Friday, March 25, 2011

The J.O.B.

As I'm sitting here I got to thinking about blog topics - and what my next one should be. Then it hit me - a big part of my life - work! 

I recently  (as of Monday!!!!) got hired on as a full time associate. Many of you know my situation for those of you who don't I've been with the company for about 3 years now - starting as an intern, switching over to a consultant, and finally, finally after about a year and a half of patient waiting I've been hired to stay :) 

It's one of the things I've been very very happy about the last couple of weeks, but hasn't been something I've shared with a ton of people. So now I got my sweet sweet discount back (had it when I was an intern, got taken away as a consultant) sample sale is in a couple of weeks (even though I've still gone the past 2 years :P) , I get my full paid time off (woooooo paid vacation!!!) , and even better I get to do a job that I really enjoy with some great people.

The job itself may not be the most exciting of jobs to many people- it's a resource allocation position (I make sure there are enough people who have enough time to do the work required). It's kind of along the lines of Project Management and I love it! I do a lot of the same daily tasks but at the same time it doesn't feel like that's what I'm doing as I am constantly dealing with different people asking and requesting different things. I'm glad I've landed where I have here - I see myself having a lot of opportunities for learning & growth.

As for the people I work with...only one word can really describe it - hilarious. I'm not sure if I was ever prepared to have such a "good time" at work. Mind you we aren't out of control - we do have an HR policy to uphold here people. My co-workers are all very fun, down to earth, hilarious people and we all just work well together. Our personalities are diversified yet we have quite a bit of common ground. I really could not ask for a better boss - he's laid back (within reason), patient, and willing to work with me if anything comes up or I need help overall. I've really started to consider them my good friends and a little bit like a second family considering I spend 40 hours or more a week with them. As weird as some people may find this I think that's a reasonable statement when you spend so much time with a group of people. As things are always changing around here I know this dynamic will not always remain the way it is. I'm cherishing this time with the people that I really get along with and can count of for work relate issues. I can only hope that whoever comes onto this team next is just like all of us - I'd hate to meet the person that messes up the vibe we all have going.

I say all this because I think it's very important to not only enjoy the work you do but the people you have to work with. And really vice versa. Now I don't mean that I think you have to be best friends with everyone you work with but even if there is conflict to remain civil is probably the best route to keep yourself from being to miserable at a place you are all day, everyday (well not weekends for me). Everyone has had those jobs where the environment just plain old sucks - sometimes it's the people (boss included), sometimes it's the physical appearance of where you work, and sometimes it's you (negative attitude). Whatever it is that's making it suck see if you can turn that around - if not - it may be time to look for a new job.

Because of this environment I can honestly say that I wouldn't want to change anything about my current life - my job is amazing, my hunny is wonderful, my social life is in full swing thanks to warm weather, and upcoming weddings :) Really thought - who would have ever thought the job could put you over the happiness threshold, but I'm glad that's what did it for me.

"When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home.” --Betty Bender

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Holly said...

Congrats on getting the full-time gig! That's so exciting! I'm glad you love where you work, it's very important. I have my days, but I'm doing something about it - going back to school. Sometimes a little trial and error can get you right where you want to be. I'm so happy for you and if you ever need a shopping buddy at those sample sales, you let me know!

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