Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

Linking up with Natalie for some Coffee Talk today :)

1. If you could punch ANY celebrity in the face, who would it be and why?
Just one? Lol.
I suppose I should start off by saying that I find it silly that some people are famous...I just don't understand their relevance to anything, although, at times I find them entertaining.
This is actually pretty easy for me though.
I loathe this girl.
Maybe it's because I think she could be a lot better, but she wastes it.
Taylor Swift.
Even though I really can't stand her at all I can't deny that she has a set of pipes on  her. 
Maybe if she sang about anything that doesn't involve love and some boy she's stalking lusting over she could be ok in my book. Until then I will continue to believe that she's the problem.

 2. If you could go streaking (running naked for those who don't know) anywhere and get away with it, where would you do it?
Um lol.
Can't say I've ever really thought about this before. 
Honestly I wouldn't really ever do this so it wouldn't be around a lot of people. 
I suppose it'd be somewhere like Kauai or Yosemite.
Just be natural in nature :)

3. What’s more important to a relationship: common values or commonalities (like tastes in music, interests, etc.)?
Well of course you have to have some common interest or else you probably wouldn't have met in the first place. 
However I think the most important things in a relationship are mutual trust, and respect.
I don't believe you can have true love without either of those first.
I mean you can have a "relationship" I suppose without those things but not a good one.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

4. Would you rather be insane in a functional society, or one of the people running a dysfunctional society?
Oh man. That's a tricky question.
I suppose we are kind of functioning with the latter at the moment, and I often think I'm lucky I'm not of the people running it. 
However, I suppose I would choose to be a person running a dysfunctional society because that actually means I'd have some power to change that.
Plus if it were the other options I'd be locked up and looked down upon. 
Who wants that? 

5. What’s your favorite type of pickle?  Dill?  Bread ‘n Butter? Spicy?
Easy. Dill. 
And it's more of an obsession.
Not like a Snooki obsession but I really do love dill pickles.
I can throw spicy in there at times but no matter what I will never not love a dill pickle!

Happy Thursday!



J+H @ Beyond The Stoop said...

meg, this post makes me sad. we have had some of the best dance parties, clean-the-house dance-offs, and cooking-and-jamming sessions with our t-swizzle.

maybe you and kevin just need to turn the lights off, crank up her tunes, grab some flashlights for some raving, jump on the bed, and dance.

it might change your mind about her ;)

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift is adorable! Whyyyyyyyyy!! Well.. she does sound like a dumb blonde when someone interviews her! HAHA

shannon rose said...

oh man - do i love me some t-swift jam sessions and some pickles!

Rachel McDonald said...

I love Taylor, though I fully understand her annoyance at times.
I read an e-card the other day that said "One of taylor swift's exes should write a song about her called 'maybe you're the problem'" haha

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