Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A little bit girly

I was having a little bit of bloggers block this morning and decided that I'd be a little girl and show off my new May Birchbox and my new dress :) 

I realize that I never do fashion or beauty posts, and it's not because I'm not girly, or because I think I dress poorly. It's more of the fact that I do lack fashion and beauty knowledge, especially compared to these ladies: Holly and Ashlyn. And I still don't like to take pictures of myself. 
Guess I'm going to have to get over that little "fear".

 I was a little fearful that I'd end up looking like a giant candy cane, but thank the fashion po-po I do not. 
(at least I hope not?!?) 
I love the chevron pattern, but I rarely seem to get anything with it on there. This would be the first! 
Dress: Velvet Heart  
Bought on ideeli.com If you have not joined this discount site you need to...like right now!
Cardigan: Express
Shoes (even though you can't see them): Express

I've been really excited to receive my monthly Birchbox the last couple of months, because I've decided to let down all of my beauty inhibitions and just try everything to see what is going to work. 
 Not that I need a lot of this stuff to work, but the whole point is to try this stuff out isn't it? 

What did I get this month?
 Birchbox Description: Give your nails an unexpected look with Color Club’s edgy foil shades. A favorite of top beauty bloggers (not to mention everyone in our office), these polishes have a super-reflective metallic finish that’s truly mesmerizing. We’re warning you now: you won’t be able to stop staring at your nails.
 The name of this shimmering lovely: Disco Nap. I've gotten a Color Club nail polish before and I wasn't overly impressed. It was a nice color, but it didn't stay as long as I would have liked for an $8.00 bottle. We will see how the gold  holds out?!

Birchbox Description: If you've been layering your lip balm with a swipe of lipstick to add some color, then allow us to introduce you to your new one-two punch. fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment provides the same hydrating goodness of the original SPF 15 formula, but kicks it up a notch with a splash of subtle color. It has all you need to hydrate, protect, and perfect your pout.

I love this stuff! I've had it before thanks to the lovely C.O. Bigelow discount I have and it's awesome. If you are anything like me and like a little color without all the fuss then this lip balm with a hint of tint (yes, I meant to rhyme!) is perfect for you! 

{Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+}

Birchbox Description: We desperately try to adhere to the less-is-more philosophy, and Dr. Jart’s Water Fuse Beauty Balm helps us minimize our routine. A moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum all-in-one, this tinted balm even helps hide imperfections—so there’s no need for foundation or cover-up. Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife of your beauty cabinet.

This is something I could see myself using if I wore more concealer/foundation. I tried it this morning, just to see what it was like. I can't say that I know much about face creams with tint but I really liked this. It was lightweight and despite having sunscreen in it smelled pretty good. Maybe it's a good one for the summer? Maybe one of you can give me the low down if you try this out for longer than day :)

Birchbox Description: We fell in love with Atelier Cologne’s Vanille Insensée Cologne Absolue at first sniff. Unlike most vanilla scents, this highly concentrated blend of jasmine, vanilla, and lime is fresh, not sweet. Happily, the long-lasting fragrance lasts all day — we’re smitten and you will be too. 
So I'm not going to tip toe around this one. I don't like it. I mean it's nice, but if I'm going to spend $65 on smell good, it's going to have to be a little bit stronger, and maybe something a bit more than vanilla. 

Birchbox Description: We never paid much attention to our hair ties before Twistband came into our lives. Now we can’t go anywhere without one (or three) of their snag-free, super soft elastics. They keep hair secure without leaving ugly creases behind, and look as good on our wrists as they do in our ponytails. These colorful collections come with twelve ties, so you’ll always have plenty of spares on hand.

Last, but not least, and my second favorite thing from the box...a hair tie! I've seen these bad boys all over the place but had yet to go get myself any. I can say that now I definitely need to go get some.  They are super cute in your hair and or your wrist. However, there will be some issue with these holding my fine hair.

I even got Kev signed up to get Birchbox with the new Birchbox Men! He's probably going to kill me for telling everyone that I got him this, but let me tell ya folks a well groomed fella makes for one happy lady :)
Not to mention he actually enjoys trying out some new things like the soap and face wash he got, and of course you can't go wrong with some fun dress sock! 
Have you gotten your May Birchbox yet?  What did you get? 

Happy Tuesday!



The Management said...

I am so jealous of all the bloggers and their birchboxes. I waannntt.

I think my favourite would be the sugar balm stuff it looks nice :)

I like your chevron dress, btw, and no, you do not look like a giant candy cane. Promise.

poptartyogini said...

You are too funny. You look nothing like a candy cane. That dress is great on you. I'm so not a beauty product person. I do like the idea of the lip balm/stick combo. I love my Chapstick!

kaitlyn said...

I totally feel the same way. I love fashion posts but feel a little silly doing them. haha but that dress is adorable!! Great choice!

ms.composure said...

VERY VERY VERY cute sundress!!!


Audra said...

I just got that sugar tinted lip balm as my free birthday sample at Sephora... I am freaking in LOVE!!!!It's what I've been searching for my whole makeup life.

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