Monday, April 16, 2012

10 Day Challenge: Day 6 - How I've Changed

Good morning and happy Monday :)

How does Monday always arrive so stinkin' quick? Doesn't matter if you have a weekend full of plans or a weekend full of nothing Monday always gets here too soon.

Today is day 6 of the challenge, and I'm finding a little tough to get blogging this morning so please bare with me :)

Today's Topic: How have you changed in the last 2 years.

Oh boy. Well the last two year have really been my first 2 years out of school. I think I did a lot of my changing in college, but you better believe that moving away from the comfort zone of school has brought on changes as well.

The biggest change I've made in the last 2 years has definitely been going from a Miss to a Mrs.
There has been the changing of my name, and all that that entails. It hasn't been as "weird" as what I thought it'd be, but I do still catch myself and others calling me by my maiden name.
There have been some changes when it comes to our dynamic as a couple, but as we were together for over 5 years (living together for 2 of them) before we even got married things have remained fairly the same. I think the biggest thing is that it all just really solidifies our relationship and has brought us even closer together. I love it! Changes in communication have seemed to be the biggest change for us. Although it's still something we need to work on together.
Marriage has been a change! An awesome, awesome change!

I suppose there has been a change in responsibility. A lot of people think that all changes when you head off to college or just after high school in general but I'm not sure that's really the case.
Yes, we all "grow up" somewhat after high school, but even then we are young. 18 is young! Remember how you use to think at 18...see young!
 Once college was over it was time for the real life stuff. You get to join the big kids club, with big kid jobs, big kid finances, and big kid fun.
I think I've always had a sense of responsibility. I've always been one to act my age, but I do think that responsibility and really independence means a lot more to me now then it has in the past. I appreciate the things my family has done for me now more that I understand what it all really takes to support a family (and I don't even have kids yet).

I also really believe that my realistic view of things, especially the world has gotten stronger during the last few years. The world isn't all sunshine and rainbows and now it's our time to do something with it. It's that time when my generation has some control over the way the world works. My outlook of what I can actually do for the world has changed. My view has changed in that now I accept and believe one person can make a difference, and if we want to see a change we are going to be the ones to have to make it!

I don't seem to one of those people that greatly freaks out when change comes along.
In fact I usually welcome change, and there are times I pray that it's coming. I find it to be a growth opportunity. An opportunity to better myself!
As scary as it is, just imagine if you never changed.

Happy Monday!



Katie said...

Great post! :) I've changed too with the marriage thing and I'm loving it. Marriage is awesome, right? :) and yes definitely more responsibility esp with a home!! ahh crazyness!

Ashley said...

I too, now really appreciate everything my parent's did for me now that I know what it is like. It's not easy supporting a family and paying bills.... especially with kids and one income. Responsibility definitely changes you.

osmr said...

You were golden until you said "....bare with me..." I couldn't let it go and I giggled through the rest of your blog thinking of all the literal people in the world sitting naked at their computers reading what you've written!!! LOL! Thanks for making me laugh without even trying! And, in my eyes, you HAVE changed in many more ways than you list. ALl for the better, my dear! All for the better. (except the occasional grammar/spelling hiccup!) Your post got me thinking about you from the little pink baby to today's grown woman. <3 you!!

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