Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Columbus Love: Columbus Arts Festival

Good morning folks.

I am back from my little blogging hiatus.
I guess I haven't been feeling the motivation to really write, and I have truly come to the conclusion that I am not going to write to just write.
That isn't beneficial for anyone, and really this is for me to document Kev and I's lives and with that being said I've been out and living!

This weekend Kev and I hit up the Columbus Art Festival that happens every summer.

The art festival is a free arts show that has been put on in Columbus for 50 years!
It has grown and transformed into one of the most highly acclaimed art festivals in the country.
It was all started to show off the art done by Columbus City School and local college students.
They, of course, still celebrate and highly encourage local artist to participate, but you can now find artists from across the country.
We saw artists from Michigan, Texas, Oregon, New York, and that's just to name a few!
I should also add that they don't only have art pieces, but bands, dancers, and other types of entertainment happening on stages that are scattered around the area.

The festival takes place in an area called Riverfront or Scioto Mile.
The area in itself is quite beautiful with the Scioto River, the open green park areas, a few beautiful restaurants, and the tall city buildings just a block or so away.

Many of the artists did not want pictures taken of their art, which is understandable so I tried to remain respectful and only got pictures of pieces that they artist didn't seem to mind. 
*in the age of cell phones and other technology I am not sure how it's even remotely possible to ensure your art isn't getting copied, but I wish you luck artists.
 That being said there was some seriously incredible pieces there that I don't get to share/
The art ranged from photography, to painting, wood working, to jewelry, and pieces using only recycled items (bottle caps, old brooms, pots/pans, eyeglasses, etc.)
Some were strange as hell, while most were pretty "normal" and what you would anticipate seeing.
Ya betta believe that most of the art was fairly expensive.
I mean it's a given when you are purchasing something that is more than likely, one of a kind.
However, not everything is super pricey and do not let that deter you as you will get the chance to see some amazing, and unique things.

Paul Palnik has some hilarious hand drawn posters.
I think this one has the least amount of dirty narration out of all of them.

 I'm a snake...
made entirely out of old plastic bottle caps (i.e. medicine bottles, spices container caps, etc.)
by: RokokoArt

by: Nicoario Jimenez

This guys stuff was absolutely amazing!
He had these big metal animal sculptures, and some of them were furniture as well.
Like he had a "cow-ch" that was actually a couch only with a big metal cow frame!
It was pretty sweet but he didn't really want pictures taken.

Dakota Pratt's work was made out of flattened bottle caps (i.e. beer bottles).
These two items were pretty big, and you can see some of his other stuff in the background.

They also had some kid friendly areas and activities.
There was little focus by us on that front since we don't have kiddos but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves and the parents looked absolutely thrilled with the fact they had somethings for their little ones to do.
I did get the chance to snap a photo of the children's theater performance of The Jungle Book.
Those little monkeys were adorable :)

Kev and I made our way around the entire show and ended up leaving with this little guy.
It fits my hubs personality oh so well, so I got it for him :)

This is probably one of my favorite things we've done all summer.
We got to enjoy the beautiful weather and look at beautiful art.
It kind of got my creative juices flowing!

Did any of your Columbus folks get a chance to go what did you think?
Out of towners, does your city have an arts festival that you go to?

click on the picture to see some other Columbus fun

Happy Tuesday


Melissa said...

Great minds must think alike because i just had the same realization about blogging and haven't been slowing down my entries too. Great pics of the festival and glad you had fun! p.s. I also realized i totally forgot to put your button up and will do so soon! Take care!

Shane Prather said...

I was super sad to miss the Arts Festival this year :( I usually go every year with mama!

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