Monday, May 21, 2012

Walk for the Cure 2012

Hello everyone! 

Anyone as sleepy as I am? 

Part of the reason for this sleepiness if that the bestest and I, along with 50,000+ people, did the Susan Komen Walk for the Cure here in Columbus. 

I've never really done something like this. I mean I've done walks and runs, but never for something this big and with this many people. The closest thing I could compare it to was being at the finish line of the marathon waiting for my dad. Needless to say I hadn't done squat in those moments other than cheer on dad and his fellow runners, whereas Saturday I left with a sense of a fulfillment.

We woke up early and headed over to check out everything and get ready for the walk to start. When we arrived there was music, people, and vendors (really they were local vendors/health care institutes) giving away small marketing items. You know like bags, nail files, and temp. tattoos.

They had some live bands play some songs and even a Zumba class.

There was a T-shirt design contest. You voted by donation. Of course I voted for the L.B. but there were some pretty creative ones out there.

Ready to get walking :) 
 Can I also note that I got one of these wrap-y thingies at one of the vendor counters and it might be my new favorite summer thing ever! I have "Dark Hair Girl Problems" and the top of my head/hair gets SUPER hot when I'm out in the sun. So I put this thing on for purposes of a headband and it ended up working for both! 

Nanners at the finish line for the 5k run. That was only 4 of the tables, it went on and on!

 Danielle and I met up with my co-worker Erika and her 3 "guests". Another perk of the job is that we had our entry fees, along with 3 other guests, paid for by the company. Isn't the awesome!? 

 The start of the race. We were in such a crowd of people initially that I didn't even realize that the walk had started and that we were actually walking the route and not just to the start line. 

There was a little stage that people were letting us know who they were walking for. At that moment I became a bit was both heartbreaking and gratifying. I felt this sense of purpose yet you feel so bad for those who have lost loved ones. 

The sense of purpose still fueling me and about a mile and half later we round this bend in the road and I look up to see this sight in front of me!
 I knew there was going to be a lot of people at this walk but this sight completely overwhelmed me. That sense of purpose changed to a sense of pride in humanity and awe. So many people fighting against this awful disease. 
 Then to look behind me and see just as many people almost brought me to tears.
For about the last mile or so the street was lined with motorcycles and the riders. They were there in support as well, cheering us on, revving up there bikes. The city echoed with people and machines. It was incredible.

The finish line.  The sign reads "We will walk and we will run until we find a cure"

The tears are welling up now remembering it. All of these people were brought together to fight against on thing. Sometimes I question humanity and how good we really are, and then moments like these happen. Moments where we all come together as one for the greater good. It's inspiring, humbling,and really just plain old awesome! 

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!



J+H @ Beyond The Stoop said...

i did the 5k race twice in toledo when i was in college, and it was SO amazing! it's crazy how many people come out for it... the NYC race is in september on the same day Nicole (yes, THAT nicole) and i are running in The Color Run 5k in DC, so i won't be attending it this year... maybe next year!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Looks so fun - I bet it was amazing to be around all those people passionate about the same thing! :) Great pics!

kaitlyn said...

That looks like so much fun! And meaningful too :)

poptartyogini said...

What an awesome and humbling event. Good for you for participating in the walk. I bet you felt inspired and proud.

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