Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend :)

Could this weekend really have been much better?! The weather was awesome, and we got to spend time with friends and family!

Friday night was spent getting my nails done and then hitting up a Premier jewelry part for a friend with Danielle. 
Come back Friday so see my nails :)

Saturday was quite the busy one! Remember me telling you that we were having people over and I was making all that food? Well we did, plus more, and it was awesome! Danielle and I started off early going to the grocery store and cleaning up the humble abode. Right in the middle of the day we got a break and got some pedi's! It can't be all work and no play right!?

Anyways once the pampering was done and real worked began...the cooking!

Danielle decided that we should have a dessert and wanted to Corona cupcakes...apparently adult beverages made into cupcakes are our specialty! These were probably some of the most delicious cupcakes I've ever had! I didn't even think they tasted like Corona, but they had an incredible flavor and texture. 
Danielle added a little slice of lemon or lime, which we would squeeze over top of the frosting and cupcake before we ate them. Amazing!
Recipe found here: Corona Cupcakes!

Dessert was then of course followed up the rest of the meal. 

Apps first. Being Cinco de Mayo the possibilities were endless but we decided to stick with something traditional and make a bean dip, some guacamole, and some of my home made chips :)
 The bean dip was very good and it was super easy and quick to make! 
Perfect for the hungry guests :) 
We decided to take the advice of the blogger that pinned the recipe and went with the refried beans instead of the bean kit they tell you to use.
It was well worth it!
Recipe found here: Bean Dip

 You can't have anything Mexican without some guacamole! Hubs is the best at making it too! This round he went simple and made the batch with avocados, lemon juice, red onions, and some fresh cilantro from my little herb garden! It tasted just like Chipotles! I should also mention that it was gone in less than an hour.
Recipe found here: In the hubins head :)

Clearly the dips were a success since they are partly destroyed in this picture. Ignore those (ok don't ignore those, I'm showing off Danielle's and I awesome cooking skills :P) and focus on the red bowl with the chips :) Those my friends are the homemade chips I almost always make when we have Mexican! They are so good and so simple. Go out and buy corn or flour tortilla's, cut them into chips, and fry 'em up! Told ya, simple!

As a note the corn and flour tortilla's come out differently and will taste different. The corn are the traditional form of chip and are crunchier. The flour ones are just as good but are a little bit more fluffy, but take warning as they burn easier too! You can't go wrong with either one.

Next on the menu dinner.
White chicken enchiladas and beef tacos. Yum! 
You all remember this recipe right? The chicken enchiladas that went viral like whoa?! 
I have already made them and I've been wanting to make them again ever since. I've found one of my new favorite foods ever!  This time I didn't get to use the all white cheese because the store didn't have it but I like the way the yellow cheese added some color. More festive don't you think? 
If you haven't already made these you need to!
Recipe found here: White Chicken Enchiladas

Sorry, no pictures of the beef tacos, they were just the regular old tacos and I guess I didn't feel they constituted a picture?! But here is the set up :)

Finally no Cinco de Mayo would be complete without some Margaritas! 
 We made some Blood Orange Margaritas
The recipe was only for one serving, so of course we tried to make it into four...and it was...not good! 
Ok, it wasn't that bad but they were strong as hell. Gave me goosebumps every time I took a drink kind of strong. 
 I think they could have been good if they hadn't been so strong and if we could have found fresh Red Oranges to juice. I can't say that I would definitely try them, but I'm not sure I'm ready to give up on them yet. 
Recipe Found here: Blood Orange Margaritas

Putting that Margaritaville Maker to work :) 

  Happy Cinco de Mayo
Hey despite being strong we still drank most of those suckers :)

Sunday was then followed by quite a bit of yard work! 
I mowed while Kev went to work on the landscaping. He had pulled out all the bushes and other plants the day before so he was finishing all that up.
Once I was done mowing it was time to lay the dirt to level the foundation and even out the bed overall and 
This is what we ended with...
as well as a pretty mean sunburn!
Still a work in progress but the next step is to get all the new plants and start digging! Now it's all up to Mother Nature and if she's going to stop the rain anytime soon.

All this landscaping was followed up family pictures with Kev's dad and that side of the family! I'm excited to get them back and share them with you. I believe it's the first time that we've all been in a picture together! We went to Red Lobster looking like a cult in our white shirts and jeans but it was oh so worth it for those delicious crab legs :) 

This weekend was a really really great one! Lots of food, sunshine, family, and friends! 
Couldn't have asked for much more. 

How was your weekend?

Happy Tuesday!



Married...with a Pup said...

Sounds like such a great weekend and you definitely celebrated cinco de mayo the right way!! I will definitely
Have to try those corona cupcakes yum!

The Management said...

Good job on the landscaping. That's one of the things I'm looking forward to for when we finally have a house.

And corona cupcakes with lemon and lime wedges? Profesh. :)

Ashley said...

I wish I could have been at your Cinco De Mayo party! Looks amazing!!

Jamie said...

Those cupcakes look delish!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Your house looks adorable! Everything from your party looks amazing!! :)

Ashley said...

those cupcakes are TOO cute!

poptartyogini said...

Now that's a weekend. Your cinco de mayo party looked like so much fun. And delicious too. I've never made enchiladas but I think I want to!

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