Monday, May 14, 2012

He said, she said!

Good Monday morning everyone :)

You are in for a little treat this morning.
Kev's making his first blog appearance!

I've seen this circulating around the blog-o-sphere and thought it was a good idea.
I'm always looking for ways for Kev and I to document our lives together.
Kev and I have been together for almost 6 years.
In those 6 years there has been a lot of changes. As I've mentioned college brought the most changes for me, but it wasn't just me as an individual, it was changes as a couple too.
Now that are we married we are going to have a lifetime of changing to do separately and together.
Changes in goals, beliefs, maybe even lifestyle. Who knows what the future holds right?

I thought this would be a kind of fun way to document some of those changes by taking this little "quiz" at least once a year.


I Am...still learning.
A lot, about a lot of things. 

I travel more!
It will happen. When? I'm not sure, but it will. 

I Have...many things that I'd like to do but not sure if I should do them. 

I Wish...that I had a bigger closest. 

I Hate...bad drivers...
and even more specifically bad park-ers 

I Fear...the fate of America.
We are too greedy for our own good. 

I Hear...a co-worker ragging on another co-worker.

I Search...for a lot of home items right now.
Picture frames, art/prints, new washer & dryer, matching paint colors.

I Wonder...about people sometimes.
Really you thought that was a good idea? On what freakin' planet?

I Regret...not being better about staying in touch with people. 

I incredible hubs, my pupper, and of course the friends & family! 

I Ache...when I've been sitting at my desk to long.
Old age is starting to set in and I can't sit for as long as I use to without hurting afterwards. 

I Always...tell Kevin that I love him!

 I Usually...over think things.
Even the simplest of tasks. 

I Am Not...fake.
What you see is what you get. 

I Dance...anywhere, anytime. 

I Sing…in the car.
By myself, loudly...very loudly 

I Never...have had the radio off in my car (any car I've had).

I Rarely...get good sleep.
I'm not a sleeper.

I Cry...quite a bit... 
for being such a bad ass :) 

I Am Not Always...the most approachable of people.
I have a tendency to be a bit intimidating with my loud and opinionated ways. 

I mind/my cool all the time. 
Granted I don't really show it but inside I'm screaming! 

I'm ignorance.
A post to come on that later. 

I Need...get back into some of my hobbies. 

I better about telling the Lord and those I love how thankful I am for them and my life.

Isn't he handsome?!?
I Am... kind of sleepy right now. Ready to watch Game of Thrones and hit the sack early. 

I Want... to take a vacation this summer.
Nothing crazy, but a week away from Ohio with the wife sounds pretty nice right now.
Any suggestions? 

I Have... an amazing wife, friends and family. 

I Wish... the weekends were a day longer. 

I Hate... putting away clean laundry. I don't mind throwing  the loads in or folding, but I can't stand putting the clothes away. 

I Fear... Chucky (yes, the little doll from the scary movies) and death. 

I Hear... the movie Cinderella Man playing in the background. 
It's taking me twice as long to answer these questions because I keep losing focus and watching it. 
Great movie! 

I Search... for my car keys every time after I let Megan drive my car. 

I Wonder... if there is any truth to the the Mayan Calendar and Apocalypse fuss.
I don't believe it is going to happen in 2012, but it makes you wonder when some sort of nuclear warfare or catastrophic natural disaster might threaten the world that we know today.  

I Regret... not going to grad school immediately after college. 

I Love... my life, wife, our dog Gunner, family and friends of course.

I also love the outdoors (hiking, hunting, fishing, and watching wildlife), a good beer, and seafood.

I Ache... after I workout too hard or fall asleep with my neck in a funny position. 

I Always... forget to put the trash out the night before pickup day.
 I always have to race to put it out before the truck arrives. 

I Usually... do most of the cooking. 

I Am Not... a lazy person.
I work extremely hard, so it always feels great to take a day to do nothing at all except kick back and relax in the world's most comfortable recliner. 

I Dance... only after I've had a few drinks.
We took lesson's for our wedding dance. It was actually pretty fun! 

I Sing… all of the time.

I Never... hang up the phone or say goodbye without telling Megan or my family that I love them. 

I Rarely... wake up in the morning without hitting the snooze button twice. 

I Cry... rarely. 

I Am Not Always... a happy go lucky guy. 
If I'm tired or you catch me in the morning before I've had my coffee I can be a little crabby. 

I Lose... the matches to my socks all of the time.
I swear there is a sock monster that comes and steals them one sock at a time. 

I'm Confused... by America's addiction for reality television. 

I get back in the gym and lose my winter coat. 
 I also need to finish the landscaping. 

I better about saying sorry when I am wrong.

There you have it folks. Us in a nutshell :) 

I'm hoping to actually follow this one through for at least a couple years. 
Our first 7 months of marriage has taught us many things about being husband and wife.
I can't imagine what all the upcoming years have in store for us, but I'm excited! 

Happy Monday :)



Danielle said...

You just lost your blog v-card, Kevin!! lol. Good job!

osmr said...

This was so fun to read! And I am so proud that you spelled it "a lot" and not "alot". I know it's a little thing but it says so much to a wordy-girl like me. Good form is never out of style!

Ashley said...

This was fun! I always have the radio on in the car too..... silence in cars drives me nuts!

The Management said...

quite a bit...
for being such a bad ass :)

hahaah. Awesome.

Kevin is very handsome! You guys make a great pair :)

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Love this post - it was so fun reading what you both said and learning more about you guys! :)

poptartyogini said...

You two just seem like the nicest people and sweetest people. I really enjoyed reading both of your perspectives.

Megan said...

Thats such a great idea! Love this post!

Mary Brown said...

Great post as usual. I did enjoy Kevin's addition!!! Hugs!!!

Shane said...

LOVE this! I can't believe he's afraid of Chucky of all things teehee :D

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