Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fact Is...

I thought this looked like a fun link up.

I'm a pretty realistic, logical, fact based person so this could be fun...and maybe dangerous. So here we go...

Fact is: I get sick of Thanksgiving food quite easily. I don't really do leftovers to start with but I can only do so much of the filling stuff from the holidays.

Fact is: I wear my heart/emotions on my sleeve, whether I, or you, like it or not.

Fact is: Despite the Christmas cheer and all the pretty decorations, Christmas can really stress me out. Getting the gifts - money wise, and on time. Traveling all over the state with a pup and no guarantee of what the weather could be like...I could go on.

Fact is: I start to dread the end of the holiday season because I know that means no more time off work unless it's a PTO day.

Fact is: I really can't enough Starbucks. In the beginning I didn't understand the love for the overpriced coffee, but now, I'm one of the regs.

Fact is: I have the great husband of all time. He did a lot to help me with Friendsgiving, did an amazing job on the turkey, and even did most of the cleaning up afterwards. Sound like the man of your dreams? He probably is, but he's mine!

Fact is: I get to see baby Harper tonight and cannot wait!!!
Fact is: Nicholl's quote is true, and now is a better time to realize that than ever.

Fact is: I can't get enough of these songs and I'm throwing in Liz's Tuesday's Tune link up too!

Leslyn's Lovely Life
Happy Tuesday!


Heidi Hopewell said...

So,it's a small world yet again. I know Ashlee, the one who took Harper's photos. Isn't she fabulous?! :)

Katie said...

Stopping by from the link up, last week I posted that song by Ellie. It's amazing!!

Jamie said...

I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers! I could eat them all year :)

Les said...

Thank you so much for joining in on the link up! And I must say, Ellie Goulding is AWESOME. I just love how unique her voice is!

I hope you continue joining me for Tuesday's Tunes! :)

Have a great weekend!

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