Monday, March 7, 2011

Shopper's Delight: Here Comes the Sun

Most of you probably don't know that I am someone who absolutely hates winter and spring is welcomed by me with very wide open arms. The sun starts shining and pulls you out of the winter gloom, noises of nature start to come back and liven up the outdoors. It's just a great feeling to start seeing everything around you come back to life. So why should my wardrobe be any different! Spring and fall shopping are what I live for through the winter & summer for. Every spring and fall I go through a routine - about a month before the major shopping begins spring/fall cleaning begins in my closest - out with the old & unworn and in with the new and exciting :) A trip to friends houses & Plato's closet soon follows. Second on the list - store the old season's close down in the basement to make room for all the new pretty things. Third - let the shopping begin!!! I'm pretty excited for this years spring/summer season shopping to begin as I've challenged myself to be a bit more daring, yet grown up at the same time. I do have a big girl job that I  have to think about now - not nights out on the town with friends. As I'm not usually someone is very daring or trendy (not that I'm not trendy I just do simple) I did a little research on what the "it" trends were going to be and let me tell you - it's going to be a good shopping season indeed. Here are some of my favorite trends and styles I've come across - you may actually catch me wearing some of it :) 
Sheer - I love sheer. 1) I think it's sexy. 2) I like to layer so obvi - layering required.
Floral Prints - I love floral prints in the Spring. How appropriate.
Neutrals - now I know I was said I was going to be daring, but I also said I have a big girl job to think about. Really - who knew neutral would ever be considered a trend.
Love the color. I'd definitely say this year I have already worked on how daring I go with my shoes, ask my credit card. Although, I'm not a peep toe person.
I love the use of color in spring & summer whether it be clothing or accessories. I love the color & the style (back to those floral prints).
As everyone knows dresses are a hot item now and I love the sundresses. However, I'm one of those lucky girls who can pull off a maxi dress and I absolutely love them. I actually bought this already :)


Mary Brown said...

I love the dress thing going on!!!

Shane Prather said...

love love love your style :)

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