Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Favorites


I'm linking up with Lindsey today and letting all of you know some of my favorites from this week!

Favorite Song:
I heard this the other day and I cannot get enough of it.
Meaningful lyrics & a dancing beat.
What could be better?
Favorite Outfit:
I am loving Kaylin's outfit she posted the other day on her blog Stay Blonde Ski Local.
It's right up my alley in the sense that it's trendy but simple...and it doesn't hurt that I just bought the same dress only in a different color so now I have some inspiration!

Favorite Pins:

Favorite...uh not sure what this category is...local beauty?
So my bff lives in the German Village area and the other day I was waiting for her to get home so I took the pup on a walk and passed one of my all time favorite houses in the area.
It's not because of the house itself, and if you know German Village it's full of AWESOME houses, but this place is because of it's garden!
The pictures don't even remotely do it justice, but this man has to spend an immense amount of time and money on his, what I call "secret garden" because it's beautiful.
The yard is packed with flowers, not even sure you'd call it a yard, but the flowers are always alive, thriving, and so colorful.
What you can't really tell is that the whole backyard is filled with flowers which you can't really see but you can get glimpses of all the green through some of the cracks of the fence. It has to be incredible!

Favorite Pup Dog  
As if you didn't see this one coming..

What are you some of your favorite things this week?!
Happy Friday!

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