Thursday, June 27, 2013

When did you choose?

So good ole Shaner posted this on facebook and I absolutely love it because it's always been something that I've thought about when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. 
There is the constant argument of whether being gay is a choice or if you are born that way.
Nature vs. nurture if you will.

Growing up homosexuality was still something that people tended to keep under wraps, at least in my town because it's a small, fairly conservative place that probably would have not been that accepting.
Sad to say, but true and I am sure we all know some places that are like that, and I am happy to note that I don't believe it's necessarily that way now, but again this was when I was growing up.
So when the topic of whether gays decided to be gay or if they were born that way I wasn't really sure what to think.
Without the exposure to this lifestyle part of me felt that it was human nature, scientific even to be heterosexual that no one would be born that way because the whole point of humans were to reproduce.
However, part of me thought I am not sure no one, again at least in my town, would choice to go through the hurt and ridicule the homosexuals have to face.
And I want to be clear that I've never had a problem with homosexuality, I just wasn't sure how someone got to be that way.

Several years down the road I got to thinking about it and realized that there was NEVER a point in my life where I logically had to make a choice between liking boys or girls.
Never once was there a moment where I thought " I want to like boys or do I want to like girls?" and then made the decision to like men.
It just simply was.
And that is why to this day I firmly believe that it's not a choice, it just is.

Granted there are those that "experiment" with relationships and might trying hanging out with boys and girls and maybe that's a choice but I feel what is meant to be will be.
There are those that genuinely like both genders and even then I don't think that's their choice either.

What is the point of all this you might be asking.
Well my point is how can people hate someone for something they really have no choice over?
That's like someone hating you because you have brown eyes or something...I mean ya can't really help it can you?
Sure you can try to change your eye color with contacts but no matter what you are what you are.
You're a brown eyed person!
Just like gays are what they are, gay, and so what if they are!
They are still human beings with feelings right?

So stop all the hatin' and join the love game on this one folks.
Hating is a battle that you are going to lose because people cannot help you they truly are in the end.

Happy loving Thursday!


Rachel Murphree said...

Yes! I think that this really gets to the heart of why it is still an issue for so many. If people understood that being gay is not a choice, maybe they would sing a different tune about how they feel about homosexuality. Great post!
- Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

Krystina Marie said...

Came across your site today through OHP and so glad I did. Loved your pins, loved the CaraBox post, and then I got to this post- Yes! So happy to see people speaking out in such a positive light. Love your style and can't wait to keep looking around!

Ashley R said...

Amen to this. I agree with you completely and I am so glad you shared!

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