Thursday, September 26, 2013

Insights on Pregnancy...

From my perspective at least! 

There is so much to learn about pregnancy and yourself while pregnant that no one ever really tells you. 
Well, maybe they do but you don't really understand until you are pregnant. 

Here are some of my insights on pregnancy.

Other moms and books for me are the best way to get information.
I realize that the internet might hold a lot more for you to search through, but it also...holds a lot more of you to search through.
I found the internet to be pretty overwhelming unless I knew specifically what I was looking for and even then I came across some stuff that scared the living bejeezus outta me.
I have actually greatly enjoyed talking with other moms like Katie, Brandy J, and Audra!
They are indeed, ones that have actually been through this stuff before.
Some books I, and the hubs, have seemed to enjoy and get useful information from are:
(this is a God send! Just make sure you get the right edition as they come out with new ones for new products all the time)
(Good one for expecting dads! It's pretty funny!)
Babyproofing your Marriage
(now there is nothing wrong with Kev and I's marriage, but I think it's a little crazy to believe that nothing between you and the hubs will change when a baby comes along! Can't hurt to be prepared and get some advice beforehand)
Be Prepared
(another dad book)

Hormones are really terrible!!
You think that puberty was bad? 
Pregnancy is like going through puberty, having your PMS week, and a bit of menopause all at once.
You can wave hello to same of that acne you never thought you'd see again...and we won't even go into the mood swings.
Totally get the Knocked up quote, and ya know if that's the way I feel about them just imagine poor Kev :(

You'd be surprised at all the things can do versus all the no-no's you hear about.
Even then, a  lot of the no-no's are actually alright as long as it's in moderation!
Who knew? Not this girl...
For example I thought that all caffeine was a strict no-no and in reality you can have a little bit throughout the day if you need some help getting by.
It should go without saying that I am not including: alcoholic beverages (until you get to "small glass of wine is ok" stage),  smoking, other drugs, and anything raw.
I also understand that it's completely up to a woman what she does and does not intake during her pregnancy, but I think it's surprising that you don't have to be as strict about things as you probably thought you did before pregnancy.

I'm pretty sure that the lack of sleep you get during pregnancy is just preparation for when baby arrives.
Those people that tell you to get as much sleep as you can before baby arrives are playing a cruel joke.
I've had a few nights of good sleep here and there but overall, it's been horrible.


 Heartburn...really hurts!
I have never had heartburn before this but I can tell ya right now I hate it!
Tums will and probably should be your best friend as long as it continues because it's not something fun to deal with, especially when trying to sleep! 
 You may go through weeks of not wanting to eat anything because you feel so sick but sooner than later, you will want to eat literally everything.
My hungry and appetite have easily doubled in the last several months.
It's never been more important to always have good for you snacks on hand and to eat your meals in a timely manner because the crazy hormones can make ya extra hangry if not!
It's quite shocking the amount of food one girl can actually eat if you let her.

Everyone women is truly different.
Well, duh Megan you are all saying, but I kinda thought before going through this that there had to be some similarities across the board.
I was wrong.
The list could go on an on about all the different things that one woman might have happen, while another is completely different.
Nothing is really right or wrong as long as you are taking care of yourself and being as healthy as you can for little one. 

What are some of the things you have found to be shocking about pregnancy, whether you go through it yourself or witness a friend/significant other go through it.
Any helpful tips on this heartburn madness?

Happy Thursday!


Chloe said...

My only advice is to always check your rearview mirror before going anywhere to get tums. I backed into somebody's car because I just wanted to get some damn tums already. I thought I was dying.

Samantha Curtis said...

HAHAHAHA It only gets more fun towards the end ;) SENSE my sarcasm!

And the hormones thing is too funny... Zach tells me that all the time. I wanted to put the clip on my blog but it might be offensive to some people who don't understand how truthful it is haha but love this GIF :)

Housel said...

lol oh my husband knows that when I am hangry, you best get out of the way!

Ashley R said...

Thanks for sharing all of this. I'm not pregnant, but I enjoy insights into the future!

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