Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Columbus Love: Zoofari (aka baby animals & a big party!)

This weekend I got to attend an event at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium called Zoofari thanks to the Danielle and her amazingly, awesome job! 
She was given two tickets to the Platinum Party which gave us some special access to areas, people like Jack Hanna, and animals!
Zoofari is annual fundraising event for adults only!
You will find over 100 central Ohio restaurants and bars that serve some of their specials Top Chef style (aka appetizer portions), live entertainment, photo booths, and you get to explore the park after hours.
I honestly think the best part is that all of the proceeds go back to the zoo.
Okay I'm lying, the animals were the best part but I suppose we can't have those if there isn't support from the community.

 I am absolutely smitten by any bear. This little lady polar bear above wouldn't go in the water to save her life.

However, this 400lb beaut was ready to give us a show and we got the chance to actually see one of the girls in her swimming/diving glory!
I suppose a little bit of food helped with that though.
They fed her fruits, eggs, and yogurt covered raisins as they sink and "force" her to go down after them.
Tom, the president of the zoo also said that the ladies will eat the fish in the pond but as they were bred in captivity it's not a very common occurrence.

 The girl leopard cub.
I can't remember her name, but she was adorable and making all kinds of noise.

 The boy cub!

 Meet Krause, the Humboldt Penguin!
He was all about Danielle and I's dresses and wouldn't quick nibbing at them but neither one of us minded as we were acting like kids in a candy store at the chance to pet the little guy.

 Delilah, the Eastern Gary Kangaroo joey!
I walked up and the handler immediately asked if I wanted to hold her.
Of course, I said yes but I was surprised that we were allowed to do so!
She was a sweetheart and it was pretty much like holding a real baby.

Danielle was even blessed with some kanga-kisses :)

 This is a Coati.
Again, I can't remember her name but she was sweet and oh-so adventurous.
They are found all over the world, but will look a little different depending on where you are.

Maggie the Dingo.
She was easily one of my favorites, and it's mainly because she was just like a dog!
They'll even walk her around the zoo sometimes, but they have to watch out for those chipmunks and squirrels or those animal instincts kick in and she'll be on the hunt.

This sweetheart is a Fennec Fox
The hustle and bustle of all of the people wasn't really thrilling her so she stayed with her handler the whole time.

 When we first walked into the event we noticed Jack Hanna right away thanks to his typical zoo outfit but then we realized that he was chatting it up with Jack Nicklaus!
Danielle being the golf fan she is (well, her whole family are golf fans) wanted a picture!
Danielle also worked the Memorial Tournament here in Columbus that is hosted by Jack so it was neat for her to meet him after all of the work she's done for his event.

Some of the crowd and you can see just a very small amount of the food and beer vendors.
The entire park was lined with these restaurants and drink places.
You definitely will not go hungry when you are there and I would even suggest not really eating earlier in the day to save room for all the good stuff they have.

 As I mentioned there was live music being played through the whole night and the musicians could be found in different areas of the park.
All of the bands were local and fairly well known around the Columbus area.
The guy on the left , JT Hillier, attended Otterbein where I went to school!
The group on the right are the Dueling Pianos featuring Fiddler.
I am not honestly not sure if they are a band or if they were some of the guys that play at the bar called the Big Bang where they have a dueling pianos

The night was simply amazing.
The food, the music, the animals, and even just knowing that everyone was there for a good cause made for one of the best evenings I've had this summer.

Even if you do not get the chance to go to Zoofari the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a lot to offer.
Great animals, including a whole bunch of new babies, kid activities, and the list could go on.
However, if you get the opportunity to go next year, or even in the next years to come you will not be disappointed.
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Happy Tuesday!

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Katie said...

Ahhh this is so amazing!! Sounds like such a great time. Love your outfit!

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