Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Fun

So this weekend was a great one, and really as weird as it is to say, it's makes the start of my week easier. It's harder to leave the weekend I suppose, but it starts you off on the right mood.

Friday was a relaxing night. I can't remember exactly what we did to be honest. I believe it was alot of laying around, watching movies, ya know...chillin.

Saturday was a fun filled day. Kevin started off productive as ever and picked up the meat we got from the cow we split with his family. Holy cow (pun intended) it's a lot of beef! Definitely won't need to pick that up at the store anytime soon.

So now we know that Kev woke up productive, I woke up not so productive but extremely giddy because we were going to the Pumpkin Show that afternoon!  But first things first, had to do some name change stuff so I headed to the bank & got that taken care of there. It was a lot easier than what I have anticipated, thank heavens. 

Then it was Pumpkin Show time!!!! Kev headed down early with our friend, Jason, to his Nanny's (Grandma's) house. They are cleaning it out and getting all the things that had been saved for them! There was quite a bit of it, and Kev's made it back to the house safe & sound. It kind of looks like our childhood exploded in the basement, tubs full of legos & ninja turtle stuff, however it also full of old hunting knives, and about one extreme to the other.You could tell by the look on Kev's face and how excited he talked about some of the items it brought back good memories. That's the one reason I like to clean things out like this...the memories it all brings :)

My car getting filled. By the time we got home it was a lot more stuff then that.
We also found some stilts! Danielle felt the need to give them a whirl. She didn't get to far, but an A for effort :)
So once the cleaning (for the day) was complete we FINALLY got to go to PUMPKIN SHOW...which really just means we got to stuff our faces with greasy, fried goodness. 

As explained before there are a lot of pumpkin flavored items - like my personal favorites (which we got both of!)

As you can see Pumpkin Burgers. They are really more like Sloppy Joe, but whatever. We actually got some of this to bring home!
Pumpkin Chill. So I realize that I'm not sure if this is made with actual pumpkin or not. I'm going to guess no and it's just the spice that I taste when eating it!
Of course there are alot of other foods that are not pumpkin anything...and we ate those too. French Fries, Fried Veggies & a Schmidt's Pumpkin Cream Puff (TO DIE FOR!)

The rest of the trip was spent walking off all that food, checking out the sights that is the Pumpkin Show, and catching up with some friends! 

Welcome to the Pumpkin Show. Kind of crazy how you can see the wall of people where it actually starts.
Some Roundtown drummers. No idea who they are, but they were not bad.
The pumpkin pyramid. They have this every year!
Happy 105th Circleville Pumpkin Show! (now that's old)
A little over half of a ton! That's huge! I always like to check out who has the biggest pumpkin & what it weights. Sometimes there are some really massive do they get them so big!
One of the houses that is on the edge of the show. They decorate every year! Should mention that Pumpkin Show is held right in the middle of town, roads closed and all that good stuff :)
Overall it was a successful Pumpkin Show! Can't wait for next year...yes, already! 

Sunday was then followed by more productivity for the hubs. As well as for myself too. Kev continued working on Nanny's house, while I spent the day organizing the wedding gifts. When I said organize I really mean get them out of the boxes they were shipped in and put them back into the dining room until they can actually go somewhere else. I did get to see everything we got, and made some decisions as to what we still need and what we can take back. You know things like cookie sheets when I got about 7 of them for presents. Not that they weren't good buys on the guests part, I just don't need 7. 

I also spent Sunday getting this little lady acquainted to the house for a couple weeks. 
Lucy or Little LuLu as we like to call her.
Meet Lucy. She's Kevin's dads' & step mom dog. I think they got her from a friend and they said she was a Mastiff, but she seems like she is a mix. Maybe a Mastiff and a German Shepperd?As they have been very busy with some home renovations and moving they asked Megan P. & Kev to hold onto her. Since Meg's had her for like 3 weeks, it's our turn. She's really cute, but she's a puppy...about 6 months I believe. She'll need some training still. Ah the adventures of puppy motherhood. I'm sure there will be more posts to follow. I should be clear - we are not keeping her! Just watching her, until they back into their house. I swear I'm saying this for you guys, not for myself...

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Mary Brown said...

Sorry I missed seeing you and Kevin at the "Show". By Saturday night of the "Show" I am worn out and in my recliner!!! I am glad you guys had a good time and filled up on some good eats!!!

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