Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June CaraBox reveal!

June's CaraBox theme was "Take to me the Fair". 

I thought this was a cute idea, and I LOVE going to fairs.
Not going to lie it's mainly for the food, but I also have a great time taking in all the sights and sounds.

I got to send a box Kat over at The Spot Where Lemon Rain Drops.
She's so creative and is a total sweetheart.
Go check out her blog when ya get a chance! 

I received a box from McCall at Whatcha-McCall-It, and it was awesome!
First, I'd like to note doesn't she have the coolest name!?!
Well, her blog is just as cool.
She's funny, creative, and very thoughtful in which all were greatly reflected in the box she sent me!

 She wrapped all of my goodies, and included a very nice and detailed note explaining why she choose all of the items she did.

McCalls dad owns a 55 mustang and they share a love of car shows.
It's one of the many events that takes places at the fair she attends and is one of her favorite things to do.
The nail polish was a just because she knew I liked getting my nails done thing, but I liked that it matched the car :)

She wasn't able to send me a Henna tattoo course so she sent me a roll of some other fake ones.
She and her friends would always hit up the Henna Tattoo tent and get the ugliest ones they could find lol.
I've honestly never gotten a Henna tattoo before, but I think it'd be pretty fun to do sometime!

This is by far my favorite item!
McCall's fair gives hot air balloon rides and although she's never been on it due to her fear of heights it's something she's always wanted to do.
McCall made this piece and will be opening up an Etsy store in July called Doodle All the Day!
I love getting original pieces like this, and I'm excited to check out her store when it opens.

Finally, and I found this quite amusing for some reason but there is a band called Abracadabra that plays at her fair every year. 
They are an Abba cover band!
Honestly, I'd love to hear if they sound like them or not as lately I've heard several people talking about cover bands in their area and either say they sound just like them or they are terrible lol. 
Although this isn't Abracadabra themselves I can dig the Abba CD...
I mean who doesn't love Dancing Queen!? 

The sour patch kids were also thrown in there for good measure.

I think this was easily one of my favorite Cara Swaps I've done and I truly do appreciate the thought that McCall put into my items.
She even called me Queen Megan in the letter.
That girl knows the way to my heart I tell ya! 
 Have you guys ever participated in the Cara Box swap?
If not, you should head over to Wifessionals and join! 
It's so much fun and you get the chance to check out new blogs and make some new friends! 

Happy Tuesday!

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Helene said...

so fun! looks like you got some great stuff!

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