a try!



The Management said...

Sounds fun! Looking forward to your pictures!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

I love this!! Can't wait to see your pictures! :) Happy Monday!

ms.composure said...

i LOVE these photo a day challenges!

poptartyogini said...

i've been enjoying doing a picture a day in april. i have to admit that i've skipped a couple and doubled up on some days but it feels good to capture some every day things about my life. i'm sure i'll be glad i have them when i'm old and funny(er).

Megan said...

I'm SOOOO excited for this!!

Elsha.Rae said...

cant wait to see the pictures! xo

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