Friday, November 9, 2012

The problem with my hair...

So today I have a hair appointment and it feels like every hair appointment time, like most people, I think to myself, "Hmmm, what should I do with my hair?"

I think about it, and pretty much land on the same thing.
Well nothing new.  
Perhaps it's just my lack of knowledge on the subject of hair, but I can never seem to find anything that is different for me, without going overboard. 
I like the length of my hair..or rather I like having longer hair. 
Doesn't have to stay this length, I am not against cutting my hair, but I do not look good with it short mid neck or shorter is not an okay style of me. 
I just don't have the face for it.

So what kind of style do you do for someone like me. 
Someone with longer hair, someone with hair that is slicker than snot (nice analogy, I know), holds curl for ummm maybe 5 seconds, and someone who is just not that great at doing her own hair. 
I seriously have major issues trying to style my own just doesn't happen really.

Hopefully you aren't all as puzzled as I am...I need help!
I've found some nice styles on Pinterest
...anyone have any suggestions



Tennille said...

I love the top 2 options! If your hair doesnt hold a curl, do you think it would hold the slight wave like in the second picture?

Alyse Christine said...

I like the first or second, don't like the third at all. Sorry:/

Btw I have a candle with that "change the world" saying on it:) love!

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