Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I wasn't sure I really wanted to post anything about it, but I think I have to show off a couple pictures and really I want to give a shout out and credit to the photographer!
Ashlee Layne Photography
Nothing will be that revealing, but I will say if you an interested in hiring Ashlee or are a good friend that would like to see them let me know and I'd be willing to show them off a bit more :)

For Valentine's Day I decided I wanted to do something special for Kev and do a boudoir shoot!
That is just what I did and boy was it anything but what I really expected, and not in a negative way!
(I know I know a couple months late but whatevs, you got it now) 
I had found Ashlee through a couple friends getting their wedding pictures and kids pictures taken by her and decided to reach out about a boudoir shoot.
She informed me that she hadn't done one but really wanted too so we set it all up.
Kev was going out of town for a night or so a couple weeks before Valentine's Day so it all worked out in the end perfectly!

Ashlee was really great to work with through the whole thing and she even sent me over some tips and tricks for the shoot so I knew more about what I was doing and should do to look my best.
Ya see I can manage my way around behind a camera, but being in front of it...that's a whole different story.

The day arrived and I won't lie I was super nervous!
I am not one to show off the bod to much, especially when it comes to being sexy...
Ashlee made everything so comfortable!
We started off with the "easiest" outfit, that wasn't to revealing and by the end of it I was laughing it up, lose, and barely was aware of what I was doing.

So without further adieu here are a few of the pictures :)



If anyone is seriously thinking about getting a boudoir shoot I would urge you to do it!
I think you'd surprise yourself at how much fun it can be.

More importantly if anyone is looking for a good photographer in the Columbus/southern Ohio area (for at least now, not sure how she feels about traveling) please please please check out Ashlee's site and blog.
Her photography is fabulous, and she is a peach!
Seriously, one of the nicest, outgoing people I've met, and on top of being talented a photography she did my make-up too!
You will love her, I promise!


Miss Riss said...

Whoa. These are awesome!! I've always toyed with the idea of one of these photo shoots but I just don't think I have the nerve to do it. Maybe I should reconsider?! You look amazing!!

Emmy Barnes said...

These pictures are nice! I am a studying photographer and would love to do a shoot like this but I'm too nervous to ask anyone.

xo Emmy

Erin LFF said...

You look gorgeous!! I might get daring one of these days and do something like this too!! :)

Katie said...

Love it!! You look amazing. I did one of these for my wedding gift to Derek and I seriously had the.best.time.ever! In fact, I just contacted the photographer a couple weeks ago because I want to do another when I'm super pregnant!

Becca Moss said...

I wish I would have done something like this before I got pregnant and earned my stripes (stretch marks). You look gorgeous in these and your hair looks amazing! You go girl!

Nicole said...

Those are so good! How fun!

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