About Me: The Queen

What up, what up!
I'm Megan
A wearer of many hats: 
animal lover
music fanatic
and of course Queen of my own little world. 
I'm an Ohioan (have been my whole life) with a lot to say and tell you about!
 You'll find all kinds of random around these parts as I ramble on about things going on this royal life of mine.
These could, and more than likely will include: the king (the hubs: Kev), the prince (the dog: Gunner), friends, DIY fails  projects, adventures around Columbus and anywhere else we may happen to travel, quotes, music, shopping, and the list could keep going on...!

So my lovely loyal subjects sit back and relax (maybe grab a beer or glass of wine) as I take you through my life as Queen :)

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