Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 Day Challenge: What I wish I could change about myself

Second to last day of the challenge and it's something we can all relate too!

Day 9: Something you wish you could change about yourself.

We've all been there. That moment in time where you wish you could do something else, look different, act different, or really just be someone else.

I have never wished that I were someone else. That is something I think I can pride myself on because I've never really tried to be anyone but me overall.
Of course I've gotten jealous of people before. The way they look or the talents they have, but I think it's come down to just this very topic. Just wishing that I could do something different, look just a little differently, in hopes to better myself not trying to be someone else.

There are will always be things about myself that I wish were a little bit better.
Physically and mentally.

The biggest thing I wish I could "change" about myself is the ability to be creatively inclined. I wish that I were a good singer, painter, drawer, heck even writer.

Out of those I wish I could sing the most.
Clearly I can sing, but I'd rather be able to sing well!
I wish I had a voice like Beyonce, Adele or one of those other bad ass chicks.
Other than the fact that it'd be sweet to be that talented I really think that main reason I'd love to have aquired this talent is so I could move and motivate people the way that I am moved and motivated by music.
I want to make them dance! I'd definitely be coming out with those rump shakin songs on the reg!

I wish that I didn't always let  my emotions get the best of me.
I wish I were more level headed and more of a "go with the flow" type of person.
I can get fired up so easily about something I have no control over what-so-ever and it's just a waste of time and energy.
However, this is something I can actually change and am working on :)

Finally, physically there are only two things that I wish were different.
First, I wish I had slight larger boobs. Not big big big boobs, just more proportional with my body.
I feel like a lot of women out there would change their breast size, whether it be bigger or smaller, if they had the chance.

Second, I wish that my feet were smaller so I could share shoes with people. Call it dumb but I can never share shoes with people since I have a size 9.5/10 shoe!

Overall I like who I am as a person and when it call comes down to it. I am not perfect, but I'm always me.

Happy Thursday!


1 comment:

Tennille said...

Smaller feet... that's a good one. I should have said that :) I have a size 8, but when you're only 5'3 that's very big. My fiancee reminds me of this often.

Happy Thursday!

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