Monday, April 30, 2012

Sample Sale Weekend!

This weekend, more specifically Saturday, was our company Sample Sale! 

For those that don't know what a Sample Sale is it's when a company sells all "leftovers" and samples from the previous year...and sometimes in our case years...for much less than retail value.

I look forward to this date every year! 
It's one of the greatest benefits that I have as an associate with the company.  

Our company hosts their sale for 2 weekends on Saturday and Sunday.
There is plenty of opportunity to get all the goods you could want, but this girl is in line early that first Saturday morning.
Why go then when I have the option of going later and fighting off less people?
Well for the experience!
I don't do Black Friday...ever. I never will either. I'd end up in jail.
So Sample Sale, my friends, is my Black Friday!
Even then I'm not that bad considering people show up way before I do just to be first in line.

This year was not nearly as organized as the years before and it showed.
There was a lot of waiting in lines it seems.
I was there for 11 hours people!  
11 hours!!!
The biggest problem was the location. 
They had the sale at 4 different locations in the last 4 years. This years was by far the worst!
This year it was right off a busy street so there was a lot of traffic. 
They didn't open the parking lot until 6:30 which caused a lot of issues.

Previous years I've been able to get in an our fairly quickly. 
 The shopping gods didn't seem to like me that much this year.

This was the shopping plaza across the street from our Sample Sale location.
Since they didn't open our parking lot until 6:30 the cars that got their earlier had no where to go but the plaza. It was jammed packed.

All those red brake lights in the distances are cars for Sample Sale!
The other side of the plaza.
There was hundreds of cars in this plaza...easily.

 The line going into the building when we finally got parked.
Doesn't seem so bad right...

The line when we got in the building, plus the people in the Sale shopping already.
They stop letting people in until there are shopping carts available since the bags get so heavy there is no way someone could just carry it around.

Right side of the sale.
Notice the red bags in the shopping carts.
We get to fill those with whatever we want and it's $100.00
We get three bags at one time. So you can leave with a TON of stuff for $300.00.
You don't have to get 3 bags if you don't want too.
You are able to go back into the sale after waiting in line again so you could get a lot more than 3 bags if you wanted.
I watched two women go through the line 4 different times.
Talk about extreme.

Middle of the sale.
You can see all the boxes just filled with product!

Left side and check out area!
Luckily they hire a local football team to put the bags into our cars.
Those suckers are heavy and the guys are given tips so you "donate" to a good cause.  

Digging through the clothing is always the hardest since that's usually where people go first.
There is a lot of un-knotting and de-tangling, as well as thoroughly checking to make sure you have no holes or huge stains on the piece of clothing you are looking at.
Yes, I did go out like this in public.
If you knew how gross everything got you'd understand.
Imagine tons of body wash, lotions, and sprays just thrown into a box with loose or broken lids. 
Lots O' Goop!

My haul this year :)
I've always gotten the 3 bags even though I have stuff left over from last year.
Just to good of a deal not too!

Pre-washed and sorted.
I wash all of the bottles and candles off as they are usually covered in dust and other body goop!
Thank god for linoleum floors :)

Post-washed and sorted. This is just this years stuff! 

Due to sheer exhaustion the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday was spent with me sitting on the couch and sleeping!
I was so ungodly sore from being on my feet for those 11 hours and my legs are so bruised you'd think my skin color was shades of blue and purple.
But it was oh so worth it :)

What did you do this weekend?

Happy  Monday!



Ashley said...

Seriously?! Wow. I am jealous! We have no sample sales of any kind around here. :(

Katie said...

WHOA!! 11 hours?! that is insane!! you go girl. hahaha :) that's crazy but you got some serious good stuff!

Married...with a Pup said...

OMG! I lived in CBus for 4 years and HOW have I never heard of this?!?! Seriously sounds amazing!!

osmr said...

Nice haul, Megs! I didn't have nearly that much fun. I just painted all day Sunday. My bowl of fruit, which began round, ended up with a square rim because I caughed in the middle of the stroke! OK, so, square dish. I also had to reclaim a plum that looked more like ahuman heart or liver. Gads! I don't know what's worse - your experience or my painting! I think I got the easy end of the deal and you got the hard end, but with a material pay-off! :)

poptartyogini said...

Wow!! That looks like a marathon but also that it is worth it. Your earned a day off on Sunday. I've been to the Eddie Bauer and j crew sample sales but have never had luck like that!!

Shane said...

Gahhh jealous, looks like you got tons of great stuff!! xo

Audra said...

I am so jealous!!! Looks awesome! Do you have to be an employee to be able to go??

Anonymous said...

Oh unholy mother of shopping. I am exhausted just reading this post! I don't do Black Friday either. Actually if I'm standing in a line of over five people, I get anxious. But I'm glad you got such a great deal!

Holly said...

OMG, you made out like a bandit! And you failed to inform me that the sale was this past weekend!!! Is it still going on this weekend? If so, deets please :)

J+H @ Beyond The Stoop said...

holy cow, meg! wish we had sample sales around here like that... in NYC "sample sale" means a $1000 jacket is now $200. big whoop. still too much for my budget!!

can i be invited next year!? haha

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