Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Ok :)

Good afternoon!
Hope everyone is doing well on this lovely day before Friday!

This morning I got to work from home before a meeting and it was okay, but it sucked that I didn't get to stay home the whooollle day!

What else is okay?!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay...

To have a full closest and still not know what the heck to wear!


That almost all that stuff I got from sample sale on Saturday is still sitting on our kitchen table...whoops.

To turn on the TV purely for background noise.


To not always have a plan.

That I refuse to clean the garage and basement without Kev due to the big, disgusting spideys I'm sure to come across.


That whenever I watch movies I wonder what it would really be like to live in that time. Like the old west, or medieval times because let's be real it wasn't that glamorous...or clean...
That I'm staying home on Cinco de Mayo and enjoying my tequila, coronas, and Mexican food on my back porch/couch (depends on the weather people).
What's on the menu? This stuff! YUMMY!

Who doesn't love some Mexican dip with my homemade chips?! 

These chicken enchiladas are to die for!

Blood Orange Margaritas....enough said!
It's a good thing that best friend has that margarita marker :)
Fire that bad boy up Nighthawk!

To know I'm going to be super overwhelmed when I go to make all of that food!

To not want to work sometimes even if you like your job!

What are you okay with this week?!

Happy Thursday!



poptartyogini said...

I kind of lost track that cinco de mayo is coming up. I'm stir frying on Saturday. Olé to Asian food on cinco de mayo!!

The Management said...

hha about the spiders. I feel the same way but unfortunately The Prince is just as scared of them as I am so it turns into a "kill it!" "no you kill it!" situation. every. time.

Ashley said...

Blood orange margaritas? I am intrigued.....

Nicole said...

I am okay with staying home alone on Cinco de Mayo while the husband is out watching boxing! I could always use a few minutes to myself =D

osmr said...

Your work comment made me smile. It is ok to grumble about work even if you love your job, but it's never okay to do so in social media.

Also, I am with you on the spidey thing. Ew! Just, ew! This is one time I say it's ok to be hatin'!!

And are those enchiladas the recipe I gave you? If so, I LOVE those and I am jealous I can't have them... Well, not on Cinco de Mayo anyway. Have a bite for me and have fun fun fun! It's OK!! :)

Jen said...

Oh my gosh Blood Orange Margaritas....poor me one of those!!!

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