Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Land

As I told you yesterday Kev and I went back to my home town for the weekend. 

We hadn't gotten the chance to get home for Easter and Kev had an NRA event with my dad so we decided to take the three days and head north. 

I didn't take a lot of pictures when I was home, but my dad recently bought a decent size piece of land for hunting and other outdoor activities. It's not in our town but in a smaller surrounding town with very little human life, so it's the perfect place for things like hunting and enjoying nature. 

We took Saturday afternoon to scope it out!

On our way! Gunner was very impatient to get there. 

I come from the land of the windmills. Hundreds of these have gone up in our area thanks to all the flat flat flat land of northwest Ohio!  
They are pretty cool to look at, especially at night when they all flash a red light at the same time.

One of the fields.

We found a deer antler aka a deer shed since they shed their antlers. 
Kev's been itching to find one so he can train Gunner how to go shed hunting! 
Gunner loves the thing but we are going to have to do some serious work to get him to understand what he's supposed to be looking for. 

Gunner had such a great time! He was smelling everything he possibly could!

The river that runs around 3 sides of the property.

It really was gorgeous out there with the woods and the water. 
Almost felt like we weren't just in some rinkie dink town in Ohio.

We found all kinds of strange looking trees! Live ones that just grew all funny, ones that had been hit by lightening, and this guy who is completely petrified! 

We were all tuckered out after our little afternoon adventure, including the dog!

It was nice to get home and enjoy the new property! 
It was even better for my camera since I got a decent bit of use out of it.

It seems like there is a lot of newness going around! It's so exciting to see these new chapters unfold for friends and family. 
Makes me even more excited and a little scared to think of what could be the next new thing for me!
I'm praying it's a washer & dryer...jk...kind of.

Have you guys experienced anything new and exciting in your life lately? 
Happy Tuesday!



The Management said...

Your pictures make me miss my parents' farms! Our dog loves exploring them too!

Mary Brown said...

It would be awesome for some of us to get together and have a weekend of camping!!!!

poptartyogini said...

all that land would be so fun to explore all that land (for dogs and people). it must be nice to have some place to go and get some peace and quiet. nothing too exciting here. i'm just waiting for the weather to get (and stay) nice.

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