Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who doesn't love a good card?

So work has been absolutely crazy the last few weeks and I had every intention of giving you guys a weekend update but that just ain't gonna happen right now.

So instead I'm going to give you a little insight to my love for cards.

That's right, cards. 

Now I am not someone who really sends cards out for the fun of it or really even for special occassions unless I really feel like I should but I am someone who loves to find the perfect card for a person especially birthday's. 
You all probably know what I mean because I can't be the only one that reads pretty much every single card in the store and think, "Oh this would be perfect for hubs, or this friend, etc!"

Welp, I advice you to look no further because I've come across a great card website, no thanks to one of their lovely employees reaching out to me. 
It's called Cardstore and I'd say it's easily one of the best online card shops I've found.
The best part about this store is that you can completely personalize a card to be the way you want it!
Now when I say personalize it to make it your own I really mean it.
I'm talking adding your own pictures and your own wording whether it's a simple quote or a novel to a best friend that you miss.
However, I think it's also important to note that for those of us who are a little less creative overall or who just simply want to quickly pick a card they do have pre-made cards with the front and inside all taken care of, ready to go. 
Even then, they tend to have a space for you to write in whatever you want, because get this you can send it straight from their site to the recipient! 
So if your hubs is away on deployment, or you kinda forgot about your favorite cousins birthday and you don't have the time to have it shipped to you and then mail it off to them you have the option to just have the website stick in the mail for you. 
How easy is that?

This is the card that I ordered for Kev and I's 7 years together.
Pretty simple but it was fun to make and I liked that I got to add a picture from this year (the outside) and then a picture inside (the day we started dating). 

The only "issue" that I really came across when creating a card was that an "error" would come up after I uploaded a photo letting me know the bin was too large which can cause the photo to print blurry.
I am honestly not sure how to fix something like that and it could have been because I was trying a lot of photos that I saved from facebook, but just be aware that is something you may come across. 
Even then I was able to easily find pictures that would work and for curiosities sake I ordered a card with two pictures that gave me this error and it didn't come out that blurry but you could tell it was a little more grainy that the one below.
It's also pretty easy to upload photos because they give you the option to upload from your computers or straight from other social media site like Facebook and Instagram.

 Of course I couldn't go through the whole store without checking out all the other cute stuff they had.
Here are some of my favorites :)

Who else out there is a card lover like me?
Would you shop at Cardstore?

Happy Tuesday!
Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and hopefully I can update you on mine tomorrow!

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