Thursday, June 27, 2013

When did you choose?

So good ole Shaner posted this on facebook and I absolutely love it because it's always been something that I've thought about when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. 
There is the constant argument of whether being gay is a choice or if you are born that way.
Nature vs. nurture if you will.

Growing up homosexuality was still something that people tended to keep under wraps, at least in my town because it's a small, fairly conservative place that probably would have not been that accepting.
Sad to say, but true and I am sure we all know some places that are like that, and I am happy to note that I don't believe it's necessarily that way now, but again this was when I was growing up.
So when the topic of whether gays decided to be gay or if they were born that way I wasn't really sure what to think.
Without the exposure to this lifestyle part of me felt that it was human nature, scientific even to be heterosexual that no one would be born that way because the whole point of humans were to reproduce.
However, part of me thought I am not sure no one, again at least in my town, would choice to go through the hurt and ridicule the homosexuals have to face.
And I want to be clear that I've never had a problem with homosexuality, I just wasn't sure how someone got to be that way.

Several years down the road I got to thinking about it and realized that there was NEVER a point in my life where I logically had to make a choice between liking boys or girls.
Never once was there a moment where I thought " I want to like boys or do I want to like girls?" and then made the decision to like men.
It just simply was.
And that is why to this day I firmly believe that it's not a choice, it just is.

Granted there are those that "experiment" with relationships and might trying hanging out with boys and girls and maybe that's a choice but I feel what is meant to be will be.
There are those that genuinely like both genders and even then I don't think that's their choice either.

What is the point of all this you might be asking.
Well my point is how can people hate someone for something they really have no choice over?
That's like someone hating you because you have brown eyes or something...I mean ya can't really help it can you?
Sure you can try to change your eye color with contacts but no matter what you are what you are.
You're a brown eyed person!
Just like gays are what they are, gay, and so what if they are!
They are still human beings with feelings right?

So stop all the hatin' and join the love game on this one folks.
Hating is a battle that you are going to lose because people cannot help you they truly are in the end.

Happy loving Thursday!

Monday, June 24, 2013

I will never understand...

I will never understand why people find it acceptable to treat another person poorly because of their skin color.

I will never understand why people think they can do a better job than another because of their gender.

I will never understand why people think homosexuals getting married is even remotely going to affect them in any way what-so-ever.

I will never understand why I live in the melting pot of the world but God forbid I say "Merry Christmas" or there is a Heaven Street in New York.
**I am saying this in regards that I am a Christian, I know other religions experience this and that is not ok either!

I will never understand why people think it's ok to call mentally disabled people "retards".

I will never understand why degrading racial slurs are still in existence and being used by those whose ancestors would have been deeply disrespected by it.

I will never understand why in this day in age kids are bullying because of differences...we should be educating not degrading.

I will never understand why one person who is not the same as anyone else on this planet truly believes that another human being is any less because they to are different.

I just don't get it...


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Columbus Love: Zoofari (aka baby animals & a big party!)

This weekend I got to attend an event at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium called Zoofari thanks to the Danielle and her amazingly, awesome job! 
She was given two tickets to the Platinum Party which gave us some special access to areas, people like Jack Hanna, and animals!
Zoofari is annual fundraising event for adults only!
You will find over 100 central Ohio restaurants and bars that serve some of their specials Top Chef style (aka appetizer portions), live entertainment, photo booths, and you get to explore the park after hours.
I honestly think the best part is that all of the proceeds go back to the zoo.
Okay I'm lying, the animals were the best part but I suppose we can't have those if there isn't support from the community.

 I am absolutely smitten by any bear. This little lady polar bear above wouldn't go in the water to save her life.

However, this 400lb beaut was ready to give us a show and we got the chance to actually see one of the girls in her swimming/diving glory!
I suppose a little bit of food helped with that though.
They fed her fruits, eggs, and yogurt covered raisins as they sink and "force" her to go down after them.
Tom, the president of the zoo also said that the ladies will eat the fish in the pond but as they were bred in captivity it's not a very common occurrence.

 The girl leopard cub.
I can't remember her name, but she was adorable and making all kinds of noise.

 The boy cub!

 Meet Krause, the Humboldt Penguin!
He was all about Danielle and I's dresses and wouldn't quick nibbing at them but neither one of us minded as we were acting like kids in a candy store at the chance to pet the little guy.

 Delilah, the Eastern Gary Kangaroo joey!
I walked up and the handler immediately asked if I wanted to hold her.
Of course, I said yes but I was surprised that we were allowed to do so!
She was a sweetheart and it was pretty much like holding a real baby.

Danielle was even blessed with some kanga-kisses :)

 This is a Coati.
Again, I can't remember her name but she was sweet and oh-so adventurous.
They are found all over the world, but will look a little different depending on where you are.

Maggie the Dingo.
She was easily one of my favorites, and it's mainly because she was just like a dog!
They'll even walk her around the zoo sometimes, but they have to watch out for those chipmunks and squirrels or those animal instincts kick in and she'll be on the hunt.

This sweetheart is a Fennec Fox
The hustle and bustle of all of the people wasn't really thrilling her so she stayed with her handler the whole time.

 When we first walked into the event we noticed Jack Hanna right away thanks to his typical zoo outfit but then we realized that he was chatting it up with Jack Nicklaus!
Danielle being the golf fan she is (well, her whole family are golf fans) wanted a picture!
Danielle also worked the Memorial Tournament here in Columbus that is hosted by Jack so it was neat for her to meet him after all of the work she's done for his event.

Some of the crowd and you can see just a very small amount of the food and beer vendors.
The entire park was lined with these restaurants and drink places.
You definitely will not go hungry when you are there and I would even suggest not really eating earlier in the day to save room for all the good stuff they have.

 As I mentioned there was live music being played through the whole night and the musicians could be found in different areas of the park.
All of the bands were local and fairly well known around the Columbus area.
The guy on the left , JT Hillier, attended Otterbein where I went to school!
The group on the right are the Dueling Pianos featuring Fiddler.
I am not honestly not sure if they are a band or if they were some of the guys that play at the bar called the Big Bang where they have a dueling pianos

The night was simply amazing.
The food, the music, the animals, and even just knowing that everyone was there for a good cause made for one of the best evenings I've had this summer.

Even if you do not get the chance to go to Zoofari the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a lot to offer.
Great animals, including a whole bunch of new babies, kid activities, and the list could go on.
However, if you get the opportunity to go next year, or even in the next years to come you will not be disappointed.
*click on the picture for more Columbus love posts

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Nail Files: Shelby

I feel like I say this every single time I get my nails but this time, this time I truly mean that I have found my favorite summer pink polish. 
To be 100% honest I never would have thought I would have liked this pink to save my life.
Normally I am not a pink kind of girl, so I usually pay little mind to anything bright pink, but I seriously love this color. 

Happy Friday & have a great weekend :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I've come to realize...

I'm linking up with Holly today to share some of my life realizations!

I've come to realize...

That time really does fly when your having fun...or period.

That of all things I have a slight fear of ticks. 
Those things are nasty.

Not everyone person you meet and become friends with is supposed to stay in your life forever, for one reason or another.

At least one vacation a year is absolutely, 100% necessary for your sanity.

There are some people who are not happy unless they have something to complain about or tear down.

...And to follow up you should pay those people no attention because that is what they thrive off of!

Beer is delicious! 
This is by no means a new realization but a valid one!

Learning how to say "no" is a must!

For me getting mani's and pedi's is better than shopping. 
I love it!

That it can happen to you. 
Both the good & the bad.

That I treat my pup like he's a human, and I'm really, really okay with that :)

That Ohio is actually not so bad, and I truly love this city 

There will always be closed minded, hateful people, but the people who are filled with love and compassion will be the ones to change the world!

I don't really mind change because I know it's essential for growth.

What are some of the realizations that you've had in your life lately?
Link up with Holly and share!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Columbus Love: Columbus Arts Festival

Good morning folks.

I am back from my little blogging hiatus.
I guess I haven't been feeling the motivation to really write, and I have truly come to the conclusion that I am not going to write to just write.
That isn't beneficial for anyone, and really this is for me to document Kev and I's lives and with that being said I've been out and living!

This weekend Kev and I hit up the Columbus Art Festival that happens every summer.

The art festival is a free arts show that has been put on in Columbus for 50 years!
It has grown and transformed into one of the most highly acclaimed art festivals in the country.
It was all started to show off the art done by Columbus City School and local college students.
They, of course, still celebrate and highly encourage local artist to participate, but you can now find artists from across the country.
We saw artists from Michigan, Texas, Oregon, New York, and that's just to name a few!
I should also add that they don't only have art pieces, but bands, dancers, and other types of entertainment happening on stages that are scattered around the area.

The festival takes place in an area called Riverfront or Scioto Mile.
The area in itself is quite beautiful with the Scioto River, the open green park areas, a few beautiful restaurants, and the tall city buildings just a block or so away.

Many of the artists did not want pictures taken of their art, which is understandable so I tried to remain respectful and only got pictures of pieces that they artist didn't seem to mind. 
*in the age of cell phones and other technology I am not sure how it's even remotely possible to ensure your art isn't getting copied, but I wish you luck artists.
 That being said there was some seriously incredible pieces there that I don't get to share/
The art ranged from photography, to painting, wood working, to jewelry, and pieces using only recycled items (bottle caps, old brooms, pots/pans, eyeglasses, etc.)
Some were strange as hell, while most were pretty "normal" and what you would anticipate seeing.
Ya betta believe that most of the art was fairly expensive.
I mean it's a given when you are purchasing something that is more than likely, one of a kind.
However, not everything is super pricey and do not let that deter you as you will get the chance to see some amazing, and unique things.

Paul Palnik has some hilarious hand drawn posters.
I think this one has the least amount of dirty narration out of all of them.

 I'm a snake...
made entirely out of old plastic bottle caps (i.e. medicine bottles, spices container caps, etc.)
by: RokokoArt

by: Nicoario Jimenez

This guys stuff was absolutely amazing!
He had these big metal animal sculptures, and some of them were furniture as well.
Like he had a "cow-ch" that was actually a couch only with a big metal cow frame!
It was pretty sweet but he didn't really want pictures taken.

Dakota Pratt's work was made out of flattened bottle caps (i.e. beer bottles).
These two items were pretty big, and you can see some of his other stuff in the background.

They also had some kid friendly areas and activities.
There was little focus by us on that front since we don't have kiddos but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves and the parents looked absolutely thrilled with the fact they had somethings for their little ones to do.
I did get the chance to snap a photo of the children's theater performance of The Jungle Book.
Those little monkeys were adorable :)

Kev and I made our way around the entire show and ended up leaving with this little guy.
It fits my hubs personality oh so well, so I got it for him :)

This is probably one of my favorite things we've done all summer.
We got to enjoy the beautiful weather and look at beautiful art.
It kind of got my creative juices flowing!

Did any of your Columbus folks get a chance to go what did you think?
Out of towners, does your city have an arts festival that you go to?

click on the picture to see some other Columbus fun

Happy Tuesday

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