Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Good afternoon. I thought I'd do a Sometimes & Always link up today since it's been a little while :)

Sometimes: I am completely oblivious to what the date is.
Always: Remember when it's Kev and I's anniversary date.
Happy 7 months Kev :)
Sometimes: I just see time flyin' by
Always: Know that life is short and I have to make the most of the time I have!


Sometimes: I have issues with trying to control things I have no control over.
Always: Focus on what I can control and how to influence the things I cannot control

Sometimes: I think I have the greatest friends ever.
Always: I KNOW I have the greatest friends ever.


Sometimes: Wish Gunny could talk
Always: Talk to him anyways! Hey he communicates in other ways :)
This is him telling us to be quiet and that he needs his beauty sleep. 
He did this all on his own I swear.

Sometimes: I feel a headache coming on and just try to focus on something else and hope it goes away. 
Always: End up taking allergy/sinus meds. Stupid allergies!


Sometimes: I wonder about my taste when I was younger.
Always: Remember that the 90's we the bomb.com!


Happy Tuesday!



osmr said...

Sometimes I wish I were young again.
Always remember that if I were, I wouldn't have you to entertain me with your blog.

Miss Riss said...

I'm LOVING that 90's flow chart!! Hilarious!! ...and not to sound creepy or anything but, you nave a dog named Gunner who you call gunny?? Cause I have a dog named Gunther...who I call Gunny!! Haha!! ...New follower here! Found your blog through Sometimes and Always link-up! Cute stuff!!

Holly said...

LOL that 90s flowchart is awesome, even if I did have to read it twice before I "got it". :P

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