Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 Day Challenge: 30 facts

On to day 2 of the blog challenge. 

Today's Topic: Write 30 "interesting" facts about yourself.

I feel like this one will be a good one for all my newer followers. Thank you everyone for finding me interesting enough to follow me :) 

I'd like to add how the interesting piece is in quotes? Why is that in quotes? Reminds me of the Friends episode where Joey didn't know how to use the air finger quotes correctly. 

I digress. 

1) I still find Friends to be one of the funniest shows ever!

2) The instant I see someone cry, I start to cry.
I don't even need to know what is going on!

3) I really enjoy trivia and other useless facts :) 
Jeopardy is one of my favorite shows & is DVRed everyday!

4) Snot completely grosses me out. 
Like to the point I gag.

5) I would absolutely 100% move to Europe if I had the chance...of course Kev would have to agree.

6) I don't like pepper!

7) As much as I LOVE reality TV it scares me that some of these people are kids role models =/

8) I am constantly being inspired by the blogs I read. If I "swipe" something it's not with bad intent it's that I think you have a great idea and really like it

9) I'm the worst at talking on the phone.

10) I find it disgusting the amount of money pro-athletes and celebrities make when we live in a country full of debt, and underpaid necessary jobs...oh you know like teachers! You will never be able to justify these averages (mind you it goes much higher than this for the really good players) salaries to me for playing with some kind of ball! 
{NBA - $5.15 million}
{MLB - $3.31 million}
{NHL - $2.4 million} 
{NFL - $1.9 million}

11) I am a very confident person, but get inside my own head to much!

12) I will eat and/or try damn near anything!

13) I love to dance!
I sometimes daydream about being on ABDC - which is back btw! WHOOP WHOOP!
Source: mtv.com via Suneal on Pinterest

14) I believe I was born to be a mom, but the thought of having kids sometimes terrifies me because of the way the world seems to be headed. 

15) I love my job & the company I work for!

16) If the world ends I would like it to be a Zombie Apocalypse because my husband could definitely keep me alive. I could be screwed in other situations that we can't control...like natural disaster.

This would be our house!
Source: amazon.com via Glenn on Pinterest

I'm going to need this as well!

17) I am a loud talker.
If you have issues with noise levels I suggest you stay away from me.

18) I don't really have any favorites of anything.
I like a lot of things! Although I will go through my obsessions.

19) I could easily make animals my life!
I couldn't be a vet but I have plans to become more involved with shelters as the years go by. 

20) I'm a firm believer in forgiving, but not always forgetting.

21) I am really good at remembering names and numbers.
I actually think I have a photographic memory. A good one.

22) I hate shoe shopping.
It's fun to look at all the shoes but I usually have a hard time finding shoes that fit me.

23) Sometimes I wish super powers were real, like X-Men! 
I'd definitely be like Mystique (aka shape shifter!)
Source: imdb.com via Megan on Pinterest

24) I would like to adopt a child. I'd like to have my own too, but there are so many kids out there that need a mother and family. Why not do what I can for them then further overpopulating the planet with all my own kids!

25) I enjoy a good fight! Bar fight, UFC fight, hockey fight...whatevs!

26) I rarely get drunk, for many reasons, and this started in college.

27) I would love to own a horse someday.
Source: jrtux.com via Elizebeth on Pinterest

28) I have seriously thought about buying a beater car just so I can ram into idiot drivers to teach them a lesson. I'm serious.

29) I believe that one person can make a difference!

30) I have the best husband ever!

Happy Tuesday!



Danielle said...


osmr said...

Many of the traits, ideas, and quirks you have are clearly passed to you through me. Snot!!! Hahaha! And oh! You forgot to add laughing when people fall down. You know you do!

poptartyogini said...

Teaching bad drivers a lesson? Yes!! Jeopardy? Double yes!! No pepper? Blasphemy!! I enjoyed learning about you. I don't find you "interesting". I find you interesting.

Ashley said...

I don't like pepper either and Friends is still my favorite show, hands down! I am loving your house choice for the zombie apocalypse! :)

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